5 Smoking Hot Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Steam up his phone screen with these sexy hot messages; the perfect way to let your boyfriend know how raunchy you’re feeling right now!

Using your phone or Facebook to tell your boyfriend you miss him every hour or so is a no-no and a turn-off I’m afraid. Messaging him to turn him on and rev up the anticipation of seeing each other later on though is a different story!

Check out some of these hot messages to send to your boyfriend. They are sure to fire up his imagination and get him wanting you.

Instead of sending your tenth soppy ‘I love you’ message, try some sexting and rest assured you will both enjoy this sexual tease.

#1: The ‘Guess what I’m wearing underneath’ sexual tease

This type of message works best when you tell it to him straight. Send him a short and succinct message that states exactly what sexy underwear you are wearing.

Black lace French knickers are a good visual prompt, and you can tease his imagination even more by describing them as the ones that show off the curve of your ass when you bend over!

By including the hint of physical action in your description you enhance the picture in his imagination, turning it from a static image to a moving picture.

To add to the sexual tease even more, tell him where you are while you are wearing them.

The thought of knowing what naughty underwear you are wearing whilst in a professional or public environment will work wonders on his imagination, especially if he is incorporating that excellent visual prompt of you bending over; because now he also has props to work with, like the meeting room table…

#2: The ‘Honey I’m going commando under this dress’ tip

There is nothing more exciting than knowing that his girlfriend, who is standing right next to him at a public event, is wearing a skimpy dress with no knickers on, and he can’t touch her!

If you send him the message before you meet up, then he will spend the rest of the event trying to see if he can identify the fact that you are wearing no underwear by discretely checking out your ass. He’ll be trying to think of ways he can get close to you and perhaps run his hand up your thigh without anyone else seeing, just to get a sneaky private graze of something intimate!

He will definitely try to find ways to grope you through the material of your dress, and knowing that you are wearing nothing underneath will make the experience extremely erotic for both of you.

The sex appeal of being told that his girlfriend is wearing no underwear is that in his head he could just lift up your dress and… well, if there were no people there to object, of course!

The mere thought of it will occupy his thoughts the entire time, rest assured, he will be imagining all sorts of possible scenarios and trying to figure out how he can make the most of this sexy opportunity.

You will definitely be in for a sexy treat as soon as he gets you alone!

#3: The ‘I’m thinking about that thing we did last night’ reminder

There is nothing sexier than a spontaneous flashback, instigated by his girlfriend, of the previous evening’s sexual exploits. Make the message count by describing in graphic detail the exact parts you enjoyed most, and make sure you mention his superhuman tongue skills, or his big hard c*ck!

The naughty words will be an instant turn on, especially when viewed on his phone or computer screen.

The way to make this a message he will remember is to make it as visual as possible. Don’t be vague and say that he made you come so hard; describe what sex position you were in when it happened!

Were your legs up in the air? How wet were you? Were you on top of him? What were you wearing? What was he touching? Did he take you from behind? Did he grip your ass? Pinch your nipples?

It doesn’t take much to transport a man back to the scene, but a few choice visuals will do the trick.

#4: The ‘I want you right now’ demand


Even if it is not possible to make it happen right then and there, receiving a text from his girlfriend that tells him she is hot, horny and ready for him will be an instant turn on.

Men love to have their ego boosted, especially when it is about sex. If you message your boyfriend and tell him you miss him, he might think, that’s nice; but you also run the risk of sounding needy. If on the other hand you message him and tell him that you miss his d*ck, well his head has just gone through the roof, or er… straight up and out of his zipper.

Tell him what you want, how you want it, and when you want it, and you will most likely get the results you’re looking for. Men go gaga for women who are hot for them.

#5: The secret fantasy share

Let your boyfriend in on a few dirty secrets by sending him a naughty message describing the dream you had last night, or one of your deepest darkest desires. The more spontaneous it is the more turned on he will be, and the less you tell him, the more eager he will be to see you and find out more!

Don’t be afraid to make it up too, it doesn’t have to be true, just raunchy enough to get his imagination going.

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  • This is actually a funny story… One morning, I thought my husband had already left for work and I sent him a text saying I was playing with myself while imagining his d*ck. 30 seconds later, he came running into the room to see. Turns out, he was talking and smoking with his work buddies right outside the house, so they ALL saw the message. :D