3 Obvious Signs that He’ll Never be Your Boyfriend

Tired of waiting for your relationship to be exclusive? Here are three signs to tell if you should hold on or give up hope.

Has this ever happened to you? You meet a great guy who seems really interested in dating you. You spend a few times a month together, you’re constantly texting and the physical chemistry is very strong. One date leads to three, which leads to five until three months have passed.

It’s been three months since you’ve met this amazing guy, but something about the relationship isn’t amazing anymore. Something is missing: commitment. It’s been quite some time since your first date and you’re still not exclusive. You wonder if you’re wasting your time or if it’s too soon to give up hope.

This is an all-too-common scenario for single women, and it’s one that can easily be avoided. A man who is willing to commit will usually do so within the first month of dating. Of course, there are always exceptions, but if every woman were dating this exceptional man, who needed a little bit more time, then it’s likely he wouldn’t be the exception he would be the rule. You are not dating the exception.

If a man is willing to commit, he will do it sooner rather than later because he wants to make you happy. The longer you date someone, the less likely it is that he will be your boyfriend if he doesn’t progress the relationship within one to three months.

If you find yourself wondering if it’s time to give up hope, these three signs show that he won’t become your boyfriend.

He won’t be Your Boyfriend if You’re Sleeping with Him


Not to sound old-fashioned but most men will tell you that no matter how great the woman is, if she sleeps with him too soon, he will lose interest. There is no moment, that scientist have been able to pinpoint, where this change in affection occurs but it happens and often.

Sex is a motivator for men. It’s not a bargaining tool or a something to use negatively, but it can incentivize dating you and it should. If you choose to sleep with a man before he commits to you, your sexuality now becomes one of your qualities. Unfortunately, sex isn’t unique to you. He can sleep with multiple women and he might be doing so.

It’s best to avoid having sex with a man before commitment so that your best qualities shine through and he sees value in you beyond your physical connection. If you’ve been sleeping with a man who won’t seem to commit, now is the time to hit him with the old “You’re a wonderful person, but I need something more,” speech.

He won’t be Your Boyfriend if He Makes Plans Without Involving You

A man who wants to be your boyfriend wants to involve you in his life. If you know his exact schedule when you’re together but have no idea what he does when you’re apart then he is not interested in being exclusive.

Some women refuse to believe that it’s so cut-and-dry but it is. When you really like someone, you integrate them into your decisions because you want them to be involved. You want them to know what you’re doing because you’re equally curious as to what they’re doing.

A man who is interested in commitment wants to share his plans with you so that you share your plans as well. He wants to make sure that you’re not being wooed away by anyone else, and he’ll make the effort to make it known.

However, a man who disappears one weekend then calls you the next isn’t invested in what you might be doing when he’s gone, and that’s a sign that he isn’t looking for an exclusive relationship with you.

He won’t be Your Boyfriend if He isn’t Pursuing You

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There’s a fine line between the chase and the pursuit. You can only chase what’s running away from you. If a man is interested in you, he will pursue you in a way that lets you know that he’s serious about having a relationship. He will call you on a regular basis, he will make plans to spend time together and he will never leave you guessing how he feels about you.

The definition of pursue, according to Merriam-Webster, is: to follow and try to catch or capture (someone or something) usually for a long distance or time.

If a man isn’t pursuing you or ends the pursuit before a commitment is made, then it’s unlikely one will ever be made. The more time you spend dating casually, the less likely a man is to commit to a relationship.

Once you identify the signs that a man is unlikely to commit, it’s important to stop seeing him. That doesn’t mean he isn’t the commitment type; it might just mean that he didn’t know commitment was required in order to date. Pardon his ignorance. The best way to get into a committed relationship is to find a man who is already looking for one.

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