Lingerie Shopping: 5 Sexy Styles Your Guy Will Love

With so many genres and sex niches it can be a difficult task to pick the best lingerie sometimes, right? Not anymore! Here's our lowdown on sexy lingerie.

Do you go with the simple classic look? What colors are men more attracted to? Should you throw in some accessories?

These are just a few of the many questions we ask ourselves as we aimlessly browse the lingerie section in our favorite stores. It can be downright nerve racking when you are buying lingerie for the first time to wear for your partner.

No need to worry though, this article will point you in the right direction and give you tips on what to buy.

#1 Classic lingerie

Sensual attractive brunette woman posing over the window wearing sexy lingerie

Classic lingerie can be described as anything satin or silk and not too revealing. Solid white, black, or red tend to be the “safe” colors for classic lingerie.

Think of satin camisoles and matching robes, long satin nightgowns, and bra and panty sets. If you are looking to set an ambiance of romance with candles and soft music then this would be the lingerie to match it.

Classic lingerie makes a woman feel sexy and seductive without the fear of feeling or looking slutty. It also has an undertone of naughty and nice.

By that I mean men tend to get turned on by classic lingerie because you look nice but deep down he is hoping you have a naughty side as well.

#2 Stripper lingerie

Beautiful busty brunette woman in sexy red lingerie lying on a bed

When it comes to stripper lingerie this one is a no brainer; the less you have on the hotter you look. However, when it comes to color there is a way to enhance your sex appeal. You need to keep in mind the atmosphere.

If you are in your bedroom and plan to do just a dance with the lights on then stick to combos of black and red, black and purple, or black and pink.

Thongs and pasties are best for this type of ambiance because you don’t have any other props to use. If you are doing a chair dance or a lap dance then consider wearing booty shorts; they will make the booty look more amazing and leave a bit more to the imagination.

If the lights low or off and you just have candles then pick an outfit that is bright neon. The freaky folks with stripper poles in their homes should buy a black light; that combined with the neon will look HOT!

#3 BDSM lingerie


Simple explanation here: black leather. BDSM lingerie focuses on leather, spikes, and masks so this is what you need to look for if you want to recreate a scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

Those who are new to the BDSM world will need to do a little research because each role has their own style of lingerie. Here is a tip: if you are new keep it simple.

Of course the term “simple” can mean many things right? Simple could be a leather bra and panty set, a tiny leather one piece suit with everything exposed, or just a mask and spiked collar. Have fun with it!

#4 Raunchy lingerie

blond girl in black bikini lingerie with hat and stocking

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; well so is raunchy. Do not be afraid to unleash your inner freak with some raunchy lingerie. The fact of the matter is no matter what you wear your partner will be excited just knowing they will be getting laid.

With that said the more confident you are in your lingerie the sexier your partner will find you. Be bold and daring with a body stocking, anything crotch-less, or even some thigh high stocking and stripper shoes.

What one person may consider raunchy the other may consider vanilla. The point is to step out of your comfort zone and pick something that will give him an instant hard on.

#5 Special occasion lingerie


Think along the lines of sexy role playing outfits like the naughty nurse or the catholic school girl. Maybe you want to do some librarian or business woman role playing.

Of course I can’t forget to mention corsets and miniskirts that have a burlesque feel to them. The possibilities here are endless!

If you and your partner are considering doing some role playing then make sure you keep it spicy with the right lingerie. The visual with the role with blow his mind!

The break down on colors

Like I said before, regardless of the type or color of your lingerie your partner will be excited and turned on at just the thought of hot steamy sex.

Every person has their preference on color so make sure you keep that in mind when you are picking out your lingerie. However there has been some debate about which colors are more appealing and which ones to stay away from. Here is a quick break down:

  • White – Men typically view white as pure yet revealing; as if you were hiding something. It is that same mentality that makes men think there is a hidden naughty side to women who wear white lingerie.
  • Red – Studies show that when men see red they automatically think of sex. Chances are he is already thinking that when he sees you in any lingerie anyway. But if you are planning a romantic evening then you may want to get some red classic style lingerie to give him a visual tease.
  • Pink – Other studies show that pink is not a popular color in lingerie because it seems a bit childish and too girlie. If your partner likes pink then go for it; if not you may want to stay clear of pink.
  • Black – Just as white reveals, black conceals. Black is mystical and has a sense of mystery which drives men wild. It is also a great color for us ladies who want to look a bit slimmer in our lingerie. Black is best coupled with pink, red, purple, and blue for seductive visual effects.
  • Nudes – Nude lingerie is a big no-no for most men. It reminds them too much of flesh and tends to turn them off. Not only that but the point of lingerie is to have some sex appeal and nude just is not the color to do it.


Now that you are ready to shop with more ease and confidence for the perfect lingerie you should consider adding some accessories. Shoes can make or break an outfit.

If you are wearing any kind of stockings then wear a regular stiletto heel. If your legs are bare then opt for knee high or thigh high shoes. Chokers can also be a great addition to your lingerie; it draws attention to your neck and bust line.

If you are going to do some kind of alluring dance for your partner consider using a garter belt or boa. A boa is great because you can tease him with it, or hide some of your own body parts if you are feeling less confident.

Gloves can also be a fun accessory to use. Lace ones are better for appearance while satin ones are great for giving him a hand job. The feel of the material will feel unique to him and in turn will enhance his hand job.

Lingerie shopping should be a fun experience but you need to know exactly what you are shopping for. Don’t be afraid to ask the opinion of a sales associate or to venture out of your comfort zone when it comes to sexy lingerie.

Believe me, your man will thank you in more ways than one!


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