What Your Favorite Nail Polish Color Says About You

Whether you are a baby pink kind of girl, or the edgy dark purple kind, the nail polish you choose for your weekly mani/pedi actually speaks volumes about your personality.

Ever wonder why you choose the colors you do for a mani/pedi? Why do you always go for a vibrant yellow or blue or keep it classic with a bold red? No matter what your nail color choice is, the color you choose actually says a lot about your personality!

So much, in fact, that Paintbox manicurist Gerry Holdord believes that there is a certain psychology to the nail colors we choose. I’ve broken down some popular colors for you! Read on to see why you choose the color(s) you do!

Baby pink

Essie Fiji
Essie Fiji

Feminine, clean and calm. You’re a girly girl—as feminine as they get! You tend to shy away from being the center of attention and have a motherly tendency to your friends. You’re the person people go to to feel comforted. For this color, try Essie’s Fiji.


OPI Big apple red
OPI Big apple red

Classic and bold, you’re a classy, poised lady who loves a timeless look, but also likes to stand out in a crowd. You have the personality to be daring and dramatic. For this color, try OPI’s Big Apple Red.


OPI Linkoln park after dark
OPI Linkoln park after dark

Edgy, creative and daring, dark nails aren’t meant just for the rock and roll type. It’s also for creative individuals. You’re a designer, writer or musician who isn’t afraid to try something daring and edgy.

For this color, OPI’s Black Onyx or OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark (deep purple, but appears black on nails).


OPI Pamplona purple
OPI Pamplona purple

Purple has always been associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power and ambition. You tend to live in a fantasy world and love the best of everything.

Because of that, people tend to think you are a bit eccentric, but a princess needs to rock her tiara, right! For this color, try OPI’s Pamplona Purple.


China Glaze Flip flop fantasy
China Glaze Flip flop fantasy

You have such a fun, energetic and vibrant personality. You aren’t afraid to try new things or new colors, such as a vibrant orange, an electric blue or neon yellow for your mani/pedi.

For this color, try China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy, Nubar’s Serbert or Julie G’s Cabana Boy.


Essie Bikini so teeny
Essie Bikini so teeny

Peaceful, tranquil and calm are just some of the feelings associated with blues. You are a very tranquil and zen person. Nothing really upsets you, so you always seem to be the person others come to for advice. For this color, try Essie’s Bikini so teeny.


Neutral, but stylish, grey is also a new modern chic color. You are a very trendy individual as well as an edgy, but in a subdued way.

You do not want to have a loud, vibrant color, but you also want to be noticed, and a gorgeous gray mani will help achieve that! For this color, try Butter London’s Ta Ta! and Pop of Color’s Pajamas.


Sexy and chic, this is the modern day classic color. You’re a stylish individual. You stand out in a crowd and enjoy a rich color such as deep wine color. For this color, try OPI’s Malaga Wine.


RGB Doll
RGB Doll

You’re low maintenance and always on the run! You juggle a lot of roles within your family, from carpool to soccer practice and everything in between.

You don’t want to sport a colorless nail, but bright or bold colors just aren’t your thing with your hectic life. You want a subtle, barely there color that matches your ponytailed, legging-wearing self. For this color, try RGB Cosmetics in Doll.


You are a practical, down-to-earth person who is kind, generous and compassionate others. For this color, try Pop of Color Cash Money.

Hot pink

OPI Strawberry margarita
OPI Strawberry margarita

You are a very friendly and approachable individual who sees the good in everyone. You’re feminine and trendy. For this color, try OPI’s Strawberry Margarita.


OPI Alpine snow
OPI Alpine snow

You are a neat, confident and poised individual. You like the look of a crisp, clean manicure and white reflects you perfectly! For this color, try OPI’s Alpine Snow.


If gold is your color of choice, you enjoy standing out in a crowd. You most likely are someone who likes the best quality in everything. There’s nothing wrong with that. Flaunt your flashy, shiny manicured hands, girl! For this color, try OPI’s All Sparkly and Gold.


You are the creative type! You are a lot of fun, always up for trying new things and are extremely spontaneous. You’re the type of person others want to be around. For this color, try Revlon’s Silver Screen.

Next time you are at the salon and choosing a color for your mani/pedi, you’ll know why you choose a bold red color or a fresh, clean baby pink as your color choice!

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