What To Do When Your Boyfriend Starts Acting Differently

Use YouQueens steps to learn what to do when your boyfriend starts acting completely different. Read on to also learn how to prevent this from happening again!

Relationships are a complicated, beautiful, stressful, exciting, and sometimes worrisome part of life. Things in a relationship may be going smoothly, and perfectly. Or, things in a relationship may be tense, a little off track, but still good. However, relationships may also become stressful, saddening, and worrisome very quickly.

You may be thinking that your relationship won’t get to the last scenario. However, many people do get to that stage because life happens, there are stressors at work, family issues, health issues, or relationship issues. The list is technically endless, so no matter what, getting to that scenario is possible.

Many women find that they get to that third scenario of a stressful, worried, and saddened state because their boyfriend does an 180-degree twist and is acting completely different. Once these women start their journey of worrying, it only gets worse and leaves them fretting over what is to come. However, most women stay in this stage and allow for it to progressively become worse because many women don’t actually know what to do.

Read on to figure out what to do when your boyfriend starts acting completely different, and to also see how you both can prevent this strain on your relationship from happening again!

Step 1: Determine what to do

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Knowing what to do when your boyfriend starts acting completely different is very difficult. Whatever emotions you are feeling when this occurs is normal. However, don’t add feeling ashamed to the mix. Despite the common misconception that us girlfriends are supposed to always know what to do, it is actually normal to not know what to do. So whatever you do, do not feel ashamed, there is no reason to.

Now, an important point to note is that you know your boyfriend best. Meaning, whichever of the suggestions below would suit him best, that is the solution that is the most optimal option for you to go with. However, you may need to stray from what you think would work and think outside of the box for this case.

Think about it this way, if he is acting completely different, he will either respond to something that always works and suits him as it is comfortable and soothing. Or, he will respond to a technique that is a little out of the blue for him.

Either way, make sure what you chose is best for you, your boyfriend, and your relationship.

Step 2: Give him space

Although it may seem that your relationship is falling apart, coming to an end, or that your boyfriend needs you. You need to give him some space. However, you need to do this properly. You need to still send the occasional text saying “I love you”, “I miss you”, “hope you are okay”, or “I’m here when you are ready to talk”. Additionally, you also need to still see him, hug him, and show him that you care and are worried.

However, many women find that giving space is one of the hardest options to do when your boyfriend starts acting completely different. This is for an array of reasons: maybe you are too concerned about them, don’t like the uncertainty of waiting and not trying, or you just feel the need to break this streak and help your boyfriend.

No matter what choice you do, just remember that space can be a good thing and will allow your boyfriend to clear his head. However, it may also just make things worse for him. This is when you need to look at what is going on in your relationship and your boyfriends’ life, in order to see what you should do, because you know him best.

Step 3: Communicate with him

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This is arguably the best option to use for when your boyfriend is acting completely different. Even if your boyfriend has tossed his phone away somewhere and isn’t texting you back, or is avoiding you. You need to confront them in a sweet and caring way.

By doing this, you will then open up a communication channel which in turn, will hopefully urge and be the push your boyfriend needs to explain what is going on. Once he does this, you need to be supportive, understanding, and also communicate your thoughts and feelings about how he has been acting and how you feel. You also need to remind him that you love and care for him.

Step 4: Reassure and relieve

By reassuring your boyfriend of his worries, stress, and any other issues you will help elevate his burden, which should help him get back to how he normally acts. Although you may not be able to fix or help him with everything that has caused him to act completely different, you will still be able to make him feel slightly better. Once you do this, you will see him start to return to his normal self.

However, your work as his dedicated, loving, and loyal girlfriend is not done. You will still need to help him out, reassure him, and ensure he feels calm because he will need time to decompress. Meaning, don’t nag him, bother him, stress him out, and don’t give him chores. Just let him get back to normal.

Step 5: Create normalcy

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Although this may sound easy, it can be quite difficult. After you have figured out what to do when your boyfriend started acting completely different, and you then resolved the issues, you then need to get back to normal.

You both need to talk, laugh, cuddle, chill out, and do something that is very normal, comforting, fun, and embodies who the both of you are as a couple. Once you do this, you will help your boyfriend even more than you already have. You also will have strengthened your relationship and created a bigger and better bond and connection.

Upon doing this, you also will show your boyfriend that you do love him, care for him, support him, and are always going to be by his side. After all, you are his teammate, best friend, and are with him no matter what may come between the two of you.

Step 6: Prevent this from happening in the future

This part is quite simple. However, it takes two to tango. Meaning, you both have to be willing to try to work together, communicate everything, and to support each other. You and your boyfriend also can’t bottle up any feelings or issues.

Instead, you both need to communicate and share any thoughts, feelings, complaints, emotions, realities (even if they are harsh), and issues with each other. This way there will be no resentment, no stress eating away at either one of you, and you will both be aware of what is going on with each other. Keep in mind that the key to this is to do everything nicely and in a mature, rational manner.

Once you are aware of all of this, you will be able to help your partner, support them fully and properly, and to also be there for them. By doing this, you will also avoid either one of you starting to act completely different.

Instead, you will go through these things together, and they also won’t take such a toll on you because you will have each other. You will find that being so open will allow your relationship to grow and the two of you will become even closer and stronger than ever.

I hope this will help you, help your boyfriend and strengthen your relationship. As well, if you have any other solutions for what to do when your boyfriend starts acting completely different, feel free to share!


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