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What Shoes to Wear With a Yellow Dress

by Diane |

Choosing to wear a yellow dress is a bold fashion choice, since it’s not very easy to pair it. Follow our advice and find the perfect shoe style and color to wear it with!

Yellow dresses are very popular this season. This is the perfect summer item since yellow is one of the most amazing summer colors, especially for girls that have been tanning. The only question is – how do you pair a color this strong?

Well, the key is not to overdo it – you can wear it with black and stay on the safe side, or you can experiment and pair it with different prints, or color block it with other colors. Follow our advice and use your yellow dress to make a couple of perfect summer outfits!

Option 1: Black

Black goes amazing with yellow, so this is a pretty safe option. You could wear any black shoe style with this dress – black ballet pumps, black flat sandals or black sky-high suede sandals. This is the best option for those who are not that used to wearing yellow and don’t feel like experimenting.

three different black shoes with yellow dress

  • Miss KG Lola Ballet Pumps (republic.co.uk)
  • Jaeger Victoria T-Bar Flat Sandal (houseoffraser.co.uk)
  • Rupert Sanderson Black Suede Sandals (rupertsanderson.com)

Option 2: Printed

Printed shoes might not sound like a good option, still some prints look pretty amazing with yellow – for example, leopard print usually works. However, be careful – you don’t want to overdo it. Yellow is a strong, eye-catching color, so make sure that the print complements the dress, and that it’s not too much.

three different printed shoes with yellow dress

  • Madewell The Leopard Print Sidewalk Skimmer (madewell.com)
  • Burberry Prorsum Woven Raffia and Printed Wedge Pumps (net-a-porter.com)
  • Dieppa Restrepo Gaston Fluorescent Tassel Loafers (openingceremony.us)

Option 3: Color Blocking

If you’re into fashion experimenting, color blocking is the trend for you! There’s not better way to color block than this one: pair your yellow sundress with shoes in a crazy summer color – green, purple, blue, pink, whatever you like – and keep the accessories neutral.

three different color blocking shoes with yellow dress

  • Suede Slingbacks in Pink (zara.com)
  • Platform Heel Sandals (zara.com)
  • Giuseppe Zanotti Crisscross Suede Platform Sandals (shopbop.com)

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  1. youqueen girl illustration Adriana

    I have a gold/yellow dress which is brighter than gold what would you reccomend?

  2. I have a wedding next month.. And im planning on wearing lemon or yellow maxi dress.. Is it ok to wear that to a weading as I dont want to seem as im trying to out shine the bride

  3. youqueen girl illustration vanessa

    if i have peach or beige pair of heels, would it matches with yellow dress ?

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