How To Make Him Addicted To You

Attraction is a chemical reaction that occurs within the brain. If you want to learn how to make him addicted to you, read our article. Thank us later!

When figuring out that you suddenly like someone, it’s only natural to want to spend every second of every day with that person; even though it’s not always possible. Attraction, however, It’s never a way street. Of course, you can’t force someone to like you.

You absolutely can’t make someone addicted to you without putting in a little bit of effort from your side. You can only hope for the best and do what you can to make yourself attractive to that person.

Apart from making yourself look pretty and smelling fresh, there are a few things you can do to make him addicted to you. It all starts with making an effort and appearing somewhat interested, but not overly in need of him.

It’s never a guarantee, but it’s always worth a try. Remember, when it comes to attraction and building something from the ground up, putting your best foot forward is always a great starting point.

Get his attention, intrigue him, and try the following seduction tips in order to make him addicted to you; possibly creating a brand new chapter in your life this brand new year.

Give it a try! You have absolutely nothing to lose. In fact, you may gain a man you’ve had your eye on for a while.

1. Always smell ravishing!

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One of the easiest ways of seducing a man is by igniting his senses; one of which includes smell. No man wants to be with someone who smells terrible, not like you would.

However, you can only improve your chances of him becoming addicted to you by smelling like his dream. Always smell fresh, add a hint of perfume, and don’t be afraid to flaunt it.

Skip on the cheap stuff and opt for something a little bit more expensive. You can absolutely tell the difference.

2. Give some away, but not all

The last thing you want is to expose the whole canvas before the time is right. Some women confuse this hint with exposing too much too soon.

Remember, a man who’s only after one thing who’s looking for a short term fling will try to get as much out of you within the shortest period of time.

By keeping some of it to yourself, you’re not only eliminating those candidates who will only leave you heartbroken, but you’ll keep the right man staying for longer.

He’ll fall in love with who you are instead of what you look like underneath all the clothing.

3. Show off your brain

Strong men love intelligent women. Some women think that they have to hide their actual intelligence in order to land the man of their dreams.

It’s true that some men are intimidated by those women. On the other hand, why would you want a man who prefers no brains? Don’t be afraid to show what you know.

You’ll have him hooked with the first intelligent thing that comes out of your mouth.

4. Take time for yourself

Best friends having fun

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending time by yourself. In fact, when finding ways to make him addicted to you, you want to let him know that you also have a life.

That you’re not waiting around for him to make the next move. That you have things to do and places to go without him.

He’ll start wondering where you’re going and with whom, getting him right when you want him. Don’t play too hard to get, though. You don’t want to put him off completely.

5. Never come off as desperate

You absolutely never want to be the woman who’s desperate. Even if you’re thinking it, you can never show it. Not once, not ever. It’s one of the easiest ways of turning someone off, making them run for the hills.

Act interested but not overly desperate. Live your life, but make space for him if he chooses to add you to his plans; which he will.

Always be ready for that upcoming date. Soon, he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself and his mind off you.

6. Ensure him that you’re perfectly capable

Being an independent woman who lives her own life and makes her own decisions somehow makes the right man even more interested in you than before he knew all of those facts.

Subtly let him know that you’re perfectly capable of living your own life independent of him. However, also ensure him that you don’t particularly want to.

That you’re perfectly capable of letting the right person in. The challenge will keep him interested and perhaps even addicted to you.

7. Take care of your well-being

Couple Wearing Gym Clothing Talking In Kitchen

Always take care of your body and mind. Join a gym, take a few yoga classes, eat healthy, and live in tranquility. Remember, when trying to find ways to make him addicted to you, start with yourself.

Show him what he can have. Let him know that you won’t just fall for anyone. That you, once again, don’t need a man. Always turn it around on him.

As much as you want him, you can’t let him know. As much as you’re addicted to the thought of him, you have to act oblivious to it. Psychology is key to success.

8. Flirt only a little bit

Flirt some, but don’t go out of your way. Throw a few hints, but don’t make it overly obvious that you like him. Make him wonder what’s going on.

If you suck at flirting, practice with your best friend. As a male friend to help you out if you need it. Stroke his arm on occasion. Touch your own lips.

Hug him tight if you can, and then seem slightly interested in someone else. He’ll soon find the challenge intriguing.

9. Learn the fine art of seduction

There’s an art to seduction. You can’t simply flirt, give a few compliments, and expect him to be crazy about you. In order to make him addicted to you, you need to play the game well.

Learn to seduce a man by growing self-confidence and obtaining your own set of flirting skills. Learn to be smooth without being obvious.

Most importantly, you need to feel sexy. Leave your sweatpants at home, put on your best lingerie, and get into seduction mode.

10. Create a pretty canvas

Lastly, once you’ve taken your sweet time to expose some and keeping some of what you have going on hidden, it’s time to reveal it all. There’s a fine line between making a man guess and making him addicted to you. You can’t keep it going forever.

Eventually, you’re going to have to show him how your gym sessions have paid off. However, before revealing it all, you need to ensure a pretty canvas.

This simply means nothing more than getting a proper wax down there that leaves a pretty patch of perfection. All they want is for everything to be neat down there; be aware of the fact that you take care of all the important parts.

It may hurt for a second, but you’ll be left with lasting results in the form of a man who’s crazy about your efforts.

Regardless of which tip you try first, never let a man know that you absolutely can’t live without him. Honey, the fact of the matter is, you absolutely can live without whomever you’re thinking of.

The fact that you don’t particularly want to is what’s going to give you the upper hand. When it comes to finding ways to make him addicted to you, never forget the golden rule of seduction: always stay in control.

You absolutely decide what happens when, if it happens. Once he’s crazy about you, out of free will, you’ve achieved your goal. Just remember to always remain your true self.

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