Men Reveal: What Are the Biggest Turn on Moves?

Dying to know what goes on inside his head? Want to know what sex positions drive him wild? Scarlett talks to men to get all the dirty details…

You’ll never know what makes him think seriously naughty thoughts, unless you ask him! So I decided to do just that… over a glass of wine and a table full of food, I sat down with several red-blooded guys to ask them all their dirty secrets. I wanted to know exactly what the biggest turn-on moves are, and they revealed everything…

What gets a man hot in the bedroom?

I didn’t want to know all the usual stuff, we know all of that, it’s boring. I wanted to know what these guys really think about the moves their girlfriends perform when the lights go down. “When the lights go down?” Objected one of my testosterone-infused interviewees. Apparently, ‘lights on’ is the biggest turn on rule. But we already knew this, didn’t we girls? We just tend to ignore it because we’re self-conscious.

Shy girls don’t cut it though. “If I can’t see you, what’s the frickin’ point?” Touché!

So Rule No.1… Lights on!

What about sex positions? What gets your imaginations buzzing?

Now come on boys, give me something I don’t know! There I was, surrounded by hot hormonal men, and I wanted their sex secrets goddammit! Suddenly one of them looked me straight in the eye and I knew something good was coming… prepare your self, because what I am about to reveal is going to make the ladies in the room blush, ever so slightly.

According to the guy with piercing eyes, what gets him really hot is seeing a woman in a sex position in the bedroom that reminds him of something he can relate to in everyday life. Why? Because then every time he encounters that position in his everyday life he will immediately get an intensely hot flashback!

What sort of sex positions are we talking about? Well, the guy I was talking to suggested that his yoga classes were extremely inspiring! He mentioned the words ‘downward dog’ so I did my research and the image that came up certainly answered some questions. As I peered at my smartphone underneath the table, I saw a woman face down, with her hands and feet flat on the ground, her back and legs straight, and ass pointed north, straight up in the air!

So what shall we take away from this, ladies? Let your everyday life inspire you in the bedroom, and take your sex life out of the bedroom, and into everyday life! Make washing the dishes less mundane by having your man take you from behind while you do them. You will be giving new meaning to being ‘chained to the kitchen sink!”

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Apparently it the accidental things that turn him on… 

Most of the guys I spoke to were unanimous in the opinion that many of the small things that turn them on about a girl are the things she probably isn’t aware of at the time. What does this say? Well basically, that we don’t necessarily have to try to be sexy, because we are more sexy when we are not thinking about it.

Details please! I demanded. “Naughty, accidental glimpses of nipple,” said one guy, while another nodded emphatically. “When a girl goes off into her own realm of pleasure during sex,” said the other guy, “I love to watch the look on her face when she seems so completely unaware of me being there, and she is so absorbed in the sensations she is feeling, it just feels so real.”

What’s the sex tip? I guess the sexiest move a girl can make is just to be herself instead of trying to be someone she thinks is going to turn her man on. But am I convinced…?

There must be more to it than that? 

I argued with them that they weren’t being completely straight with me, and that I was sure there was more to turning a guy on than just being me. To this they answered… “Sure, you have to be a super-confident version of you!” What does that mean? “It means look me in in the eye when you’re doing me!” I see!

So men love it when a woman is forward, and knows what she wants. They love it when we are ourselves and they can enjoy unexpected spontaneous moments of arousal when we are completely unaware, and they enjoy it when we merge sex with the mundane.

What have we learned here? Well basically that we already knew everything that turns a guy on, that its not rocket science, and that all we have to do is rely on our natural instincts and have fun!

Thank you gentlemen, for your insight, and er… not so dirty details.

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