Best Date Spots For Every Zodiac Sign

Dating can be hard—especially when you don’t know what your date likes. This astrological guideline offers you best date spots for every zodiac sign

Each zodiac sign is different in its own way. That is why you should know your significant other’s zodiac sign in order to make your first date unforgettable. Here are best date spots for every zodiac sign


Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries love excitement. They don’t like slow paced or boring things, so taking them somewhere like an amusement park or playing a sport will make an Aries jump with joy.

Aries don’t like staying in one place for long, so the bigger the better. The more activities they can blow through, the more fun they’ll have. Bring an Aries back to their youth. They tend to grow up too quickly, so doing something childish and fun would be ideal for them.

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People in this sign normally like to take things slow and get to know someone before they let them in and jump into a relationship. A great date spot for a Taurus would be somewhere natural.

They are the most down-to-earth Earth sign out there, so to get to know a Taurus, try going to a botanical garden or a zoo, talk with each other and get to know one another.

Learning their favorite flower won’t hurt either. Taureans are very sensitive. If you just happen to make a little mistake, knowing what cheers them up will be your saving grace.


Geminis like to be rowdy and have a good time. Go somewhere that will allow them to be who they really are and let loose. Going bowling or to karaoke night at a dive bar would get a Gemini in a good mood for the night.

Doing something they haven’t done before is a tough thing to manage because they’ve tried so much. They chase new experiences and they’re happy when they accomplish something new.

You could go to old bookstores, vintage shops, or local museums.

If you can take them somewhere they’ve never been and do something they’ve never done, you will have made a Gemini incredibly happy.


Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancerians are homebodies, and prefer to stay in rather than go out. Of course, they do enjoy going out, but they need home alone time afterwards to recharge.

Cancerians are the most introverted of the signs, so staying at home, cooking and having a movie marathon is an ideal date for them. The subtle intimacy will have a Cancerian coming back for more.

Or, you can gather your picnic supplies, find a tranquil area of the garden, and let the romance develop.


Leos love to go out and have the spotlight on them. Doing something dedicated to them would have them over the moon happy.

Leos also tend to be very musically inclined and usually love music more than any other sign, so go to an outdoor concert and put them on your shoulders.

When you’re out with a Leo, no matter what’s going on around you, make them feel like you’re only looking at them because they’re the best thing you can see.


Virgos are very smart and quiet people. The best place to take a Virgo on a date would be an art gallery or a museum. If you find a more playful and outgoing Virgo, try an interactive science museum.

If you’re looking to do something more intimate, try going on a picnic together near a historic landmark and learning about each other. Learning and loving are two of Virgos favorite things to do, so if you can make the date a fun learning experience, your Virgo date will be outwardly thrilled.


Libra Zodiac Sign

Libras love vanity, so they will use any excuse they have to get glammed up and go out. Going to see an old film in a park is the definition of a Libra’s ideal night.

The timelessness and glory of vintage films capture the essence of Libras, and they will adore you for taking them to see one. If the time is right and both are willing, take your Libra to a ball, a gala or anything where you get to be and act fancy. This would be especially good if you can have fun making fun of the poofy dresses together.


Taking a Scorpio out on a date is a lot easier than some would say. There are a few hoops you have to jump through to make it enjoyable for them, but the outcome of dating a Scorpio is definitely worth it.

Doing something in a small group is perfect for them because you get to be close but not too close.

Find a place where you two can have some privacy. Meet them early at your favorite bar or take them to a secret coffee shop instead of a crowded places.

Scorpios tend to flee when faced head on with strong feelings. Stargazing or a night at the beach and a bonfire with friends is a sure way to a Scorpios heart.


Sagittarians are the adventurers of the astrological signs, so take a Sagittarius on a date somewhere fun and new. Go out of town to a carnival or just go on a road trip to somewhere they’ve never been before.

Hiking is a thing most Sagittarians like to do Going out in the middle of nowhere, picking up leaves and stones and taking pictures of the two of you together will be a very special moment for your Sagittarius.

Invite a Sagittarian to a location where they can dance all night long if you want them to have fun. Just have an open mind and use your imagination, and you can easily win over a Sagittarian.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are extremely sophisticated, but they can let loose if you know how to let them. Going to a fancy dinner will make a Capricorn very happy, but the thrill of the night is following them and they need some excitement.

If you’re both up for it, go to a department store, try on wacky clothes and have fun doing it. Capricorns are always labeled as uptight and plain, but if you ignite the childish side in them, they’ll be putty in your hands and trust you to have a good time.


Aquarians are the type of people who love to learn and experience new things. Going on a date to a planetarium is the ultimate way to an Aquarian’s heart.

People in this sign tend to be drawn to the stars and really enjoy space, so this trip will definitely be a special one for them. Trying a new food or seeing a foreign film would also be top notch for your date with an Aquarius.


Pisces are very quiet and peaceful people. They’re also very nostalgic, so if you can find out what they loved to do as a child, you’re pretty much done thinking on the date aspect.

Mini golf is a very good date idea for a Pisces because Pisces love the slight competitive edge and the playful banter that you’ll share. Going to a lake will make a Pisces smile in contentment.

The simplicity of nature will be incredible for a Pisces. They finally get to leave their head and be with nature. And if you’re making them laugh and having fun, it will be a day a Pisces never forgets.

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