Top 5 Five Reasons to Go Camping This Summer

Are you a city girl who has never had an opportunity to explore the great outdoors? You are fond of your city lifestyle, but going on a camping trip has always been on your agenda? Why don’t you try it this summer?

It’s easy. Take your backpack, a tent and a sleeping bag; find some cool outdoorsy friends, with whom you’ll travel, pick a campsite and enjoy the natural beauty. There are many advantages to going on a camping trip, and once you’ve tried it, you will probably decide to turn it into an annual vacation afterwards.

I can’t promise you that camping trips will be your cup of tea, but it’s evident that you’ll never know unless you try. Here’s why you should do it:

1. Natural Beauty

Many campsites for tents and camper vans are sometimes just outside the bigger cities, so it will not take long for you to get there. If you are a first time camper maybe you should consider going to those places.

On the other hand, stepping into the wilderness is a true camping experience. Spending your summer gazing at incredible scenery, and sleeping in a tent will give you the opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature.

Manmade things can be beyond amazing, for they represent the peak of human creativity and endeavor, but nothing compares to those strikingly beautiful untouched natural wonders.

2. Starry Nights

night sky

Lying on the grass and staring at the sky above, is one of the main reasons why you should go camping. You just can’t see the stars that bright, and the true dark of night, in urban and suburban areas. If you are lucky enough, and choose the right time of the year, you can even see the meteor shower.

Can you picture this: feeling the gentle touch of grass beneath you, while looking at the lovely dark blue palette of the sky sprinkled with stars, and listening to the sweet sound of somebody softly picking their guitar just a few steps away?

Don’t forget to make a wish when you see a shooting star.

3. Peace of Mind

Every city girl needs some time for relaxation. Nothing can give you the serenity, and comfort of mind you’ve been yearning for, like a couple of days spent in nature. You can turn off your cell phone, or even better, if you pick the right spot, there will be no reception, and you can just sit back, and enjoy.

Release your mind from all that unnecessary mental stress and anxiety. Becoming one with nature, in just a short few days, will give you a completely different view on life and it will make your daily troubles seem far less grave, and unsolvable.

4. Learning Wilderness Survival Skills

young woman with backpack in a woods

Camping is just a small venture into the wild. It really isn’t more dangerous than spending your vacation in a hotel on the seaside. It’s completely safe and there are no creepy dangers lurking from behind the nearest tree.

Still, spending some time outdoors requires you to develop and nourish some basic, simple survival skills, because nothing will be delivered to you on a silver plate. It’s incredible how much you’ll learn about outdoor cooking, finding food, adapting to the lack of hygiene, using a latrine, making shelter, building a fire, protecting yourself from insects, and doing all those things that you normally take for granted.

5. Camping is Affordable

When talking about budget vacations, a camping trip is definitely the most affordable getaway for young people and families. With less money you can get all the fun you are looking for, get to know yourself, have bonding time with your family, spend some quality time with your partner, enjoy the nature with your pets, gain new skills and generally grow as a person in every sense of the word.

They say that best things in life are free. I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that some great things in life do come cheap, and camping trips are one of them.


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