6 Flirting Techniques for Every Situation

6 Flirting Techniques for Every Situation

Being flirtatious is a very valuable skill in dating. It signals romantic interest and can open the door to getting a phone number or making a date. Here are the best flirting techniques for every situation.

Flirting is easier than you think. It’s a combination of smiling, eye contact and positive energy. Flirting is nothing more than making someone else feel good when they’re around you. You can flirt with anyone at anytime. It’s a conscious intention to elevate the mood of the person you’re speaking with. Flirting isn’t sexual or salacious; it’s just a conversation with a smile.

If you’ve been afraid to flirt in the past, these flirting techniques are a great place to start. With these tips, you can boost your flirting game and secure the attention of the man whom you’re interested in.

Body Language

Flirting with a man using body language can be an effective way to express interest and attraction without saying a word. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Eye contact: Make eye contact with him and hold it for a few seconds before looking away. This will convey interest and confidence.
  2. Smile: Flash him a genuine smile to show him that you are happy to see him.
  3. Touch: Lightly touch his arm or hand when you are speaking with him to show that you are comfortable with him and to create a connection.
  4. Play with your hair: Twirl your hair around your finger or flip it over your shoulder to draw attention to your features and create a flirty vibe.
  5. Lean in: Lean in slightly when he is speaking to you to show that you are interested in what he has to say and to create a sense of intimacy.
  6. Mirroring: Mirror his body language by adopting similar postures and gestures. This will create a feeling of rapport and connection.

Body language is just one aspect of flirting and should be used in conjunction with other signals, such as conversation and tone of voice. Be confident, playful, and authentic, and enjoy the process of getting to know someone new.


The Compliment

6 Flirting Techniques for Every Situation

Everyone loves a great compliment—even men. If you see a handsome stranger, give him a compliment detailing what you’ve noticed about him. Avoid the general compliment such as, “You look nice today.” Be specific and say something like, “That’s a beautiful watch you’re wearing.”

Effective compliments are specific and contain an adjective. Incorporate words like fantastic, beautiful, interesting, fascinating, gorgeous, impressive or striking. You want your compliment to be something this person has never heard before. Don’t be afraid of sounding over the top as long as you’re genuine.

The Question

Men love to be helpful. If you want to flirt with a man, a great technique is to ask him a question or for his opinion. You can open communication by asking for his knowledge or advice. He’ll feel useful, which men like, and it gives the interaction purpose. It isn’t just casual small talk.

Once you acquire the information you’ve asked for, pause a moment to let him continue the interaction. Don’t appear to be in a rush, and give him the opportunity to flirt back.

The Favor

If you see a man you’re interested in, ask him for a favor. Studies have shown that people will like you more once they’ve done something for you. “Can you help me with something?” will pique any man’s interest as it activates his instinct to protect and provide. Follow it up with a minor request such as to hold your jacket, watch your seat or help you carry your coffee to the fixing station.

Not only will this man feel helpful, but you can express gratitude by buying his coffee or a round of drinks. You can tell him that you owe him one and make arrangements to see each other again.


Sarcasm and insults might be annoying flirting techniques for women but they’re actually a great way to exercise your guy-speak.

Men and women communicate differently. Men constantly give each other a hard time and make slight disses between friends. When a woman joins in on the joking, she displays her playful and masculine side, which is attractive to men. Knowing how to use guy-speak from time to time is a useful technique for setting yourself apart from other women.

Use a sarcastic phrase such as, “There’s no way you can be good looking and smart. Which is it?” This will catch him off guard and certainly make him smile.

Be Direct

If you’re comfortable with flirting then the direct approach is a great way to show you’re confident and assertive.

This shouldn’t be confused with picking up a guy. Flirting is a way to get a guy’s attention and show him that it’s ok to ask you out. Flirting lets a guy know that you’re interested. Being direct works because it’s a rare treat for men to be approached this way. Even if the man walks up to you to say hello, it doesn’t hurt to look him up and down and then say, “You’re hot.”

Being bold also sets you apart from other women, and this flirting technique allows you to be aggressive in a classy way.

The purpose of flirting is to open the way for communication. Men aren’t always comfortable speaking to women, so make it easy for them by starting the conversation. If a man is interested, he’ll take the lead and you’ll be happy you took the initiative to make the first move.

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