Top 5 Unconventional Things to Do in Paris

Paris - the city of light, the city of romance and art, Europe’s top travel destination, home to Mona Lisa, Arc De Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and many more world renown sites.

Needless to say, you should visit Paris and see all the popular tourist attractions and go to all those places visited by millions of people from around the globe every year, but still find some time to do 5 unconventional things that will make you feel like a true Parisienne.

1. Get Lost

Arc de Triomphe in Paris France

It may not sound interesting but it actually is. Getting lost in Paris is in fact not that hard to do. You will get lost anyway, even without trying, so why not making a pleasurable experience out of it?

Open up your senses. Let the smell of croissants lead your way. Follow the scent of flowers from the nearest florist booth. Let the sweet sound of two little girls talking take you to all those marvelous hidden spots that made this city an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many artists.

Just wander the streets of the city without any purpose whatsoever. The incredible scents, sounds and colors of Paris will undoubtedly lead you to where you are supposed to be.

2. Take a Stroll Down by the River Seine

Bridges over the Seine river in Paris

Even though many tourists will have to go up and down both river banks of the Seine in order to get to all the famous sites, you take your time. Don’t do it in haste. Do not miss the opportunity to spend a romantic evening enjoying the sound of the water and the sight of the famous Parisian architecture.

3. Attend a Workshop at Shakespeare and Company

A visit to this famous bookstore will be a truly unique experience. Here you will have the opportunity to find a number of rare books and read them at ease in the most carefully decorated settings dispersed all over the store.

Shakespeare and C. organizes a number of workshops on French-English conversation exchange, writing and receiving feedback on your work from other aspiring writers. The out of this world space in the upstairs library with the walls covered in books that are part of the founder’s George Whitman’s personal library can easily fit up to 30 people.

Join the programs offered by this extraordinary bookstore and meet people from all walks of life who share this truly amazing motive that brought them together- Paris. Much like the famous quote carelessly written on the walls of the store states “Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise”.

4. Treat Yourself with a Little Something From a Vintage Clothing Shop

Friperies, which is the French word for shops that sell second-hand clothing, are very popular among women in Paris. In these shops you can find everything, from high end brand names to cheap accessories.

There are plenty of vintage clothing shops that offer clothes for different styles and budgets. Even if you don’t feel comfortable wearing second-hand clothes you should still go and check out these stores. They are true museums of vintage fashion and every garment is unique and represents a piece of history.

So, at least, go window-shopping, or as they say it in French, go lèche-vitrines which loosely translates to “window- licking”.

5. A Photo Tour in Paris

beautiful tourist in paris using her camera

Even if you are not an amateur photographer, we strongly suggest you consider assuming this role during your stay in Paris. Paris is such a wonderful city and every picture you take will capture one magical moment and turn it into a beautiful memory.

When you return home, buy a nice bottle of French wine and some cheese and indulge yourself while the photos you took slip through your fingers and reminisce the times you spent in Paris.


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