How to Dress Up for Your Boyfriend

Whether it's for a special night out or an even more special night at home, here's how to dress up for your boyfriend.

While relationships are based on trust, respect and love, making someone feel special also plays a big part. It can be buying the perfect gift, throwing the perfect surprise party or just making his favorite dessert for no particular reason.

All of these things send a lovely message that says “I’m going out of my way to do something just for you, that will make you feel special, loved and appreciated”. Now, we’ve all heard the one where the perfect gift for your guy is just you wearing a big bow and nothing else, but here’s how to make your man feel special and go “wow” by putting out an outfit chosen just for him.

Not everybody’s taste in clothes matches perfectly, and that there are items in his wardrobe that you would probably throw away without a second glance, and this goes for him, too. Guys will tell you that you look great no matter what you’re wearing, but there have to be items that he would rather see you throw away. Look for hints to see what your guy likes. Keep your ear out for comments while you’re looking at pics of celebrities, or notice when he compliments a certain category of clothes that you wear.

Is he a skirt guy, a tight pants guy, does he like a certain color or fabric? It’s not always just about how something looks, it’s also how it feels when you touch it. Guys love smooth textures like satin and silk; you’ll notice how he can’t stop touching the small of your back while you have that perfect satin dress on. Also, your man probably has a favorite body part that turns him on. If he likes your boobs, find a top that will show them off. If he’s a man who likes butts, find that perfect pair of jeans that will make yours look like Beyonce in that “Crazy in love” video!

It’s good to sometimes take a little step outside your comfort zone, but don’t go way overboard. Confidence is sexy, and you need the outfit to make you feel confident, not overly self-conscious or clumsy. If you don’t normally wear high heels, find the pair that you can actually walk in. If you’re not into dresses, do a mix and match of the perfect top and skirt.

Go for classy, sexy and comfortable. Find out what your guy likes, throw in a bit of experimenting, and surprise him with these easy, fool-proof outfits.

Work Outfit

Some of us have to wear fairly boring clothes for work, but make sure you wear something you know he will like. If he loves pencil skirts, get a couple that you will unassumingly wear every couple of days, and then pair with an awesome top for evening or the weekend. Guys have a thing for uniforms, and while we’re not suggesting that you run out to the costume store and get that sexy nurse’s outfit, you might consider wearing something that looks prim yet elegant.

Take inspiration from this Calvin Klein collection ad. Don’t forget the red lipstick and nail polish! The combo of a crisp white shirt, the perfect skirt and sky- high heels will give him that little “naughty school mistress” vibe, and wait till he sees what you’ve put on underneath!

work outfit ideas

  • DKNY wrap blouse (
  • Armani Collezioni pencil skirt (
  • Womens Wolford Fatal stockings (
  • Black suede hidden platform pumps (
  • Deborah Lippmann make up set in Love Notes (

Cute and Casual

I love to make my hubby feel special by dolling up for a casual outing such as a walk around town or brunch. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should put on 12 inch Loubutins for a trip to the store, but spice it up by putting on the dressy pants, tight jeans, leggings or shoes that you know he loves. The rest of the outfit should stay fairly casual, but just that one item will make a huge difference. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off you!

A Sexy Evening Out

Going out for dinner, drinks or to a party should be your chance to surprise him with the perfect dress. It’s the symbol of femininity, and there are cuts that you can experiment with to show off your best asset. Stay classy and don’t show too much, since guys love just hints of your body. He wants a glimpse of what he’s getting later, not for the whole party to see your boobs in a very low-cut dress. Again, find out what he likes and flaunt that. A well-cut dress will show off your hips and booty, a clever neckline will show off your boobs, etc.

Guys also love a hint of leg over a really short dress, so go for a longer dress with a slit that will show him a glimpse of your thigh while you’re walking or crossing your legs. Another great idea is a backless dress; this isn’t a part of our physique that we often show, but guys agree there’s nothing sexier than seeing a girl with her hair up or on one side, with a mile of neck and back showing.

Here are three dresses that display different parts of your body, so choose a feature and find the one that’s perfect for you.

dress ideas

  • Lipsy Cut Out Bodycon dress (
  • Alex & Eve sleeveless dress high low hem (
  • Tibi open back dress (

Wear High Heels

Men love seeing a woman in high heels. Wear them for an evening out, or even for a casual occasion, paired with an everyday outfit. This is one of the reasons why every girl needs to have that perfect pair of high heels! A top, tights and a jacket look OK with your favorite ballerinas, but throwing high heels into the mix takes the outfit to a whole new level! From the days of glorious pin-ups, men have been fantasizing about women in black shoes with high heels, so go and find that pair that’s perfect for you.

We give you a choice of basic black shoes – sandals, pumps and boots as an inspiration. You’d be amazed to know how much shoes make the whole outfit, from a guy’s point of view.

Also many guys, friends or dates have said there are certain types of shoes that they flat out hate. I personally love ballet flats, so do many of my girl friends, but I have yet to meet a guy who likes them. “They look like little girl’s shoes, and seeing them on a cute girl with a nice body just ruins the whole look for me,” one of my guy friends told me. Same thing goes for Uggs, apparently they think that they look like Yeti’s feet! Guys, come on!

high heels ideas

  • Gucci Ophelie sandals (
  • Giuseppe Zanotti contrast stilletos (
  • Badgley Mischka Dune boots (

Sexy and Cute at Home

Guys fall into two categories: those who love lingerie and want you to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel every time you step out of the shower, or guys who love casual sexy. Both of these are easy to please, it’s just a matter of figuring out which category your guy falls into.

If He Likes Lingerie in the Bedroom

If you’re sure that he’s a lace and thongs type of guy, just hit the store for something racy and sexy. Pick the perfect bra, panties, teddy or garters that will knock his socks off! Start with basics if you’re not sure – black, white or red, in lace and satin. Guys also love the transparent or peek-a-boo stuff, so check out bras that are meant for the bedroom only. In this case, don’t worry if it doesn’t give daylong support, you won’t be wearing this to the office anyway.

Garters and stockings also work for most guys, so pick up some of those and try to look casual about it. There’s no point in getting all dolled up if you’ll walk into the bedroom not knowing how to take them off or feeling really self-conscious. Just put them on under your favorite knee-length skirt and start taking it off in front of him. Works every time!

lingerie ideas

  • Gossard Femme fatale sequin set (
  • Cosabella Dolce Vita set (
  • Mimi Holiday Azure Allure set (

If He Likes It Casual

The guys who say it’s best if a girl is wearing boxers or hipsters around the house all agree on one thing. There is nothing sexier than seeing your girl wearing your shirt. Get some cute, girly hipsters in a nice color, and throw on his favorite sleeping T shirt while you’re just lounging around the house. If he sees you lugging around laundry (or something) in his oversized shirt and a great pair of frilly boxers, forget the laundry – the only place you’re going is the bedroom.

Men also like to see a girl in their shirt, like the one he took off last night when he got home. The trick is to look casual. Just put on the hipsters and wrap yourself in his shirt while you make coffee or something. When he sees the shirt and understands that you’re naked underneath it, it’s back to the bedroom.

boxers combination

  • Geek tee (
  • Marie Meili hipsters in pink and watermelon (
  • CK Ruffle my Feather hipster (
  • Dries van Noten tailored shirt (

Tip: Maybe there’s an item in your wardrobe that he got you, whether it’s a top or a bra or whatever. Like we said, couples’ tastes don’t always match, but put on your favorite clothes and put on that item, as well. It will make him feel special to know that you’re wearing something he chose; it will compliment his taste and his desire to make you feel special. If he didn’t think it would look great on you, he wouldn’t have bought it. Whatever you choose from the above, just keep in mind that dressing up for him can be summed up in just one sentence – “Honey, I did this just for you”.

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  • Nice article, but you are dead wrong about heels vs flats. I’m a guy and I ADORE ballet flats! And I’m not the only one. Would rather see a girl in them than heels any day… They’re pretty, cute and very sexy shoes, especially with a little bow on them. I suppose the lesson is, everyone is different!

  • to the girls out there and once and while and love to see a woman dress up and act like a woman in sted of like a guy in drag and not bashing any ones prefence.

  • I tried dressing up for my guy (tonight actually 9/28/13)and it was an EPIC fail, he found something wrong before he even complimented me, so I will NEVER do it again. I FELT SOOOOOO STUPID…. :(

  • Awesome advice, thanks. My boyfriend love how I was dreesed up, cause im a tomboy and dont wear dresses alot. So I wore a mini skirt and a cute shirt with a little bit of makeup. I liked him paying me alot more attention too.

  • I think a guy should just love you for who you are and suck that fact up. Yes its nice to wear something amazing. And if you want to, I would suggest asking chick friends which outfit and all that. Never go overboard, otherwise he gets the fact that you trying way too hard and he’ll think thanks but umh alright

    • I live it whenever my lady makes a effort to dress up because it’s such a treat. I’d never get bored or put off because she tried to hard I’d just live and appreciate the fact she loved me enough to try at all.

  • I think a guy should just love you for who you are and suck that fact up. Yes its nice to wear something amazing. And if you want to, I would suggest asking chick friends which outfit and all that. Never go overboard, otherwise he gets the fact that you trying way too hard and he’ll think thanks but umh alright

  • I dress in a lot of sexy lingerie and my guy loves it. I do it when I feel like being sexy. Sometimes I wear something sexy underneath my work uniform so I can think about tonight all day long and then strip for him when he gets home. Try being a whore for your guys, girl. They love it.

  • my bf says i always wear normal cloths and i never dress to kill,what should i wear to please him

    • You should wear something that would make you stand out, has he ever complimented about you what you wear, maybe you shoulkd try out, a tight tanks top, which will shape out your boobs, and denim shorts, its works alot

  • I really love dis. My boyfriend told me to change the way I dress. I don’t know if it’s because I dress like a 12yr old girl or wat. Can you pls help me on this?

  • I bought this sexy lingerie to surprise my guy. I shower an put it on for him an he was so in love with it. He compliment me so much.