What To Wear On A First Date: Top 10 Style Tips

Going on a date is always nerve-wracking. Here’s what to wear on a first date in order to leave a lasting impression. Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out from the get-go. These things take time. Apart from having to get your nerves under control and formulate a whole conversation in your […]

Going on a date is always nerve-wracking. Here’s what to wear on a first date in order to leave a lasting impression.

Don’t worry if you don’t have it all figured out from the get-go. These things take time.

Apart from having to get your nerves under control and formulate a whole conversation in your head before even meeting, you also need to know the best fashion choices and tips in order to be as comfortable as possible and still look pretty darn beautiful.

It’s tough being a woman! There are so many factors that play into a first date that it’s near to impossible to get it right all of the time, wouldn’t you agree?

In fact, when choosing what to wear on a first date, you need to take into consideration the venue, the impression you want to leave, whether or not you think you might see him again, how excited you are about this particular first date, how to show a little bit of skin without going all out. It’s tough.

However, in order to help you out a little bit, we thought we’d add a checklist of first date tips in order to turn the first date into many more to come.

Below, find some obvious and plenty of helpful tips in order to get you through your first date experience; possibly turning it into the first of many.

Check the venue

romantic dinner date

It’s extremely important to scout the venue before showing up. Not only can this save you major embarrassment if you show up to a beach-themed restaurant in an evening dress, but you’ll prevent yourself from having to choose between numerous ‘what to wear on a first date’ styles; potentially wasting precious time and saving you plenty of frustration and money.

So before planning any part of your first date outfit, always have a look at the theme of the venue; restaurant or not.

Choose comfort, always

Despite how amazing you want to look, how you feel is much more important. Of course, you want to experience both, but that’s not always ideal.

The last thing you want is to be fidgeting with your clothing in areas that will make it seem obvious that you’re uncomfortable. Any man, when he’s interested in you, will notice your discomfort and you’ll feel even more self-conscious.

The best thing you can do when choosing what to wear on a first date is to choose an outfit that will allow you to do the one thing you’re definitely supposed to; have fun.

Leave most for the imagination

elegant woman in a short white dress

Depending on the type of man you decide to go on a first date with, he’s going to want you to be a little bit conservative. This doesn’t mean you can’t show off a little bit of leg or maybe a tiny bit of cleavage; as long it’s one or the other.

Don’t feel regret if you go out on a date with someone you end up really liking only to find out that he judges you based on what you wore. Sure, being judged is never nice. But the fact of the matter is, that’s all someone has to go on if it’s the first date.

You have to ensure that you leave a positive lasting impression without coming across as cheap.

Thoroughly plan your outfit

There’s probably nothing worse than thinking you know what you want to wear for a first date only to realize last minute that what you wanted to wear really isn’t going to work.

It’s only about an hour before you have to leave for the date and you have nothing to wear. What to do? Well, it’s as easy as planning out your outfit thoroughly in order to avoid any surprises.

That way you have one less thing to stress about when it comes to the whole dating scene. It can be stressful so don’t add any more than you should.

Always take a light jacket

stylish woman wearing light jacket

Always pack a light jacket or something to throw over your shoulder in case the weather decides to turn. If he’s a gentleman, he’ll offer his jacket, but you just never know.

Remember, always show up prepared in order to avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold as the night progresses. The weather can turn easily and you’d rather show up to the date with a little bit of extra coverage than not enough.

Wear comfortable shoes

Unless you can walk in them comfortably, don’t even attempt wearing uncomfortable shoes on your first date. The key to a successful date is being comfortable and leaving a confident impression.

Uncomfortable shoes will only cause you to walk funny and result in painful blisters that could’ve been avoided by wearing shoes you most definitely feel comfortable to walk in.

They say beauty is painful but you can look just as beautiful without the pain.

Choose an outfit you’d normally wear

Just because you’re going on a hot first date doesn’t mean you have to wear an outfit you wouldn’t normally be seen with.

You still want to feel like yourself, and you certainly want to show him the truest version of yourself. Stick to your own sense of style and flaunt what you were given. He’ll love it!

Can’t decide? Choose red

stylish woman wearing red coat and red booties

What happens if you’re stuck with numerous outfits, all different colors, and you simply can’t decide on one. If you happen to have a red choice amongst the lot, go with that.

Psychologically, red creates a moth to a flame type of effect. Men find red on women most attractive and seductive. So if the goal of the evening is to lure him in, always choose your red outfit.

Please note, in order to lure him in with red, your outfit also needs to have a fitting cut. No use wearing a sack.

Look touchable

If you’re into your date and he’s into you, you most certainly want to be touched, right? So as much as you want to keep skin exposure limited and come across as a little bit conservative, you also want the best of both worlds where you look touchable.

Don’t be afraid to play around with outfits and accentuate your best features. If it’s your eyes, wear eye make-up. If you have curvy hips, don’t be afraid to wear a pencil skirt. Wear what fits you best.

Worried about choosing the perfect make up? Don’t panic, just check out our 7 First Date Make up Dos and Don’ts for tips and tricks.

Don’t purchase new shoes

Whatever you do, don’t wear new shoes when choosing what to wear on a first date. Sure, we all want to look brand new and shiny, which includes purchasing a brand new outfit.

However, you’ll end up with blisters before the night has even begun which will cause you to walk funny and feel extreme discomfort. As one of those things you want to avoid, rather choose one of your regular pairs of shoes. Choose pretty but don’t necessarily go with a brand new. You’ll thank us.

We understand how crazy and stressful the first date can be, for both parties. It’s really more of an understatement. So don’t let not knowing what to wear on a first date add to the pressures of life and the overall dating scene.

dinner date

Let your hair down a little bit, go with the flow, add a whole lot of confidence, and know that you’re in good hands if you follow the above-mentioned first date fashion tips.

Remember, when it comes to deciding on what to wear on a first date, always leave enough room for preparations in order to give yourself enough time to change your mind if you wish to do so.

You simply can’t end up not having enough time to get ready; especially if you think this date can turn into something serious.

Extra tips

Here are some great guy-approved outfit ideas that will save you from all that hassle, of going through your closet, in attempt to find an outfit which will send “the right message.”

First impressions really do count. Make wise choices when choosing what to wear on a first date and you may end up going on continuous dates for a long time still to come.

Oh, one more thing. What to wear is easy to figure out, when you know what 10 things not to wear on your first date.

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