How To: Upside Down French Braid Bun

Here is a simple hairstyle that will keep your hair in place, and make you look equally stylish, and sleek, even on hottest summer days (or for an elegant winter party).

I suppose that all you can think about in these long summer days is how to keep your hair off your neck and shoulders, but you are probably getting tired of the usual ponytail, and top knot hairstyles. So, here is a suggestion, try a style that combines your two favorites, a French braid, and a ballerina bun. And yes, now you can look interesting and polished even in the tropical temperatures.

For making the Upside Down French Braid Bun you might want to enlist a help of a friend who’s proficient in French braiding, and it will be fun. But with a few basic hairstyling tools, and a little knowledge in the science of braiding, you can do it on your own. Just follow these simple steps.


  • a brush
  • elastic bands
  • bobby pins
  • bun roll, mousse and hairspray (optionally)

Tip: Keep in mind that your hair will be easier to work with if it’s not freshly washed.

Step 1

Start by gently brushing your hair to remove any knots. As you are probably already well familiar with what your hair needs, this is the best time to apply your usual hairstyling products (like mousse). Also, if you want to, you can gently tease the hair on top of your head to add volume.

Step 2


At this point you should divide your hair by making a part from your left ear across the crown of your head, to the right ear. Secure the top part of your hair with a clip and this should make braiding the lower half easier.

Step 3


Flip your head upside down, and then gently brush the hair again. Start the French braid at the nape of your neck, and braid all the way to the crown of your head. Then secure the hair with an elastic band, and leave the ponytail free.

Step 4

Remove the clip from the top part of your hair. Tie the hair and the ponytail left from the braid together in a high ponytail.

Step 5


Now you make a bun. For this you can use a bun roll. Slide it over your ponytail, arrange your hair around it, and then gently tuck it under the roll, and secure with bobby pins.

Or, you can do it without the bun roll. Just tease your hair a little, then twist it (you can also braid it if you want), and then wrap it around the elastic band. In the end secure it with bobby pins. You can leave a few strands out, if you want, for a messier look.

Step 6

In the end you can spray some hairspray on the brush, and smooth out any frizz.

The beauty of the Upside Down French Braid Bun is that it is versatile, and practical, as it is elegant. You can wear it to the beach, to a party, but also to the office. You can keep it smooth and sleek, or leave a few strands out for a fun, relaxed look. Whatever choice you make, you can’t make a mistake, and you will definitely be noticed wherever you go. Just go on and try it!

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