How to Remove Split Ends With Candle Treatment

New methods are breaking into the hair world, the latest being removing split ends with a candle. Although this may sound shocking, it’s been proven to be an effective method for removing split ends without cutting your hair.

“Use a candle to get rid of split ends.” Umm, you're joking, right? Well, that must mean they're going to use the candle wax in some crafty way to completely transform my hair back to its beautifully moisturized state. Right??


This method of getting rid of split ends involves using the actual flame of a candle. Your stylist will be setting your locks aflame, so to speak. There will be flames several inches from your head. I know you want to exit article immediately, but ladies bear with me here.

What is Velaterapia?

how to remove split ends with candle

There certainly is a huge misconception about Velaterapia, so let's look a little deeper. You've probably never heard of it before, and you've definitely never witnessed it happening (unless of course, you're following Barbara Fialho or Alessandria Ambrosio, both of which have recently posted about this split end treatment). But really, it's nothing new.

This unique and extravagant process for getting rid of split ends without cutting have actually been going on in South America since the 1960s, only recently traveling up to hairstylists in the United States not too long ago, and for good reason too.

Why should you consider removing split ends with candle treatment?

It may sound slightly insane to take a lit candle to your mane, but if you're struggling with split ends and you absolutely do NOT want to lose inches, aside from at home remedies for split ends, what else is a girl to do? Sometimes it's best to leave it to a professional and let them do their magic to fix split ends.

Is it safe?

You're probably dying to know the process of removing split ends using a candle; I mean by this point you must be absolutely enthralled (and perhaps a little petrified). Is it safe? Well, when you're working with a professional stylist that knows what they are doing, then yes. If you're breaking out your favorite scented candle at home and attempting to rid the dead ends of your mane with an open flame, then absolutely not. Seriously ladies- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

How to remove split ends with candle: Step 1

how to remove split ends with candle

What you will need to do is find a reputable stylist who is well experienced at the candle treatment for split ends. Depending on your hair length, it will cost approximately $150-$200 per session and will be about an hour or two long (although both may differ depending on the stylist you choose).

They will begin the process by taking a small section of hair and twisting it. This will make the split ends stand out and be easily spotted. Next, your stylist will run the flame of the candle up and down the middle to ends of your hair shaft, singing off any split ends in its track. They will treat this process until your mane is completely free of split ends.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, not really, but to the professional, it's a cinch and singing is a breeze. But do remember: your hair won't look magically lustrous right away, and there may even be a few pieces on the very ends that are slightly burnt; these ends had no hope in the first place and your best bet IS to remove those lifeless scrounges of nothingness. HOWEVER! The good news is at this point you will reach phase two of your candlelit split end treatment.

How to remove split ends with candle: Step 2

how to remove split ends with candle


If you didn't know by now, heat opens up the cuticles of the hair; and with the direct flame going straight down your hair shaft, you gotta believe your hair is being opened up the fullest. At this point, your stylist will deep condition your hair. Doing so with the hair follicle being so wide open will ensure it receives the most moisture from the conditioner as humanly possible.

Your stylist will leave this conditioner on your locks for around ten minutes, and may even put you under the hair dryer to ensure the utmost absorption of the conditioner.

How to remove split ends with candle: Final Step

how to remove split ends with candle

After the deep conditioning treatment, your stylist will then wash your hair with COLD water to “lock in” and “seal” the conditioner in your strands, so to speak. They will trim and style like usual, and leave you with hair that's reinvigorated, strong, and shiny. You will be surprised how healthy your hair looks AND feels, and stylists recommend getting this treatment done once every 2-3 months (but no more than that, as that can harm the hair).

The Downside to Burning Split Ends with Candle

Sounds like a magical treatment, doesn't it? Well, there's one downside to getting rid of split ends with a candle: the smell. Have you ever smelt burnt hair? It's awful. Absolutely awful. But if you want to get rid of split ends without cutting, it may be something you can put up with so you never lose your length.

Velaterapia is certainly a unique technique that’s hitting the hair world by storm. By finding a reputable stylist who is experienced in removing split ends with a candle, you can enjoy hair that is long, strong, and almost completely split-end free.

What do you think of this candle treatment for split ends? Have you done it? Share your thoughts and stories with us.

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  • Back in the 50’s, a local barber used, what he referred to as a singeing stick, to burn my split ends. I was in high school then and he has sinced passed away. I Googled ‘singeing’ and was led to this site. He used what I would describe as a marcel curling iron, but without the phart that clamps the hair. My hair looked and felt great. I did a search, five or more years ago, and found one gentleman who uses a singeing stick. I think he lives in Kentucky or Tennessee. It’s well worth the trip. If you decide to do this at home, please don’t use an open flame. Try using a curling iron. Use the type that you wrap your hair around. Good Luck!