The Ultimate Guide To Side Swept Wedding Hair

Besides the wedding dress and makeup, finding the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day might be tricky. Side swept wedding hairstyle might be perfect for you.

With all the new trends and endless options, it can be easy for the bride to get lost in the maze of wedding hairstyles, but there is a true classic that can be the perfect choice if you are looking for something modern and elegant at the same time – side swept wedding hair.

In the past few years, the side swept hair trend has been unstoppable both on bridal runways and on red carpets, and we can absolutely understand why. Not sure how to style it? Here are our top picks from the traditional princess style to edgy and minimal!

Not sure how to style it? Here are our top picks from the traditional princess style to edgy and minimal!

Braided side swept wedding hair

side swept wedding hair

Who says you can’t have fun with a side swept hairdo? Simple braids are such wedding classics, and they can easily take a regular hairstyle to the next level.

Adding a few braided sections to the side swept waves will create an interesting twist and will show more of your face, so you won’t have to be bothered with locks getting into your face during the big day.

Choose one from the endless options of braiding techniques, such as the French braid, the lace braid or a unique ladder or feather technique and get creative!

Old Hollywood glam

side swept wedding hair

Probably still one of the most popular wedding hairstyles is side swept, loose locks. Besides creating a very voluminous effect, this hairstyle also frames the face beautifully and emphasizes the natural characteristics of the face while channelling the old Hollywood red carpet glamour – who could ask for more?

If you are having a vintage or a very classical wedding with a mermaid silhouette or sweetheart neckline dress, we definitely encourage you to give these big, gorgeous locks a try!

Sleek and straight side swept hair

side swept wedding hair

Although it’s a pretty unique choice for a wedding, straight hair can look extremely elegant and sleek with a princess silhouette wedding dress.

The secret of the side swept straight hair is to make it extra shine and long lasting with a keratin infused gloss spray and keep it in place with strong bobby pins, so you can avoid your hair flying everywhere.

This hairstyle works the best with longer hair, and if you fell in love with this sleek hairdo but feel like a simple straight hair would be too simple for your wedding day, simply add a pair of bold earrings to your look.

Side swept hair into a bun

side swept wedding hair

This has to be one of my personal favourite wedding hairstyles ever – buns are the ultimate classy hairdos for any event (especially for a wedding), but with the side twist, it’s just the right amount of messy and sleek.

To achieve this look, comb all your hair to one side and can either create a straight, slicked back or a twisted, more vintage inspired bun.

You can also mix different techniques, such as add in a small braid or a minimalist flower crown for a shabby chic effect.

Beachy side swept waves

side swept wedding hair

Hello mermaid! If you are looking for something more youthful and would still prefer wavy hair, go for the beachy waves side swept hair.

Unlike the loose, perfect “old Hollywood glam” curls, this hairstyle is more on the playful side with a messy edge, but still has a feminine vibe to it, so it’s a match made in heaven with a boho chic wedding dress or a beach wedding.

For the long-lasting, true wavy and a slightly messy result, don’t forget to use sea salt spray to give your hair enough texture and volume to hold the waves throughout the day.

Flower power

side swept wedding hair

Feel like a forest fairy at your big day by wearing a gorgeous flower crown on top of your side swept locks! This look can work with straight, wavy and even with braided hair – the little flower details are just a subtle touch to perfect your hairdo, but this detail can make a huge difference.

I know, flower crowns can be easily associated with the old festival trend and fake, huge pink flowers, but there are still gorgeous flower crowns on Etsy, whether you are looking for a real one or a very detailed, beautiful fake one.

For your big day, we would recommend a white, lavender or baby pink or daisy flower crown that is elegant and isn’t too overwhelming, but if you are I the mood for a pop of colour, be brave and experiment!

It’s all about the details

If you are still not completely sure about what hairstyle to pick (and trust us, you are not alone with it), take a second to think about other details that might help you find your match, such as the accessories, the makeup, the dress and even the wedding style and decoration.

Once you think about the style of the other details, deciding on the hair will be way easier. Make sure to harmonize everything and take care of accessories such as earrings and hair clips as well.

Inspiration from the red carpet

side swept wedding hair

Haven’t find the perfect hair yet? Get your inspiration from the red carpet from celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, and Heidi Klum!

Do it yourself?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on hairdressers and stylists to get your dream wedding hair. With a few must have hair styling products, you can easily recreate any hairstyle and have a flawless result!

Whichever hairstyle you decide to create, don’t forget bobby pins, and extra-hold, but light hairspray (that will make your hair stay in place all day without pulling down your hair or make it greasy throughout the day) and perfumed dry shampoo for quick touch ups.

For straight hair, use a gloss cream or spray for a super shiny and sleek effect, for big, loose curls, grab your favourite volumizing hair mousse, and if you fell in love with the beachy waves, apply a texturizing sea salt spray to your locks.

Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!