5 Beauty Secrets: Tricks and Tips for Fuller and Luscious Lips

Women are often looking for ways to obtain fuller lips that resemble stars such as Angelina Jolie. It may seem challenging, but rest assured that there are ways to get that desired look without resorting to drastic measures. Find out how to achieve more luscious and kissable lips in just a few simple steps.

So many women desire lips that are full and luscious yet so few are knowledgeable about the things they can do to get what they want. Instead they resort to plumping products, lip injections, and even plastic surgery as a quick fix for the problem. However, with just a little investment of time and energy, the lips you want can be yours with little effort or money. Here are the best tips for fuller lips.

#1 Exfoliation

Womans red lips strewed with sugar

Exfoliation not only works to remove dead skin cells and reveal smoother lips, but it also helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation. This in turn leads to fuller and plumper lips. A simple scrub can be made at home using household ingredients to produce the effect. Mix sugar and water until it creates a paste. Rub the mixture on the lips and rinse for lips that are naturally smoother and bigger.

Using a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips is quick and simple. Apply some lip balm or Vaseline to your lips, then gently rub your lips with a dry toothbrush.

#2 Make-Up

Lip liner works to help define the lip area. When aiming for a fuller looking lip, apply the liner a little above your natural lip line and then fill it in with your desired color. This will give the effect that your lips are larger and will also help color from running outside of the lined area.

Learn how to apply lip liner properly and enhance your lips.

#3 Lip Exercises

Lips Exercise For Fuller and Luscious Lips

Here are more tips for fuller lips , and this include


Believe it or not a simple smile can work wonders for your lips and it is probably the easiest method, requiring the least amount of thought. Watch a funny program in order to get your laughs in or just smile a few times throughout the day when you think of it. This will work to strengthen your lip muscles so they don’t sag and help create fuller lips.

Read on and use these 5 easy ways  to whiten your smile.


Kissing is not only exciting, it can aid in creating those luscious lips you want. Pucker up for a few seconds and repeat 10 times or just kiss someone you love multiple times a day. Either way, you are working those lip muscles in order to get a larger pout.


Whistling also works out those lip muscles by helping to keep them firm. Firmer lips mean a fuller and plumper pout that you are sure to be proud of. Whistling for 5-10 seconds for 10 repetitions is a good way to help your lips naturally in your down time.

#4 Essential Oils

Essential oils are great ways to use natural ingredients in order to get the desired full lip look. Many of the lip plumpers sold on the market today contain these ingredients, so why waste money on a product that you’ll buy over and over when you can just access the main ingredients yourself for much cheaper?

Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon helps to stimulate lip capillaries and enhance blood flow which in turn makes lips more plump and rosy. A tiny drop of cinnamon essential oil rubbed on the lips will create a slight tingling sensation (that should fade quickly) that will give you the full lips you desire.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint works in a similar way as cinnamon in that it stimulates the lips and increases blood flow. Just like cinnamon essential oil, a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil can be dabbed on the lips for a refreshing, cooling, and plumping experience.

Learn more about many health advantages of peppermint oil and how to use them.

#5 Hydration and Moisturization

Hydration and Moisturization

Your lips will reflect what you put on them. If you expose your lips to harsh conditions (i.e. wind, sun, or excessive lip licking) without taking the steps to replenish them, it will show itself in shriveled and dry lips.


It is important to nurture the lips from the inside out by staying hydrated (i.e. drinking water) each day. Drink the recommended eight 8 oz glasses of water each day to ensure your body and your lips are being filled.


Taking steps to moisturize your lips regularly will also keep your lips supple and fuller. Try using drops of essential oil on your lip balm or even Vaseline throughout the day. The result will be lips that are healthier, suppler, and plumper.

Before resorting to drastic steps such as fillers or plastic surgery, take a few moments to try a few of these suggestions mentioned above. They are all simple and will make a positive difference in the way your lips look for the better. You may not get lips just like Angelina Jolie, but you’ll notice a difference that may just save you the pain and cost of more significant measures.

Now that you achieved those perfect lips it’s time to use them more. Learn to be a better kisser., coming from a male experience! Here are some surefire tips on how to be a better kisser and a true expert in this field,

Do you have more tips for fuller lips you might want to share with us?

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