Men’s Picks: Top 10 Hottest Hairstyles

Hot date? Big night on the town? Educate yourself on HIS favorite styles. This is your one-stop-spot for his hair picks.

Okay ladies. So I scoured the nooks and crannies of the interweb… the dirty forums, the big-time websites, the bristly blogs, the suspecting and unsuspecting social networks… All with the ambition of discovering that golden apple: How do men like it?

Most of the men agreed that in general “long hair” was the way to go, but some men certainly enjoyed mid-length and short do’s, too. After a lot of thought, I had to narrow the results based on practicality, as not every woman looks shagadellic with a shaved head with a bright pink Chelsea bang. Obviously, an outlandishly beautiful woman can pull off almost any haircut.

And the results are in. Get your platinum-series, ionic hair straighteners out ladies, heat up those curlers and start sharpening your scissors. I have the ten sexiest hairstyles (according to men).

1. Cheerleader ponytail

Inspiration: Sexy school girls.

A slightly messy pony tail with healthy hair bouncing with each stride screams confidence. Not only is it incredibly easy, but relatively risk-free. No need to chop off layers of hair or dye anything, just pull it back.

Celebrities like Hillary Duff, Jessica Alba and Heather Grahm not only rock their ponies on a day-to-day basis, but love the elegant ease of the ‘do on the red carpet. Add a front bump to make the look more glamorous for evening events.

Men love the cheerleader ponytail because it brings them back to their high-school years, when sex was on their noggin 24/7. The ponytail screams confidence and athleticism, two qualities that men adore.

When the hair is pulled back, the neck, face and shoulders are all accented – which are erogenous zones (hey, your face can be erogenous!). In addition, the whole “handlebars” thing is a real turn-on for men.

The idea of bumping pretties and grabbing the pony is a latent thought that will never dissipate. 

2. Long, wavy hair with bangs


Uber-feminine. Inspiration? The 70’s: long, tressled hair, sweet and bouncy.

Think Angelina Jolie, Sienna Miller, Zooey Deschanel and Jessica Alba from SinCity.

The allure? The super girly long-hair. The waves give the hair a sort-of bedhead look that screams sex. Men love a little imperfection, as natural beauty outweighs stiff, over-thought-out style any day of the decade.

And what’s the deal with the bangs? Why – mystery of course. Those bangs outline and frame the face while still covering a bit of skin. Think lingerie – show some of it, but not all of it.

Men love the eyes, aka the gateway to the soul, which pop because of the surrounding hair.

3. Healthy hair with layers

Inspiration: simplicity.

Men love hair that they can run their fingers through. Smooth, silky, bouncy and full of vivacity. Most men agree that shoulder length hair is the perfect length.

This style of hair was actually described as “girlfriend hair,” as it conveys a certain amount of professionalism while not downplaying the femininity of the woman.

This type of hairstyle is versatile and can be amped up on weekends to look sultry or straightened to look business-friendly. Think Cameron Diaz, Nicole Ritchie, Lauren Conrad,  Selena Gomez and Eva Longoria.

4. Asymmetrical bedhead bob


Inspiration: earthy beauty.

Think Victoria Beckham’s signature bob, grown out and rustled through. The amazing thing about this cut is that it’s wonderful for summer heat and is relatively low maintenance. You can literally wake up- throw a bit of paste or pomade in your hair, ruffle it up and be done.

This cut looks amazing with earthy tones and flowing fabrics. Men love natural beauty and the sex-appeal of bedhead, plus, it is that perfect middle-line barrier between short and medium-length hair. The look conveys an afternoon of romping in the sheets.

Celebrities like Maggie Gylenhall, Ashley Olson and Scarlette Johanson have sexafied these classic do’s.

5. Cleopatra hair

Inspiration: exotic nostalgia.

Who can forget the timeless beauty of Elizabeth Taylor? This look is all about silky, pin-straight locks. It might be the modern rendition of the traditional bowl-cut, minus the effortlessness of the plastic bowl. The cut should be completely straight- all around with straight, long bangs.

Men find this medium-length haircut extremely sexy, as the cut is often associated with exotic queens and goddesses. Celebrities like Katie Holmes, Katy Perry and Christina Ricci love this come-hither cut.

6. Colored hair


Inspiration? The Suicide Girls.

Nothing has exploded in the media quite like hue-drenched hair. And in case you are wondering who the Suicide Girls are- they’re a pop-culture phenomenon that has been featured in press like People magazine, MTV Italy, The Rolling Stone and Wired.

They have fetishized the classic 50’s pinup and spun it out of the wash with all sorts of unexpected colors and hair-motifs.

Men love the semi-rebellious allure of these classic, yet steamy sex vixens. Go Pepto pink or fire-engine red, two colors that seem to leave men’s tongues’ flailing out of their jaws like lost puppies. Who framed Roger Rabbit? You did of course.

Naming celebrities that are trying this would be quite redundant, because they pretty much all are? Oh well, we’ve got Lauren Conrad, Katy Perry, Rihanna and even Lady Gaga to even the “coolness” roster. And with so many colors to choose from this season – why not?

7. Pin-straight, shiny locks

Inspiration: The 60’s. Free children of the Earth rejoice!

Super straight, clean and healthy hair never goes out of style and is appropriate for all occasions. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Gwenyth Paltrow keep it simple with the natural beauty emanated by their lustrous strands.

Men love this style of hair because, primally speaking, clean and healthy hair is a sign of overall health. Much like the large hips of a woman, the clean and long hair sends the “good to mate” signal to men. The shine (a natural result of healthy hair) is a subconscious sign of vitality.

8. Pumped up, voluminous hair


Inspiration: Playboy.

No matter what the year, this is a style that never seems to go out. Men absolutely fawn over the glamorized, ultra-stylized big-hair. Sex-kitten, smitten bunnies. Seduction is in the hair.

The look brings men back to their younger, boyish years when sneaking a peek at their father’s secret stash of Playboys or a Hustlers made them squirm. The effect still lingers. Men see the hair and think sex… Sex… SEX! Think Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian and Eva Mendez.

9. Low-profile pigtails

Inspiration: Pippy!

Pigtails that are secured halfway down the head and facing back (no- don’t get too pigtally on us, that’s a style reserved for children under the age of seven) are a stylish way to say “Hey, I might be in my twenties but I’m certainly no old lady!” Feel free to braid it, tangle it or whatever else you might wanna do!

Celebrities like Adriana Lima, Kim Kardashian and, well, pretty much every porn star that you’ve seen have made the pigtails a signature sexy staple.

Men love pigtails because, once again, it’s the whole handlebars thing, except, front-wise. This immediately makes men think of sex, as they relate pigtails to porn and porn-stars. Wearing the pigtails also looks cute and innocent, traits that men also adore.

10. Sleek bun

Inspiration: ballerina.

Hair – get out of my face! The sleek ballerina bun is easy, clean and refined. It pairs well with a number of outfits and looks superb for evening events.

Celebrities like Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Jessica Parker have been known to get bunned up for the red-carpet.

Men love the timeless sex-appeal of the sleek bun because it reminds them of those prissy, smart and sometimes nerdy girls in school (the ones that they secretly fantasized about).

All they wanna do is rip out that hair-tie and go straight to Funky Town. Much like any other up-do, the sleek bun highlights the neck and shoulders, two areas that men find super sexy.

Big night on the town? Recently single? A hot date? Don’t worry about Cosmo’s top 5 for dates, or whatever you read. Instead, focus on the primal desires of the one who you’re trying to impress…

So, what’s your inspiration?

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