How to Tease Him With Your Tongue

Learn how to tease him with your tongue by giving him pleasure first. Your tongue Is your weapon – but only if you use it right!

How Most Girls Use Their Tongues…

I have spoken to a small number of my male friends to find out about their sexy, tonguetastic experiences with women, but I was very disappointed to discover that women are letting the side down!

I have discovered that the majority of women in relationships are abusing what is often described as the strongest muscle in the human body by wagging it in the wrong direction – namely to nag, rant and then moan to other women about their failing relationships.

What these women don’t realize is that their tongues could actually be the solution to all of their boyfriend-related problems! If you want to get more out of your relationship and get your man on your side rather than in opposition to you, then follow these simple tips…

Your Tongue Is Your Weapon – But Only If You Use It Right!

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Believe it or not, you can use your tongue to give your guy pleasure and when your guy is enjoying himself he is at his most receptive! If you have problems in your relationship that you want to address but he isn’t listening to you, first think about how you can use that tongue of yours to give him pleasure rather than stress. Here are some ideas:

  • Use your tongue as a sexy visual turn-on.
  • Experiment with deep sensual kissing.
  • Have fun with some light erotic tongue teasing.
  • Use your tongue to expertly seduce your man (all the way to submission!)

How to Use Your Tongue as a Visual Turn-on

The first thing you need to do, whatever issues you and your partner are having, is remind him of what he finds attractive in you. This will immediately divert his attention away from all of the more undesirable traits you may have been portraying through your frustration. Nagging, moaning, sulking, bitching.

Dress yourself up. You don’t have to go over-the-top. We’re not talking about transforming yourself into the sexual siren he has never seen in you. The idea is for you to feel sexy and confident. It is even more important for you to feel like yourself so go for comfortable attire. Maybe a casual top that shows off your shoulders or neck. Wear your hair up and away from you face, perhaps with a few feminine tassels. Most importantly, make sure your mouth looks amazing!

Your mouth is perhaps one of the most erotic parts of your body

It is a sexual signifier and when a guy’s attention is brought to a woman’s mouth, the only thing he is thinking about is how much he wants to experience it – all over him! So, brush your teeth to make sure they are fresh and white, wear a lipstick or gloss that makes your lips look luscious and juicy, and get ready to put that tongue of yours to good use…

Now, while you are talking to your boyfriend, whether it is in a formal, social, private or public setting, bring his attention to your tongue by looking at him directly in the eyes while you are talking. Look at his mouth while he is talking, run your tongue over your lips, bite them. Whatever you can do to bring his attention to your tongue, do it! Even if you have to ask him if you have something in your teeth, it will do the trick. As soon as he clocks that sexy tongue doing its thing, you will have caught his attention, and you can be guaranteed that the wheels of his filthy imagination have begun to turn!

The Secret Success of Deep, Sensual Kissing

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When you have been in a relationship with a guy for a while, you may find that you have become so used to each other that you have moved away from all the sexual tension that used to get you both going, to a safer, cutesy communication of feelings, such as quick pecks on the lips that don’t involve tongues, tickling and another larking about, or even farting and burping competitions. Yep, that is just how comfortable you may have become. If you want to ignite the sexual fire between you and re-form that intense physical and mental connection, you are going to have to go back into a more risqué territory.

Kissing your boyfriend doesn’t have to be mediocre just because it is in the middle of the day. There is no bed in the vicinity. It can be easy to get into a rhythm of expecting a passionate kiss to lead to sex. Perhaps that is why so many couples stop using tongues when kissing if the situation doesn’t accommodate the next natural step. You want to feed his sexual anticipation, though, so put that tongue of yours to proper use.

Being a good kisser is not necessarily about doing things to impress your kissing partner. It’s about going with the flow, matching the occasion, and using a variety of techniques—but not too much variety.

Here are some pretty easy tips on how to be a better kisser coming from a male experience!

Give him a taste

You have already turned him on by bringing his attention to your tongue visually; now give him a taste – literally! The next time you kiss him, he will be expecting the usual tongue-less peck. Surprise him by slowly slipping your tongue into his mouth. Not all the way down mind you; you don’t want him to gag in surprise! Just slip it in between his lips, touch his tongue with yours, slide your hand around the back of his neck and go a little deeper, let him know you desire him even though you can’t have him right then and there, then slow down and step away.

How to Tease Him With Your Tongue

Now that you have established the initial visual turn-on and the follow-up deep sensual kissing, you can be sure that you have set up a very clear image of what he can expect from you when you’re alone together. Be prepared for an evening of seduction.

Make sure that you have set up a nice warm and relaxing environment, with low lighting and pleasant aromas. Make yourself feel wonderful by having a soak in the bath beforehand and dressing in something feminine. You might want to cook some food or open a bottle of wine. Once you are both settled and you’ve had a bit of a kiss, let your tongue explore.

Start off around his face by kissing and nibbling on his ears and around his neck and collarbones, which are all sensitive spots; work your way over his body in any direction that feels right; focusing on using light flickering movements and small kisses. You can also use your hands to stroke and squeeze, helping to build the tension.

The cardinal sin is to raise a guy’s sexual expectations without follow-through. So, make sure you unbutton those pants of his and make your way down to the only place he really wants to feel your tongue!

How to Use Your Tongue to Give Him Expert Oral Sex!

An important thing to remember ladies is that the woman who knows how to pleasure her man with her mouth is the woman who is likely to get everything she wants in the relationship. Why? Because if you show your man that you can do things with your tongue that no other woman has ever had the self-confidence to do to him before, he will always view you as a sexual goddess. He will feel like the luckiest boyfriend on the planet to have you as a girlfriend.

He will want to make you feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, too. Once you learn how to give the best blowjob, you will have the power to open up his mind so that he is more receptive to your needs in the relationship.

The trick to using your tongue during oral sex is to really mean it! When you lick his penis, it doesn’t matter what techniques you want to try and use. The most important thing is for you to be able to communicate to your man that you are thoroughly enjoying having his penis in your mouth. It’s difficult to pull this off if you don’t genuinely enjoy oral sex. So, take your time to get to know his penis. Enjoy finding out what turns him on more.

Tips to help you explore his penis

Here are some tongue-tips to help you explore his penis and bring him to an amazing climax:

  • Only do what feels comfortable and natural to you.
  • Experiment by using the different sides of your tongue.
  • Vary the strokes so that they are light and flickering around the head, and long and purposeful up and down the shaft.
  • Continue to use your tongue even when his penis is inside of your mouth. You can give him extra stimulation by moving your tongue about while you apply suction or move up and down his shaft with your lips.
  • Don’t forget to swirl your tongue around the sensitive head of his penis too!
Here are some of the pleasurable spots you can stimulate with your tongue

The shaft – Run your tongue up and down it, using different sides for different pressures and sensations.  The blade of your tongue running from the base of his shaft right up to the head will feel different from the tip of your tongue lightly flicking his frenulum. That is the V-shaped area on the underside of the penis where the head meets the shaft.

The Head – You can swirl your tongue (I love that word) around the head. That’s the most sensitive part, and lick his urethra.

His Perineum – Some men enjoy this area to be licked.

It is the halfway point between his anus and his testicles.  Use the tip of your tongue and go round in small circles, you might surprise him!

Don’t forget his Balls – Lightly does it, lots of feathery flicking and licking.  If he doesn’t respond well, simply move on to something he will respond well to…

Now that you know how to use your tongue to satisfy your man sexually, you can sit down with him to talk sensitively about the things that you feel need addressing in your relationship. Remember to keep the tone positive and non-judgmental. And perhaps wait until he has come down off his sexual high naturally rather than put a dampener on everything by bringing up your issues immediately after his orgasm!

How to tease him with your tongue? Share your thoughts.

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