How to Get Rid of Nits in No Time

Head lice and nits – they are the vicious little pests we’re all too familiar with. Either you remember the dreadful battle with these little creatures when you were a kid yourself or you’re a parent having to go through it again! No matter what the case is we’re here to help you fight them and get rid of them!

Parasites. We hate them don’t we? And if they’re nesting on our children’s hair we hate them even more! But as most moms have found out, you can’t run away from head lice, and, with them, nits. If you have a kid in kindergarten or preschool you’ve most likely dealt with this problem already.

Let’s Face it, it’s Never Easy

You may have even had the misfortune of having to deal with it a couple of times. And it’s never easy. Kids are not that cooperative when you ask them to sit straight while you comb their hair for hours on end. Usually someone else in the family gets them soon after, and before you know it you’ve got an infestation on your hands. And these little pesky creatures are resilient! It’s a pretty stressful to have to deal with. But, as I’ve said – it has to be done.

There are many ways of dealing with head lice and nits, and moms are discovering new ones all the time so you might have come across some weird remedies, such as ‘the hair straightener technique’ while looking for advice on the subject. So, to help you out we’ll break down the life cycle of head lice and their eggs, called nits, and then give you the best tips to get rid of them.

4 Important Facts About Nits

A lot of people aren’t familiar with some head lice facts that might help them deal with the infestation and avoid re-infestation, like these:

1. Female head lice lay eggs (nits) in sacs which stick to individual hairs.

2. A baby head louse then hatches seven to ten days later.

3. Ten to fourteen days later, the baby head louse is ready to have babies of its own.

4. From the time when the egg is laid until the live insect dies is about 33 to 35 days.

Pretty woman in the bathroom washing her hair 3

These facts are important to know because they show that a second treatment and constant combing out sessions are necessary in order to prevent having eggs left in the hair. So, if you don’t get rid of all the nits, they will hatch, and you’ll be at it all over again.

While there are many products available in stores that can help you kill head lice (shampoos, electric combs etc.) the best way to get rid of nits and dead pests is combing them out and dipping them in hot water. You’ll need two treatments, a week or so apart, and lots of combing to get it all out. Make sure that the infestation isn’t resilient to whatever shampoo you’re using. When combing out after washing the hair, look to see whether the lice are in fact dead or at least inactive. If you’re catching several of them moving after you’ve used the shampoo it probably means it’s not working, and any other similar shampoo won’t work either.

What’s recommended when it comes to combing out the little pests and their eggs is using a low cost simple conditioner and putting a generous amount of it on the hair.

Leave it in for five minutes and don’t wash it out. Comb the hair with the regular hair brush the first time, and then continue with the disinfected nit comb. It might be smart to separate the hair into sections and carefully go through each one at a time. After you’re done, rinse out the left over conditioner and disinfect the nit comb again (at water temperature of 60 C or higher).

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  • I hate nits they are so pestering!!! Help me it’s taking so long to get rid of them!!! :(

    • harriet first take half cup of white kitchen vinegar in a bowl , add half cup of water and mix it well. apply this mixture after shampoing your hair and comb your hair with a lice comb. all nits will come off.

    • Hey girl I can help u …I have lots of lice. They’re like about 1000 but I’m lice free now !

  • i hate nits myself they are so pestering and my child is having to have to take it out reguarly and it litterally so embarassing for her to go to school she cries when i take it out with the combs i try gently then it never comes out i have tried everything but litteraly nothing works

  • I am 16 and I have had them for as long as I can remember shampoo won’t work i have no clue what to do they won’t go away! It’s embarrassing and I don’t want to let anyone know or I’ll get bullied some people have noticed them in my hair I have to lie and say ite a fly or something I dont know what to do anymore help?

  • My daughter has a ton of nits and I can’t get them all out I feel very overwhelmed she has long hair and it’s curly. Do I just cut all her hair then do the process? I’ve tried the OTC stuff but there are still so many now my son has it luckily he has thin hair I can get those easy
    Please help

  • Hey! I caught lices from my cousin..she has had tons of those..
    I’m always on combing hair..
    Luckily, I don’t hv much of those n they r removed by combing..

    But what to do for NITS???
    Plz help

  • Have any of you tried the mayonnaise treatnent? This only works after the boys have hatched and are actual moving bugs. However I have sensed learned that you can buy Mayo with vinager in it. So what you do is, saturate your hair in the Mayonnaise it’s so greasy and gross but another your hair and mssaye into the scalp. Then secure a shower cap for adults or older children for young ones use a grocery sack,and secure their hair in a bun or pull up depending on how much hair they have place the sack over their head and secure it all it can stay on for at least 6 hrs up to 8hrs. After time is passed, it’s time to take bag off and let hair down & jump in shower”.”.start rinsing mayo