Make a Guy Jealous in 5 Effective Ways

It’s not important why you are trying to make him jealous. Is it in order to get what you want, or get him to appreciate you more, or just figure out if he’s into you? Don’t worry, we have all the tricks you need!

It’s not important why you are trying to make him jealous. Is it in order to get what you want, or get him to appreciate you more, or just figure out if he’s into you? Don’t worry, we have all the tricks you need! Here is how to make a guy jealous.

We’re going to skip all the talk about taking the highroad, being a more mature person and doing the morally right thing. You know all that. You know that doing it this way can result in total damage when it comes to your relationship, but sometimes playing dirty is necessary, and most of the times it’s also lots of fun. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty – 5 ways of making your man super jealous!

#1 Get Flirty

Nothing is going to hurt his ego more than when you are flirting with another guy. And even if you’re not his girlfriend yet, but you’re in the process of getting there, it’s bound to make his blood boil, and make him step up.

Of course the key is in keeping it subtle and light so it doesn’t seem like you became this very loose girl overnight. This way you’ll make him see that there’s lots of other fish in the see, and make him want to hold on to you even tighter.

#2 Bring up He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Your ex-boyfriend I mean. Just casually mention his name when you’re with friends. Make sure he can hear you and just wait for the reaction because trust me, there will be a reaction! If he’s into you, that is. If he doesn’t respond, either he just doesn’t care enough to be bothered with an argument, or he’s the most mature and reasonable guy out there. The second one being less likely.

#3 Time for a Ladies Night out

beautiful girl with drink in a night club

Be spontaneous and impulsive. Give him very little info about where you’re going, who will be there, when you’re getting back. Just go out with your girlfriends and have a blast. Don’t answer the phone. You’re on the dance floor and you’re having fun!

Of course you’re not doing anything wrong, like hooking up with another guy, but it doesn’t hurt to leave him worrying, at least for the night. Later on, when he asks you how was it, tell him you had the best time ever, and that you’ll definitely go out again.

#4 Busy, Busy, Busy

It’s not good if he is used to you always being there for him. Why don’t you turn off your phone for a couple of hours and get some time for yourself, or go get a drink with your friends? Or, reschedule the lunch because something more important popped up. Why don’t you wait for a couple of hours to answer his text? Maybe you didn’t hear your phone, maybe you forgot, maybe, you were doing something you weren’t supposed to do! I assure you – that’s what he’s going to assume.

#5 Where Did all the Male Friends Come from?!

Get together with a bunch of your male friends. You can invite him to join you. The key is that you just focus on having a good time with your buddies, and leave him unattended for some time. As much as he says that he understands that you’re having male friends, there’s no chance that he’s not going to be a little bit bothered by how close you are with all of them.

So, there you go, 5 truly effective ways of starting up a little trouble. Have fun, but keep in mind though that none of these will work if he doesn’t have feelings for you!

So, know your “opponent”. Know when to stop and don’t play the game if you’re not sure you can handle losing.

What to Do If You Are the One Who is Jealous?

It is totally natural to feel insecure when your boyfriend shows interest in other women

This does not necessarily indicate that you have an emotional complex or that your boyfriend is manipulating your feelings.

It is simply a sign that you are attracted to him and care about him. A healthy level of jealousy is good for your relationship since it reminds you both of how you feel about each other and keeps that essential spark alive.

Here are some tips and advice on how to deal with feeling jealous of your boyfriend’s female friends.

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  • not real effective really when u are dealing with your husband of 15 years…tried all of ur tips which are great but not in my case

  • ahahah i hope it works he is my first love and i dont know what to do i am fed up of seeing him hanging out with his ex i hope he notices me now although i am younger than him

  • NO, just NO

    I’m a guy and I can tell you that trying to make a guy jealous can only backfire.

    Guys and girls are not the same. A girl might like a guy when she sees him with another girl.
    But when a guy sees a girl with another guy he thinks: she’s with another guy, and she’s been sleeping with him, she’s been used so she’s second hand and I don’t want her.

    Or if you’re dating and you try to make him jelous he’ll think that you’re cheating on him (he thinks: if she’s flirting with a guy when I’m here, what is she doing when I’m not arround??).

    And he’ll cheat on you just to get even or just straight up dump you.

  • If your goal is to lose the guy, it works wonders.

    How about actually being respectful and considerate person for change? Then of course, you can expect the same in return.