6 French Beauty Secrets That Will Have You Glowing

French women are envied around the world for their beautiful figures, healthy-looking skin, and their overall elegance. Steal their style. Here are 6 French beauty secrets.

French women have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them that gives them an overall glow and allows them to exude incredible amounts of confidence.

They have slim bodies, beautiful hair and skin and an overall love for life that is evident in all that they do whether it be just enjoying a meal with friends or doing their makeup.

The French have some really wonderful products and techniques to offer women from other parts of the world, including micellar water and orange blossom water for the face, beautiful perfumes and a diet that is full of organic fruits, vegetables and water.

1. Start from the inside

French Beauty Secrets, Woman

French women drink water constantly, and staying hydrated is a top priority for them. Water helps to flush toxins from the body and gives you glowing skin. It also helps to make sure that your organs are able to function properly and keeps you healthy from the inside!

In addition to staying hydrated, French women try to eat organic and whole foods as often as possible. They try to cut out foods with a lot of sugar and fat as well as anything that is highly processed.

2. Go easy on the makeup

If you pick up a French beauty ad or just walk through the streets of Paris, you will see that French women generally do not wear very much makeup. They take a more minimalist approach. They use just the basics like a light foundation (or none at all), some concealer, a little blush and some chic lipstick.

Too much makeup exposes your skin to many different elements that can cause breakouts and irritation. Some makeup clogs the pores—especially when you sweat throughout the day.

Aim to use a light foundation or BB cream, concealer for blemishes and under the eyes and some mascara. If you want a little more color, try some blush. For a more matte look, opt for some powder to finish off the look.

3. Use micellar water as a makeup removal

micellar water as a makeup removal

Micellar water is the most effective way to take off makeup, and though it originated in France with Bioderma, other US brands like Garnier and Simple have created their own versions.

Micellar is more effective than cleansing cloths and face washes because it is soft water with little oil balls suspended inside of it that helps to attract dirt and oil from your face. Thus, it cleans much better than soap and water or a cleaning towelette.

4. Use floral waters and facial mists

These can actually be used on your face! Using refreshing water mists can help to refresh makeup midday or before an outing, and floral waters are great natural toners.

Mona Walravens uses either orange blossom water or rosewater in the morning as part of her skincare routine. It is  great for your skin, leaving it soft and refreshed. It will also leave a beautiful, feminine scent.

All you have to do is purchase a bottle or orange blossom water or rosewater (which is not very expensive at all, luckily!) and douse a cotton ball with it. Gently pat your face with it and then use a fresh tissue to remove any excess.

If you would like to opt for a facial mist, you can choose two great options. The first is the Evian Mineral Water Spray (available at drugstores like Walgreens, or some department stores like Nordstrom, as well as online). It  is an incredibly moisturizing and hydrating option for dry skin. Another great thing about it is that it is pH balanced.

The second option is Mario Badescu Facial Mist with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It has a beautiful sweet floral scent to it and can be used at any point in the day.

5. Apply your face cream with a massage

Though you can slather on your day or night cream, it is recommended by French beauties that you apply it by using small massage-like motions. It helps to tone the muscles in your face and makes the skin appear firmer.

Take your time when going through your skincare regimens, and treat it as as relaxing process. This is one of my favorite French beauty secrets. Start at your jawline and the side of your face. Move up to the ears, then up to the cheekbones and temples through to the brows and hairline.

If you come up with a nighttime beauty regimen that you really enjoy, try to make it a habit. By creating a routine for yourself every night before bed, you signal to your body and brain that you are trying to relax for sleep and that you’re trying to wind down. Take your time and cleanse your face, then tone and make sure to moisturize. The massage will be great for tightening skin and relaxing before you go to sleep.

6. Don’t kill yourself at the gym

Don’t kill yourself at the gym

Just watching what you eat, drinking a lot of water and trying to walk about 30 minutes or so each day is enough to keep you in shape. French women have an irrevocable love for life. They try to enjoy every moment of every day right down to mealtime.

Dining in France is an event where you share good food and good company. When trying to follow French beauty secrets, this must be at the top of your list.

Make sure that you enjoy what you are doing each day. Happiness, believe it or not, has a lot to do with beauty. A smile is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear. When you feel good about yourself and what you are doing, then it will show through to everyone around you. If you really enjoy going to the gym, then go for it!

However, don’t feel like you have to kill yourself at the gym and run for miles and miles. A light walk or jog is good for the body. Other workouts like Pilates, barre and yoga are great alternatives to high-impact workouts.

In short, eating well and staying hydrated, as well as taking time to create a day or night regimen that works for you, will give you great skin and an overall polished appearance.

It’s not so much about spending a ton of money in order to stay beautiful, even once we hit signs of aging. It’s more about taking care of yourself from the inside out and making sure you stay happy doing so along the way.

Putting skincare before makeup is surely the key to French girl beauty.

How do these French beauty secrets work for you?

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