Sexy Winter Fashion Ideas He Will Love

It gets bitter cold during the winter and we all have to cover up, but that doesn't mean we can’t wear sexy clothes. Check out these winter fashion ideas!

When it starts to get freezing out, of course, we all want to bundle up. Big sweaters, scarves, comfy boots, and sweatpants are a way of life when it starts to get cold out.

But who says you only need the summer heat to wear clothing that is sexy and can show off your body?

There are so many clothing articles that you can put on in the cold weather that are just as sexy and will drive any man wild. Just because it is winter, does not mean you can’t turn up the heat, especially if you get inspired with our sexy winter fashion ideas!

1. Lace up sweaters


Sweaters that lace up in the chest area are all the rage this season. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, who many look up to for fashion inspiration has made these popular.

But even if you don’t look up to any celebrity for fashion inspiration, you will love these sweaters. They will keep you just warm enough, but the lace up in the front that shows just the right amount of skin and cleavage is very sexy.

These sweaters come in all styles and colors, I personally think that they look the best in black, burgundy, and nude. You can’t go wrong pairing one of these sweaters with a pair of dark/light wash tight jeans or black leggings.


It also looks very stylish and sexy with a mini skirt and tights. These sweaters also tend to come oversized as well, if you want to stay very comfy but still slightly sexy.

This shirt is also very flattering to any body type and also anyone of any size chest, it shows off just enough cleavage. Yes, these types of sweaters may be very trendy this season but I feel as though this style will be around for a while. Any woman can rock the look of a lace up sweaters.

2. Knee high/thigh high boots

One of the reasons why I absolutely love it when winter rolls around is for boots! I’m absolutely not a sandals kind of girl. Honestly, I wear boots all year round, but I know that for most people, they are a staple in their winter wardrobe.


One of the sexiest styles of boots is knee high, or if you are feeling daring and extra hot, thigh high. Nothing is sexier than a sleek pair of black thigh high boots with a heel.

This paired with tight black pants or if you are going out, a little black dress will drive any man wild. I know that many people in the winter like to wear Uggs or comfy, furry boots and yes those are great to lounge around in or to be comfortable in, but it is also very possible to find a very comfortable pair of knee high/thigh high boots!


I am very short, five foot one, so people always tell me that if I wear knee high boots it will make me look shorter and like I barely have any legs.

But for all my fellow small ladies- don’t listen!! Wear whatever style boot you want, and you will look just as sexy wearing them as someone who is tall. Knee high/thigh high boots will dress up any outfit and automatically turn up the sex appeal.

3. Long-sleeved knit body con dresses

Long Sleeved Knit Body Con Dresses

In my opinion, body con dresses look absolutely amazing on any body type. I think they are so flattering, especially when wearing tights and even a pair of those knee high boots that I mentioned earlier.

This year, a style of body con dresses became quite popular- ones made of knit material, but it still stretches so the dress will be comfortable, as body con dresses tend to be.

The knit material is absolutely perfect for winter and will keep you warmer. Yet the dresses are form fitting so it will show off the shape of your body and hit curves in all the right places.


Getting these sexy dresses with long sleeves also makes it more fitting for the cold weather.

Long sleeved knit bodycon dresses are perfect for any winter occasion- going out to dinner, a holiday party (especially if the dress is in a red/burgundy color, that is to die for), even for everyday wear, maybe paired with a long jacket.

I have spoken to a few males who said that they like this style of dress on a girl. So, ladies, it is male approved but most importantly, no matter who you are, you will look absolutely stunning wearing a dress like this.

4. Knee high socks


I am personally a huge fan of wearing knee high socks any season, I feel as though they give any look a fun and flirty vibe. In the winter, though, they can automatically make any outfit THAT much sexier. One of my favorite ways to wear knee high socks is Ariana Grande inspired.

I Iove to wear an oversized sweater that goes right above my knees (make sure it covers all the necessary areas!), which is always super comfortable.

Then, I love pairing it with some thick knee high socks. This outfit is just as comfortable as pajamas, and also perfect if you are someone that does not like wearing pants. I know there are plenty of you out there.


This outfit is sexy because it shows the slightest bit of thigh- it is like a little sneak peek that will drive any many crazy. This adorable yet flirty outfit looks great with a pair of ankle boots, flats, or yes, even with a pair of Uggs it looks cute. It is the perfect way to look comfortable yet sexy.

Though wearing knee high socks with any outfit, especially when it peeks out from a pair of boots looks very stylish. Knee high socks tend to be very cheap and they come in all styles and colors, so grab as many pairs as you can! You won’t regret adding this item to your wardrobe.

5. Anything velour


I feel as though every female out there remembers that velour Juicy Couture tracksuits that were extremely popular back in the early and mid-2000’s. I know that I lived in my pink velour tracksuit with the bedazzled crown on the back throughout the winter in my pre-teen years.

Yes, these tracksuits have gone very much out of style, but that does not mean that velour has gone out of style. There are so many clothing items that are velour now- leggings, dresses, sweaters, pretty much everything.


Velour will keep you warm, it is very soft, and it can also be very sexy. A tight velour dress, especially in a deep red, will drive any man wild for you.

Velour is a material that has also come very much back in style this season, and you can find it at pretty much any store. If you loved those Juicy Couture tracksuits, bring back your love of velour, yet in a much sexier and sophisticated way.

6. Burgundy lips

Burgundy Lips

I know that this is not a fashion item- but burgundy lips I feel as though is one of the sexiest looks you can pull off in the fall and winter. It is not just your usual red lipstick- it is much deeper, darker, sexier, and more sophisticated.

ANYONE, no matter what your hair color, skin tone, eye color, anything is, can rock a burgundy lip. Especially with some blinding highlight- this look is show stopping.

Some very popular burgundy lip products are Unicorn Blood Velour Liquid Lip by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Scarlet Empress by Nars, and NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème in the shade Transylvania. Ladies, don’t be afraid to rock this seductive and sexy lip color- it will pull together any sexy winter outfit.

Do you have any other winter fashion ideas for some sexy outfits to turn up the heat in the cold weather? If so, leave your suggestion in the comments section! Ladies, have a sexy and fashionable winter season!

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