4 Best Beach Holidays in Europe

You can’t think of a better holiday than a beach holiday, right? Tanning, swimming, coctails and fun. If you’re planning your holiday in Europe this year – check out 4 best beaches to spend it on.

1. Ibiza Beaches

Cala d en Serra beach

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea where all the fun happens in the summer. It is widely known for all night partying, amazing clubs, big crowds and loud music. It also has beautiful beaches and quite a lot of activities to pursue.

On the other hand, Ibiza is not just a partying place. There are a lot of small, almost hidden, beaches where you can have some privacy and enjoy the peace and quiet. They are more popular with the locals than with the tourists, so you might have some troubles finding them.

One of those beaches is called Cala d’en Serra and it is located in the north – eastern part of the island. You will need to get there by car, but you can’t cover all of the road driving, you’ll have to pass some of it on foot. The beach itself is absolutely stunning and the water is packed with sea life. Bring your snorkeling gear, you will want to use it here. There is one café at the beach where you can have a drink or lunch.
No matter if you choose the partying or if you want a rather calmer holiday – Ibiza is the place to go.

2. Sardinia, Italy

Porto della Madonna spiaggia rosa Sardinia

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean and it is a perfect place for your beach holiday. It is known as the island of beautiful people and you might even run into a celebrity or two here.

Visiting Sardinia is not only a beach holiday, it also provides you with some historical sightseeing. Permanent settlements in Sardinia date back to 6000 BC, so you can imagine that there are a lot of ancient ruins to see and a lot of things to learn. Visit the Nuraghe Losa ruins that date back to 15th -13th century BC, or one of 321 Giants’ Graves located throughout the island.

Don’t miss trying the local cuisine; we are talking an Italian island here after all. The food is amazing and so is the wine. Make sure to pick up a souvenir or two to remind you of your wonderful holiday.

3. Cephalonia, Greece

palm tree in tropical perfect beach

Have you read or seen Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? Then you must have heard of Cephalonia. The book and the movie brought a lot of new tourists to the island and you should be one of them.

Cephalonia is one of the most beautiful Greek islands. It is mostly popular with Italians, due to fair closeness of Italy to the island. It has two beautiful natural attractions – Melissani’s underground lake and Mytros Beach. The capital Argostoli offers a vivid night life, but also several museums that are worth seeing.

Cephalonia is one of the major producers of olive oil and you should absolutely not miss all of the delicious food they prepare with it. Whether it is a simple Greek salad or more complex lamb roast – you will love it. Make Cephalonia your next holiday destination!

Check out the video below, and experience Aghia Kyriaki beach.

4. Corsica, France

It is a chic French island. A lot of tourists flock here every summer to enjoy the pretty coastal towns, the warm climate, the white sandy beaches and exquisite cuisine. Check out Corsica for your next beach holiday.

Corsica is a more related to Italy than to France. The language spoken, called Corsican, sounds more like Italian than French, so you can’t really expect a full French experience here, expect a cross of two cultures that will delight you.

The beaches in Corsica are simply all beautiful and it is impossible to tell you which one to choose. Go everywhere and make sure to explore. There are a lot of small, hidden beaches that are a true heaven on earth. The water is warm and the sand is white, but most of the beaches are without a life guard. Please bear this in mind and be careful, especially if you are travelling with your children.

When it comes to food, you will expect the cuisine to be based around sea food, but that’s not entirely true. Of course, they do have fantastic sea food, but they are also famous for wild boars, trout, pork specialties and cheese. Make sure you try the wines too.

Whichever beach in Europe you choose for your holiday I am sure you will have a great time. If you choose one of these 4, I guarantee you will.

And if you’ve already been to one of these places, do share your experience.

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