5 Smart Habits that Attract Great Guys

Does your milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? These 5 easy habits will help you to attract the right guys easily.

Do you know a beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted woman who just can’t seem to find a good man? Forget that: a great man? You might be thinking, “Sounds like me.”

Smart and amazing women, like yourself, should have men banging down their doors for a date. As you might have experienced, that’s not always the case.

So, how do you begin to meet great guys, and even get into a relationship, when your track record is filled with men who are less than stellar?

The secret to finding the right guy is learning how to attract him. This strategy might not seem romantic, but these five smart habits are far more reliable than luck. By changing a few habits, you can attract more men than ever before.

Listen to Your Gut

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Do you have a “what-if” approach to dating? That’s when you tell yourself, “What if you’re wrong about the choices you make, and the people you date.” Do you find yourself giving a guy a chance based on the “what-if” principle by thinking, “What if he turns out to be the man of [your] dreams?”

You don’t have to rely on chance when choosing who to date; instead, just listen to your gut. If you have a feeling, no matter how faint, that this guy isn’t the right one for you, then listen to it. Don’t waste time on a man for whom you only have lukewarm feelings. If you’re not completely sold on dating a man, then politely decline the date.

Women have great intuition and we know in our hearts when a guy isn’t a good fit. Instead of rationalizing why giving every guy a chance is a good idea, become intuitive. Listen to what your gut is saying and go with it.

Ask Tough Questions

Anytime you meet a potential date, ask one hard-hitting question that might be a dealbreaker such as, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Qualifying your dates sets the standard for what you’re looking for. Instead of waiting for the guy to volunteer important information, start asking. You don’t have to interrogate your dates but you should be brave enough to ask a question that’s important to you such as, “What are you looking for?”

Being direct can help to set a higher standard for who you date. You’ll find it easier to weed out the good guys from the bad ones once you begin to qualify men before you agree to date them. By asking direct questions, you’ll waste less time on the men you don’t really want to date and leave room for the men you do.

Avoid Timewasters


There are two types of men who will waste your time. The first is the man who gives you hope. He gives you just enough attention to make you believe that he’s into you. He holds you emotionally hostage by doing just enough to keep you interested.

The second type is the man who has qualities that you appreciate but more qualities you wish you could change. Would you marry him? Would you let him meet your parents? Would you want to have his children? If you lost your job, had a flat tire or came upon poor circumstances, would he be there to help you?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then these are the type of men you need to avoid. They are classic timewasters who keep you preoccupied while the right man is getting away.

The key habit to attracting a great man is clearing a path from him to you. Once you begin to qualify your dates, you’ll need to pass up every man who doesn’t make the cut no matter how much you might like him.

A timewaster is a man who will keep you in dating purgatory. This better than nothing relationship might fill a void but it also makes it harder for you to meet a great guy.

Have a Positive Attitude

Your attitude plays a huge role in creating your personal energy. Positive personal energy is what attracts positive people. Some people call it charisma, but great energy is that intangible factor that makes you attractive to others. A positive attitude creates the energy you need to attract a great guy. Get into the habit of cultivating positivity in your life.

A great place to start is with your language. You’ll be amazed the impact language has on our mood. Next, it’s a great idea to quit negative behaviors such as complaining and gossiping. It takes a lot of energy to do both. Also, your attitude is a reflection of your quality of life. A great guy wants to join a woman in a life that she loves not loathes.

Every day is an opportunity to attract a great guy into your life but you have to maintain a great attitude. Be mindful of how you feel and choose a better attitude every chance you get. It’s your choice to feel good or bad but you’ll likely attract men who feel the same way.

Say Yes


Another habit you can cultivate for meeting great guys is to say yes more often. It might sound simple but consider how many invitations you decline or opportunities you miss out on because it’s natural to say no.

A co-worker invites you out for lunch but you decline, or a friend invites you to a last-minute party but you say no. Who knows if these were the exact places you were meant to be to cross paths with Mr. Right.

Don’t be so quick to say no out of habit. If the possibility exists to meet a man then say yes. The universe invites you to moments where opportunity meets preparation and all you have to do is say, “Yes, I’d love to.”

Creating great habits starts with replacing bad ones with new ones. Meeting the right man might not happen overnight but with these simple steps you can set yourself up for dating success.

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