How to Boosts His Ego in 5 Steps

Men are sometimes so confident and sure of themselves, and at other times…you need to know how to boost his ego. Here is how to do it to keep your fella happy and confident.

It’s hard to say why women are able to take a bit of an insult and let it slide away whereas men are not so willing to let their precious egos be bruised.

Perhaps years of growing up with other females and surviving the gossip games, the social cliques, and the general mood swings that we women are prone to has hardened us. Perhaps we just know that the insult isn’t worth the injury.

Whatever the case may be, men are wired a little differently than we are. They always feel as if they have something to prove – unlike us women who are well aware that we are perfect the way we are. Because of their need to prove themselves and be the best, sometimes they are more sensitive to outside influence than we might think.

These five tricks are sure to give your man the ego boost he needs to maintain his alpha male state of mind.

#1: Tell him he did a great job

how to boost his ego

Let’s be honest, we usually have to tell our guy a thousand times to take out the trash or switch the laundry. It’s like their brains switch to off mode when it comes time to do the mundane work.

But there’s something you need to know – once he’s given in and done that five minute chore, your man expects the proper recognition for it. In other words, he wants praise.

If you don’t praise him, his ego will fall. Why? He’s a guy. Not praising him for a job well done – or even a job half-assed done – means you didn’t recognize his hard work and he has failed miserably.

We know this (probably) isn’t true. It’s just a little job that needed to be done and he should have done it at least by the twelfth time you asked him to.

He doesn’t see it that way. If you don’t praise him he will have no desire to do any other chores ever again.

On the other hand, if you do praise him he will feel like the almighty alpha man he is… and that alpha man knows exactly how to take out the trash and switch the laundry because he knows everything and it’s good of you to notice. He might even do it next time with you only having to ask him twenty times.

#2: “Oh honey, could you fix this thing for me?”

how to boost his ego

I can fix anything. Seriously, being a single woman for as long as I have means I am not afraid to pull out a hammer and nail, climb a latter to change a light bulb, or unclog a drain.

I once unclogged the tub with a plunger while dressed for a fancy dinner date without even messing up my hair. We’re women, we’re cool like that.

Men are not so cool about fixing things. They will analyze it, tinker with it, do it wrong a few times, and then you’ll have to call the plumber to fix the mess. You know it’ll happen that way, it always does. Still, you have to let him fix it.

You must let your man tinker with the tool box. A very dear friend of mine once told me that men fix things because they will never be able to compete with women being able to give birth. Fixing things is their version of life.

Just let him have his moment and fix the mess later. He’ll feel good about himself and it’ll take him hours, which means you get to have the TV remote for a while.

#3: Be a Damsel in Distress and show him he’s the caretaker

how to boost his ego

Every now and then, in order to boost his ego, you need to pull out the girl card and make him man-up. This is a serious ego boost for him.

If you get a flat tire, call your man to fix it (see #2). If you are having a rough day, cry on him and be helpless for a minute. He doesn’t want you to be strong all the time, you have to show him he’s still the caretaker.

Oh yes, he wants to take care of you. It’s part love and part instinct. Allow him this.

I was being harassed by some ex-coworkers once and they started looking into a place in the same apartment complex. When my boyfriend at the time saw me worrying about it and pacing frantically, he grabbed his coat and slammed the door on his way out.

Where did he go? To talk to the landlord and explain that letting these girls rent would distress me and he wasn’t going to have that. It was the only time he had stuck up for me, and let me tell you it worked wonders for his ego and for mine as well. I felt cherished and he… well, he felt as if he were a Viking warrior.

#4: Notice it before he tells you

Nothing annoys men more than having to point something out to you. “Did you see I cleaned the living room?” is a common phrase uttered by many domesticated men.

You, of course, saw it was clean but thought “It’s about time that man did something around here” whereas he thought “I think I’ll impress her today”.

Don’t nag at him that he should have done it anyway… he’ll never clean again. If you see that your man did something – anything – without being asked to do it, notice it, praise him, smile and kiss him.

Say and do things that make him want to take care of whatever you’re nagging him about. Give him credit for previous actions and convey how happy you are to know he has your back on such jobs. Allow him to feel like the amazing man he is, and he’ll do things to keep himself on the pedestal you’ve placed him on.

Let his ego stay intact. He’ll do more to impress you, guaranteed.

#5: Sex, sex, and more sexiness – show him you want him

how to boost his ego

It all boils down to this: Sex keeps men going. If you want to boost his ego, keep it going, and make your man feel like a king! You need to let him know you still think he’s the sexiest piece of man meat on the planet.

Here’s an example. I mentioned to a couple of guy friends I was going to see the new Vin Diesel film… I said something about not caring if the movie was on mute, I’d watch it anyway. BOTH of these guys said “Him? He’s not even good-looking. Psh.”

These were two separate occasions.

Both of these men are alpha men and what I did was mistakenly show them that there is another man in the world sexier than they are. Since these guys know I have no interest in them on a sexual level… that was twice the hurt for them.

Ladies, let me tell you, if you want to boost his ego, roll your eyes at those hot actors (you can still drool inwardly) and flirt with your man touching him and moaning in pleasure. Toss him a little wink. Let him know without a doubt that you still desire him and only him. Sexiness is the biggest male ego boost.

Remember, keeping his fragile ego intact means he is happier and it also means he does more for you, because he knows you appreciate it. Ego boosts are the way to keep your relationship great.

How do you boost you man’s ego? Share your tips with us!

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