The Ultimate Beauty Must-Have: 25 Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline has been around for over a century and it is one of the most beloved beauty products of all time. It truly is the ultimate multitasking product. If you’ve only got one thing in your bag, make it Vaseline! And, they don’t pay us to say that. In fact, any petroleum jelly will do.

Before we kick off the list, here’s a fun fact. Sir Robert Chesebrough, the inventor of Vaseline, was petroleum jelly’s first die-hard fan. Chesebrough, a chemist, patented the idea way back in 1872 but it wasn’t selling. Rather than sit back and wait, he hit the streets of New York. To get people interested, he used to go in front of an audience and burn his skin with fire and acid.

Of course, he’d use Vaseline to soothe his traumatized skin then he’d pass out free samples to everyone so they could try his wonder product. In fact, Chesebrough was so enamored with Vaseline, he claimed that he ate a spoonful of it every morning.

We most definitely don’t recommend eating Vaseline but you can do just about anything else with it!

Here’s a list of our top 25 favorite uses for the miracle cream.

1. Smell Great All Day


Want your perfume to last all day? Add some vaseline before you spray it on! Rub a spot onto your skin then spray your beloved fragrance over it. Vaseline is scent-free so it won’t affect the smell but the perfume will adhere to the Vaseline and stay there for hours.

To get some bonus time, avoid spraying perfume on your wrists. Between handwashing and just rubbing against your sleeve, it wears off too fast. Go for your ankles, the nape of your neck, or at your cleavage to make the scent linger longer.

2. Extend Your Haircut

Overdue for a haircut? Vaseline has your back! Add a tiny tab to the ends of your hair to gloss over any split ends. It’ll leave your hair looking sleek and flawless. Be careful though! Less is definitely more in this case. You don’t want to get your hair too oily so start out with a very small amount then add more if you need to.

3. Achieve Highlighted Perfection

Vaseline works just as well as any highlighter. In fact, it can look more natural than many overly shimmery creams and powders. Just add a thin swipe over your cheek and brow bones for the perfect dewy glow. This is especially helpful for anyone trying to learn contouring. Rather than agonizing over how to perfectly blend the contouring cream and the highlighter, replace your highlighter with Vaseline.

4. Get that Goddess Glow


Don’t let your glow stop at your face! If you’re wearing a skirt or a sleeveless shirt, make your whole body glow. Add a thin layer to your skin for a shimmery finish. If you’re feeling ambitious and you have a broken bronzer palette, create the ultimate swimsuit model sheen. Mix the bronzer in with your Vaseline and do a rubdown.

5. Look Alright When You’re Sick

If you are dealing with a running nose, add some Vaseline around your nostrils. It’ll keep the area hydrated and prevent that red, peeling look that comes from blowing your nose too much.

6. Banish Chub Rub

Do your thighs rub together when you wear a skirt or shorts? Stop that miserable irritation before it starts! Rub a thin layer of Vaseline between your thighs for an easy glide. This is especially great if you’re a runner and dealing with all over the place chaffing.

7. Soothe a Nasty Sunburn


Hope you learned your lesson about sunscreen! Since you can’t turn back time, use some Vaseline to keep your sunburn under control. It’s soothing and it’ll lock in your skin’s moisture to prevent peeling.

8. Get a Professional Looking Dye Job

If you’re trying to pass as a natural redhead or black haired beauty, add some Vaseline to your hairline before you start the coloring process. A thin layer around your face and on your neck will prevent any dye drips from also dyeing your skin. Once you’ve rinse out the dye, just rub the Vaseline away for a flawless finish.

9. Clean Up Your Mess

vaseline as a makeup remover

Fall asleep with your makeup on again? Vaseline can wipe away makeup stains! Be careful with the type of fabric that you use it on but if you’ve got stains on a standard cotton pillowcase or around the collar of a cotton shirt, go for it! Add a little Vaseline over the stain then wipe away with a damp cloth.

10. Clean Your Paint Clothes

Vaseline is great for cleaning up paint too. If you missed that “Wet Paint” sign, don’t worry! Put Vaseline over a dried paint stain and it will make it wet again. Dab away as much of the paint as you can then follow up with spirits or turpentine for any remaining stain. While spirits and turpentine on their own can create a smudged mess, the Vaseline will let you remove the excess beforehand so it’ll wipe clean.

11. Stay Hydrated

Vaseline is an amazing moisturizer. It’s much cheaper than any facial moisturizer around and it does the job just as well. Don’t worry about breakouts either! Vaseline is non comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores.

12. Master the Nail Arts

blue nail polish and vaseline

Remember all of those inspiring nail art pics that you have sitting on your Pinterest? No matter how easy they look in the tutorial, they are going to be a total mess when you actually try to do them. But fear not! Put away that overconfidence and prepare for disaster.

Choose your favorite nail art design then cover your cuticles (and maybe even the better part of your fingertip) in Vaseline. Once your skin is covered in Vaseline, go crazy with it! The nail polish won’t stick to your skin so you don’t have to worry about mistakes. Once your done or ready to admit defeat, simply wipe away the Vaseline and you’ll have clean skin underneath.

13. Banish Dry Cuticles

Looking for a simple manicure? Add a touch of Vaseline to your hand then massage it over each fingernail. It works just as well as cuticle cream and will leave your nails looks freshly cleaned.

14. The Ultimate Pedicure

Want a foot treatment that is both cheap and easy? Here’s one that you can do in your sleep! Add a layer of Vaseline to your feet then cover them up with socks. Your feet with be as smooth as a baby’s in the morning! If you need a serious pedicure, this will make the process much easier too. Once your skin is well hydrated, it’s much easier to exfoliate away the dry skin and deal with cuticles.

15. Dump the Clear Mascara


Got an extra mascara wand or spoolie brush lying around? If you do, you’ve got some dirt cheap clear mascara ready to go! Dip your wand into a little bit of Vaseline then over your lashes to create a thick glossy look or add a touch to your eyebrows to make them look groomed and sleek.

16. Find a Use for Broken Cosmetic Palettes

Dropped your eyeshadow pallette again? Make a cream eyeshadow! Rather than dealing with messy palettes, add a little Vaseline and start fresh. Beauty supply stores have great storage containers or you can go DIY with a contact lense case or pill box.

17. Get Creative

On top of just fixing broken palettes, you can use Vaseline to create your own makeup. The world is your oyster with a little Vaseline and some loose pigment. Play with different shades to make something perfect for you. Design your own eyeshadow or blush shade. Stock up on some black and white eyeshadow for maximum versatility. Try blending shades to see what you like then add black or white to make it lighter or darker.

18. Make Your Shoes New Again


Are your shoes looking a little scuffed? Buff them out with some Vaseline! In fact, it’s great on anything leather so get all of your bags, boots, and shoes looking like new again.

19. Get a Masterful Faux Tan

There are few things more frustrating than a steaky, obvious fake tan. Even if you’ve got a great color going, it’s just embarrassing to walk around with tan and white lines all over. To get a perfect faux tan, use some Vaseline on the areas where you tend to get lines.

It’s great around your hairline because it’ll allow you to go over your entire face without worrying about staining your hair (perfect for the “tanned” blondes!).Also, use some Vaseline over your elbows, ankles, and knees.

Self-tanning cream tends to get stuck in the nooks and crannies there but Vaseline will take care of it! Add a very thin layer to each spot before you apply your faux tanner and it’ll prevent the cream from drying into streaks.

20. Remove Makeup on the Go

If you’re travelling, it’s good to only bring the essentials. Obviously a little tub of Vaseline will go a long way so make that a staple in your makeup bag. If you’re spending the night away from home, just use a little bit to remove your eye makeup. It’ll take off even the toughest waterproof formulas. Use a dab then wipe it all away with a tissue. Once you’ve wiped away the excess, leave a bit of Vaseline around your eyes. It works just as well as nighttime eye cream.

21. Remove the Falsies and Keep Your Lashes

Vaseline is also great for heavy duty makeup removal. False lashes are particularly tricky to remove and yanking can leave you with sore skin around your eyes and a few missing lashes. If you’re ready to take off your falsies, add some Vaseline to your lash line then wait a couple of minutes. Let the Vaseline soak into the glue. Once its set, the lashes will easily pull away.

22. Slide Your Earrings In


Did you know that you can get your ears pierced for free at the mall? I did this when I was a teenager and I walked out for faux diamond studs in my newly pierced ears for only $20! Unfortunately, the 16 year old behind the counter was about as experienced in piercing ears as you might expect.

Now, I live life with crooked little holes in my ears and earrings never, ever just slide in. I hope this doesn’t sound familiar but if it does reach for the Vaseline! Rub a little bit over your ear then lube up the earring and it’ll slide right in! Be careful to use it very sparingly though or you could wind up with incredibly greasy ears and hair.

23. Slide Your Jewelry Off

Dealing with swollen hands after a long, hot day? Add a layer of Vaseline to your finger and your rings will glide right off. This is especially great for bangle bracelets too. It’s not always easy to find the right size bangle. If you’re wearing a tighter bangle, add a very thin coat to your hand and the bracelet will glide right up.

24. Exfoliate Your Lips

finger touch lips

In my opinion, exfoliators are one of the biggest rip-offs in the beauty world. If you have dry skin, make your own! It’s a fraction of the cost and works just as well.

If you are dealing with flakey lips, get some Vaseline and mix in a little bit of salt or sugar. Simply rub it over your lips and then rinse off. It’ll take off the flakes and leave a light layer of hydrating oil. For maximum effect, use it in the shower or directly after.

25. Break In Your New Shoes

Love your latest pair of heels but can’t deal with breaking them in? Rub a coat of Vaseline over the spots where your shoe is rubbing. This is incredibly handy when you’re on the go too. If your flip-flops start to rub you the wrong way during a long walk, smooth some Vaseline over the irritation and prevent a blister.

There you go, these 25 ideas are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know of any other uses for Vaseline? Share your tips with our community in the comment section below!

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