How To Make Your Own Spa Day At Home

Women deserve to look and feel good. With these spa day at home ideas and treatments, you can do both without breaking the bank.

Having an at home spa day, whether it’s for a big date, party, night out with the girls or we just want to treat ourselves, is a great idea. Feeling pampered or spoiled can easily be achieved at home instead of paying a lot of money at a spa, which doesn’t even cover everything we want to get done.

With these spa day at home tips and tricks, you’ll be ready for anything and feel like a queen!

1. Get the pain over with

Female depilated legs slice of wax

Treating ourselves involves some hairy business, and, let’s face it, looking good can hurt at times. First things first, you can buy at home waxing strips, hair removal creams or other products along with a trusted razor and tweezers.

All of these work for whatever the task at hand is. In reality, this is the part of your beauty regimen that you don’t talk about too often despite every women shaving, waxing and tweezing various parts of their bodies to be free of unwanted hair.

An at-home spa day doesn’t necessarily entail this, but if you’re planning on going out for a night of fun, it would be a good idea to do this. If you’re staying in and just want to feel pampered, this is still nice to do as looking better will make you feel like a superstar who is ready to take on anything.

2. Hair

Treat yourself to some new shampoo or hair products, maybe even change your color for a new look to change things up. If you don’t feel like a color change, then skip that part and treat yourself to a hair mask.

That’s right a hair mask. It seems like it will weigh your hair down and make it heavy and even oily, but it has the opposite effect. My all-time favorite is a hair mask that has Moroccan Argan Oil. Instructions differ based on the product, but this one is simple and effective.

All you have to do is shampoo your hair then rub the shampoo consistency of product that is the hair mask for 8 minutes and wash it out and you’re done—no conditioner, no other products needed.

When you comb your hair out, it will feel amazing, bouncy, soft, airy and the cleanest it’s ever been in your life, not to mention that it will smell amazing.

If you’re going out, feel free to put all your hair products in and put it up if you want. You can also straighten, curl or do whatever your signature style is, and it won’t damage your hair as much or make your hair feel as stiff from the hair product all due to the hair mask.

3. Face

Spa Woman applying Facial clay Mask

We all buy various moisturizers, exfoliates and creams—you know, the works. However, for your at-home spa day, wash your face with a face cleanser we all have and put on a face mask.

There are numerous face masks, such as oil removing mud face masks made with tea tree oil, a nourishing mud face mask made with cocoa and shea butter, an anti-aging face mask made with synthetic snake venom.

Of course, there’re also hydrating face masks made from sweet almond oil and vitamin A, and the detoxifying face mask, which is a French clay mask.

Each mask requires a certain amount of time, and I guarantee that whichever face mask you use for your at-home spa day, it will deliver on the purpose it was intended for.

They all make your face feel ridiculously smooth and clean. You’ll notice the difference in how your skin feels even when wearing makeup.

4. Feet

Ladies, this actually matters as you never know when you’ll end up with your socks, heels, flats or sandals off. There are various products to keep your feet in perfect shape with no dry skin, but a warming foot balm made with avocado and sweet almond oil feels amazing and helps to exfoliate your feet.

This is amazing to do on your at-home spa day to eliminate dry skin or just to make your feet feel amazing after being on them all day.

5. Nails

Woman painting her nails with red nail polish

It’s a spa day, so of course your nails are going to get done! Either buy a new trending color—such as a red, light blue, pink-purple, deep lush purple or sea green—or use some of your favorites.

Painting your nails, as remedial it is, will always make you feel put together and will make you feel more confident. An at-home spa day isn’t a spa day without getting your nails done.

At-home spa days are a must for every woman to feel like a queen without the high costs of a spa. It not only makes you feel pampered, but is always a great idea to do before going out when you want to your looks to do the talking for you.

If you’re staying in, this at-home spa day is a great way to just kick back, relax and take care of yourself. Maybe even get a bath bomb, and enjoy the beautiful colors in your tub.

If you have any more ideas for items that are a must for at-home spa days, feel free to share them below.

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