Why Do Guys Continue To Text If They’re Not Interested?

Why do some guys text you if they are not interested? It’s indeed a big mystery, which is why why tried to get to the bottom of it.

Some men do a disappearing act all of a sudden, which is annoying, but at least you know they’re gone. Others keep texting, but you feel things are going nowhere and are pretty sure they’re not that into you. So why do they keep texting?

They think they’re polite

why do guys text if they are not interested

Some men have got it into their heads that it’s impolite to tell a woman that they don’t want to date her. They are scared of hurting her feelings. While they understand that the moment must come when they do tell her that they have no feelings for her, they are dragging their heels with it.

Sometimes, they hope that you will stop texting them—perhaps if they are evasive enough, you’ll get the hint and stop texting without them having to say something hurtful like they don’t want to see you.

You might think it kinder if they’d just tell it as it is, but some men simply feel so bad doing that that it makes it hard for them. Some also really hope that if they are evasive, you will lose interest and you’ll both be happy.

They’re cowards

As opposed to being terrified of hurting you, they simply can’t handle confrontation of any kind, or the kind that involves a woman. In short, they’re cowards.

They don’t know how to break it off

Some men have absolutely no experience in breaking things off with a woman. Maybe the woman before you left; maybe they’ve had longer relationships, but not done much dating so they’ve never had to break things off.

Whatever the reason, they don’t know how to do it because they’ve never done it before. And, instead of just doing it one way or another, they avoid it as they are so unsure of how to do it.

They want to be friends

Some men don’t want to date you, but they do want to be friends with you. They see you as a great buddy already, or a potential buddy, so they keep up the texting even though they avoid flirting.

They just want to flirt

why do guys text if they are not interested

Some men love flirting via text even if they have no intention of taking it further than that. Or, maybe they’re interested in a fling, but not seriously interested in anything more. They think it’s fun to flirt with you and they want to continue doing so—that’s why they don’t stop texting you.

This can be because they are the kind of guy who likes to have a crowd of women around them, they simply adore female attention and women in general or they get so little attention that any attention they get, they want to keep.

The latter is pretty rare, though; chances are he’s just a womanizer and, in his way, he adores you and the rest of the female population even if he isn’t interested in a relationship. He’s lukewarm and wants to keep things lukewarm.

They aren’t sure

Maybe this guy isn’t that into you, but he’s not sure yet. He could still be nursing feelings for his ex, or he could feel like he’s in a position where maybe he shouldn’t have a girlfriend (he’s about to leave town for another job, or college. Maybe he’s too busy at the moment or going through something.

This means that he has a certain level of interest, but doesn’t think it quite right to go for it. He doesn’t want to let go, but he also doesn’t want to get too involved.

They want a backup

He’s not that into you right now as he’s flirting with someone else he met first. BUT he’d like a backup if things don’t work out with the other woman. Maybe he isn’t sure about the first one, but he wants to explore it before he goes further with you.

Some men also don’t like being alone. It’s like they need a black book as thick as the yellow pages to be sure they always have someone to turn to. It sounds cruel, but they might not even think about this as they’ve never wanted something serious. They think it’s perfectly clear that they’re just a flirt.

There’s a plethora of reasons why a man might keep texting you even if he’s not that into you. However, it’s not the reason always that matters the most, but finding out whether he is interested or not.

Women sometimes get stuck analyzing things. Try to meet up for a date to find out instead. After a while, you will need to have “the talk” anyway. Hopefully, things just flow so that you feel like you really know he’s into you, but if they don’t, you need to ask sooner or later.

And remember not to make assumptions

One thing I have learned is that things are not always as they seem. Some men are also a lot better at flirting and seem a lot more into you than the ones who are, even if they might be the ones more interested. When in doubt, ask in a friendly manner or find your answers

When in doubt, ask in a friendly manner or find your answers in this amazing book by James Bauer, where he reveals what men really want, but are afraid to say out loud. I think that women need male prospective on this topic, and James really goes into depth of male brain and reveals its deepest secrets. I highly recommend you to read it!

How to text a guy you like?

On a whole, the rules for texting a guy you like are similar to the rules for dating. Allow ample time for communication, but don’t display all your mysteries at once.

Are you agonizing over what to say and when to say it? Here are the 7 rules for texting a guy you like.

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