7 Ways to Turn Your Man On by Taking the Initiative

The most attractive thing in a woman is confidence. Find out how to turn your man on by taking the initiative in the bedroom, and other places!

Confidence is about knowing who you are and what you want. It is about taking control and making things happen.

Men love confident women. There is just something so sexy about a woman who walks down the street with her head up and chest out, claiming her space and drawing attention without having to make any effort whatsoever; and all because she knows who she is and what she wants. You can be that woman!

Confidence and taking control of what you want is also incredibly empowering, and once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

Want to know the secrets? Here are the sex tips that will teach you how to be Miss. Confidence, and turn your man on by taking the initiative… in any situation.

#1 Become properly acquainted with your beauty

You don’t have to have a perfect body, but you do need to be able to see in yourself all the things that turn your man on. He is not looking at your flaws unless you are, so don’t look at them.

Get a large mirror and look instead at all of your womanly attributes, these are the things that men see; your curves, whether you like them or not, are incredibly sexy, so get used to them, they are part of you. Learn to love your shapely thighs, or your lean legs.

Learn to see the erotic beauty in your breasts, whatever shape or size they are, stand up straight and do them justice. Notice all the feminine contours of your body and how the light lands on them, the deep concave of your armpit, the soft curve of your neck, the smooth curvaceous surface of your belly…

Once you find yourself sexy, you will be able to appreciate more about what turns him on about you, and you can then use that to your advantage and feel good about yourself, in and out of clothes.

#2 Practice losing yourself in your own pleasure

The sexiest thing about a woman in bed is when she forgets where she is and all of her inhibitions melt away as the pleasure takes over. When you let go, you let your man get closer to you, you let him see hidden parts of you, and that is an extremely big turn-on for any guy.

Don’t be afraid of letting yourself go. Masturbate with him, let him watch you.

Don’t take your top off when you are having sex; and when you are bending over and losing yourself to your orgasm, let him look down your top without any sense of awareness. He will find the experience so erotic, because you are completely abandoned, and he is getting a secret naughty view because of it.

#3 Assert your independence

Women make the mistake of letting their men think they need them. You don’t need your man. In fact the less you show you need him, the more he will want you. Live your own life. Don’t wait for him to call you or organise dates, take the initiative and fit him into your schedule.

As soon as he realises that you are a busy and independent woman, he will start appreciating your time more.

#4 Let him know when you’re in the mood

Men aren’t mind readers, and they don’t always want to make the first move, it can get predictable. If you are feeling horny, why wait for him?

Let him know how you are feeling and make the first move yourself. He will immediately get the message, whether it is a passionate snog, a wandering hand, a particularly sexy outfit or a provocative text message.

Take control and get what you want, when you want it.

#5 Suggest new ideas for your sex life

When you are in a long term relationship and things have become a little stale in the bedroom, you can easily make your man sit up and pay attention by introducing some new ideas. Get talking about your secret fantasies or ask him about his.

Tell him about a sexy dream you had, or suggest a trip to the sex shop together to widen your imaginations. By showing this sort of initiative, your man will feel less intimidated about sharing his desires with you, because he will see how open-minded and experimental you are.

#6 Order sex props online and have them sent to his address

Imagine his surprise when he opens a mysterious parcel containing all sorts of sexual goodies! This is a saucy way to lead him the direction of things you might like to try out in the bedroom. It also guarantees you some sexy action.

Don’t go overboard though; you don’t want to scare him off. Just a few naughty sex toys should do the trick, nothing too intimidating. I’m sure no man would appreciate opening a parcel to find an enormous pink dildo twice the size of his own!

Go for smaller vibrators, flavoured condoms and lube, a cock ring and maybe some sexy underwear for you. The idea is to show him you’re game.

#7 Tell him how you like it

Not only will any guy find it a turn on to hear his partner give dirty instructions in the bedroom for all of the obscene things she wants him to do to her, but it will also be very useful information. Men miss out on so much that they could be doing to stimulate their partners, simply because women can be too shy to suggest changes.

A confident woman however, knows her own body, and she knows what turns her on. If you know of all this, why be afraid to share the information?

Tell him how much you enjoy his feather-like flicks of the tongue on your clit. Tell him you love it when he caresses your nipples at the same time. Tell him how much it drives you crazy when he bites into your neck…

He’ll only know these things if you reinforce his sexual talents with praise and encouragement.

Remember: Confident women get more!

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