3 Best Beaches to Visit in Portugal

Visiting Portugal is a magnificent experience. The country will amaze you, the people will surprise you and the language will delight you. That alone is enough, but you’re looking for some beaches, aren’t you? Check out 3 best beaches to visit in Portugal.

1. Madeira Beaches


Among many beautiful beaches, I choose those that are actually not in Portugal to start with. Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Madeira itself is a beautiful place and the beaches are just amazing. Whichever you choose, you are sure to be blown away by its beauty, but still there are some you simply must not miss.

Porto Santo is the first you have to visit – it is nine kilometers of golden sand and it even has therapeutic properties. The strip is packed with bars and restaurants which make this beach a perfect place for a whole day in the sun.

Ribeira Brava offers a completely different experience of the common white sandy beach. The sand here is black, but the warm waters are perfect for those who like swimming. Praia Formosa in the capital Funchal is a large and beautiful pebble beach. The vibrant night life scene is just around the corner and the variety of sports simply call you to try something new.

The main island of Madeira can be reached by plane, which is the most common way, or by boat from Portugal. Then, it is just a 15 minute plane ride to one of the other islands and you can relax and enjoy.

2. Vila Praia da Ancora, Costa Verde

Beautiful bay with mountains and beautiful views of the coast Portugal

If you’re looking for some fun in beaches in Portugal, rather than just sunbathing and swimming, Costa Verde is the right place for you. This place is very popular with surfers and wind surfers alike, and who knows – maybe it will introduce you to your new favorite sport.

The so called “green coast” extends from the Spanish border to the city of Porto. There are lots of beaches that offer different experiences, but the calmest one is probably in the fishing town of Vila Praia de Ancora. The beach is the favorite among those who simply look for warm sun and swimming, because of the calm waters. It is basically protected by two mountain reefs in north and south, so the harsh Atlantic winds can’t reach it.

There are lots of choices for accommodation along Costa Verde, starting from simple bed and breakfast, to luxury places with private pools. Choose the one that suits you best and have a wonderful time.

3. Costa de Lisboa

beach umbrellas in the blue sky

There are several beaches nearby Portugal’s capital Lisbon that are worth mentioning. All are beautiful and very popular with locals from Lisbon, so if you’re looking for some crowd and meeting the local people, these beaches are among the best to visit in Portugal.

The town of Estoril and its five beaches is probably the most popular one. The water is calm, because the beaches face south, but it’s not the sand or the water why most people come here. It’s the casinos, fancy hotels and bars and restaurants that drag people to this place.

Cascais is located on the west side and it is also very popular among Lisbon escapees. The Praia de Guincho beach is very popular among surfers while Praia da Rainha and Praia de Ribeira are the favorite location for families and people with small kids.

Caparica is a fishing village and you would never think that it has one of the most crowded and most popular beaches on the Costa de Lisboa. If you’re not really into crowd, avoid weekends, because this beach is packed with people then. It’s no surprise really, because the beach is a nearly 30km long strip of calm water and golden sand. There are lots of bars and restaurants where you can find a cold drink in the middle of a hot summer day.

In the end, I can only tell you that all the beaches of Portugal are immensely beautiful. Ask locals to give you some tips according to what your preferences are, but do not miss to see the beaches mentioned in this article, and to share your experience.

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