Bad kissers are the worst, no question about it. On the other hand when a good kisser works his magic he can light up a fire of emotion, and make the experience feel like it’s out of this world. And the best thing is – practice makes it perfect! Read through some must know tips on how to kiss a guy and spruce up your kissing technique.

1. Get Your Hands Into It

Not knowing what to do with your hands during a kiss is a common dilemma. But it shouldn’t be – as long as you don’t leave them just sort of hanging there, you’re good.

So, play with his hair, touch his face, his pecks, arms, basically anything goes. Put your hand on his chin and take control of the kiss. Very gently put both of your hands on his face during a kiss – it’s about as passionate as it can get.

2. A Little Teasing Goes a Long Way

This one’s golden. Right in the middle of the kiss, when he’s gotten completely into it, slowly move your hand from his face and through his hair and then gently pull him by the back of his head, just so that your lips suddenly become out of his reach by just a few millimeters.

Hold that pose for a couple of seconds looking straight into his eyes, maybe even smiling a bit, and then let go and kiss him. This will blow his mind for sure.

3. Leave Him Wanting More

Right in the middle of a passionate kiss, cut it off and start talking to him again. That’s gonna leave him wanting more, and he’s probably not going to let you get away with it that easy. So, you can expect him to grab you and start kissing you again in a matter of seconds.

4. Smile Throughout the Kiss

lovers preparing to kiss

They say that the best feeling ever is to open your eyes during a kiss and see the one you’re kissing smile.

Smiling is good, it shows you’re happy, you’re enjoying yourself and having a good time. Him seeing that something he’s doing is making you smile is really gratifying and quite an ego boost.

5. Whisper in His Ear

Slowly move his head to the side and whisper something sweet, or maybe even dirty, whatever your thing is, in his ear. Look him straight in the eyes and then get back to your kiss. It will drive him completely insane!

6. Experiment

kissing couple

A kiss does seem simple enough once you get the hang of it, but there are so many ways in which you can take it to a whole new level.

Spice it up, make it more special and passionate, sweet, or whatever you want it to feel like. Earn that coveted tittle of a true make-out queen.

7. Don’t Forget the Neck

passionate lovers

You know how him kissing your neck can drive you completely crazy and have you moan with pleasure. Don’t think he won’t feel the same way about it!

Again, it’s you taking over control and making him tremble with your making out skills which is enough to make him go nuts about you just by itself. Not to mention the tingling sensation of a gentle neck kiss that can be out of this world.

8. Switch up the Tempo

Surprise him with a passionate kiss when he expects it the least! Like, if you’re just cuddling and snuggling and being pretty passive with the kissing and touching, give him that vixen look and take over.

Throwing in a passionate kiss when he wasn’t even aware you have it in you (at least not in that moment) is definitely going to turn up the heat. First he’ll be stunned, then – he’ll be hooked!

9. Know When to Stop

This time I mean for good. Like when he’s dropping you off, and you’re kissing goodbye, but somehow that goes on and on if you’re both really into it and into each other. In that kind of a situation it’s always better to be the one that pulls out first!

No matter how bad you want to keep kissing him, remember – the one that stops it when it’s at its peak leaves the other one dying for more!

10. All of the Above is Best Done in Private

man and woman initiating a kiss

Seriously this is a pretty serious list of making out tricks! You don’t want to be restricted in showing off your inner Lolita by anything. Besides don’t you just hate those annoying couples that seem to go off by getting it on in public!

Nah-uh don’t be one of those people, wait until you get him alone and then work your magic!