How To Become A Bronze Goddess (Without Baking In The Sun)

During the summertime, are you always after that bronze glow? If you’re looking to be a tanned goddess without the harmful rays of the sun, check out our sunless tanning tips.

In the summertime, thousands, if not millions, of people hit sandy shores so they can get that covetable tanned glow and bronzed skin. Depending on how fair your skin is, getting the exact tan you want can leads to hours and HOURS of baking in the sun.

While we’re fooled into thinking that we’re in the clear with sunscreen and sun block, those products are meant for regular outdoor use rather than direct sunlight.

While some are convinced that regular tanning is the only way to go, here are a few tips to getting a long and SAFE tanned look.


woman tanning

Not only should exfoliators be a regular part of regular skin care routines, but they’re a key solution to making sure you get a tan that’s going to last as long as possible. If you have dead skin resting on the surface, using a tanning oil or product might be a waste of time. This could lead to tanning the dead skin which can easily rub off at most signs of friction.

In order to capture a longer tan, exfoliating the skin will help to make sure that the tanner is coming in contact with your most superficial layer of skin, and it will keep your skin looking bright and feeling smooth!

1 Exfoliators

This Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator is a great soft exfoliator that can also be used on the face to get rid of rough, dry, and dead skin. If you’re a fan of a harsher exfoliator for the body, Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Scrub is a popular product for its variety of scents as well as the large grains of sugar.


Although you shouldn’t shave 24 hours before tanning because this could lead to skin irritation, shaving two days before tanning can definitely help a tan last longer. If the areas where you’re tanning are covered with hair, this will make it harder for the self-tanner to completely penetrate to the skin!

No Tan Zone

If you’ve ever seen hands with remnants of self-tanner on them, it’s not a pretty look. A way to avoid this is by using latex gloves to apply a self-tanner. Often times the problem comes into play when we don’t completely wash the self-tanner off of our hands which will lead to orange hands the next morning.

When self-tanning the face, a great way to protect areas like the eyebrows is with Vaseline. Tanning lotions can change the color of the hair, especially if they are a light color. In order to prevent this, putting a layer of Vaseline on the eyebrows will help protect them from being saturated with whatever tanning product you use.

Getting That Spray Tan (Body)

Now, the biggest part of getting a sunless tan is with a tanning product. This first option is a Bronzing Body Mist that can be applied to the whole body for a natural-looking glow. This tanner has macadamia and sweet almond oils that help give the skin a radiant look. The Hampton Sun Airbrush Bronzing Body Mist is a quick, temporary solution that is easily washed off when necessary.

The Vita Liberta Fabulous Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion is a great option for a longer tan. This product can last up to 7 days with the proper prep and maintenance of the skin while tanning. This tanning lotion comes in 3 shades to help create a medium, dark, or rich tan for the wearer.

Getting That Spray Tan (Face)

3 Spray Tan (Body)

While many self-tanners out there might think that all tanning products are created equal, this is not the case. Tanning products for your face will differ from the body because the skin is more sensitive.

The Sephora Collection Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water is a fool-proof way to getting a flawless facial tan. This lightweight formula is meant to be applied daily until you achieve the look you want. After daily application, the skin will gain its color within 24 hours, and if you’re looking for an even deeper bronzed glow, simply apply the product daily until you achieve the desired result.

If you’re not only going for a healthy tan, but healthy skin as well, the Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self-Tanning Face Oil is an ideal product. Not only does this product give the skin a natural sun-kissed glow, but the argan oil will help hydrate the skin which will add to the beauty of your new tan.

Post-Tan Moisturizer

One thing that most tanners don’t know is that dry skin helps get rid of a tan quicker than anything else. Clarins After Sun Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer will help the skin stay beautiful and hydrated. Meant to be applied after a day of tanning in this sun, this self-tanner will give your skin even more hydration and help add to the glow.

While regular moisturizers are great for keeping your tan long-lasting, summer is about having a little fun in the sun, so why not protect your skin while you’re at it? The Origins Perfect World Defense Moisturizer will not only keep your tan glowing for days after you applied it, but the SPF 25 will help protect your skin on your days in the sun.

If you’re planning on being a bronzed beauty, these selfless tanning tips will have everyone thinking you were lying out on a sandy shore. The amazing thing about sunless tanning is that you can keep the bronzed goddess look going long into the fall and winter.

In the comments below, let us know what kind of tips you have when it comes to tanning. What kind of products do you use? Share the info so we can all be beautifully bronzed!


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