3 Rules to Mastering the Co-ord Trend

It’s time to forget the mix-and-match theory and refresh your wardrobe with a styling formula that’s easy for anyone to understand: Co-ord!

Having trouble mixing outfits and coordinating colors? Spending hours putting outfits together? It would be so nice if we no longer had to worry about all these things, right? Well, your no-stress dress solution is here: co-ord sets!

Tops and bottoms in the same color, print or texture is the hottest trend this season. For years, being too matchy-matchy was considered to be a huge faux pas, which is why this choice of outfit was avoided. However, the trend that had its best days back in the ‘60s has made a fabulous comeback that has even its harshest critics in love with it. And why wouldn’t they like it!

Co-ord is the easiest and fastest way to put together stylish and trendy outfits. It’s flattering to all body types, ages and styles, not to mention versatile, too. Besides the well-known co-ord combo crop top and tube skirt, there’re lots of options, like trousers and blouses, skirts and boxy crops and shorts and blazer. You can play with proportions and cuts as well as different colors, prints and textures.

Depending on the material of the co-ord set, you can also wear these outfits from work to the club without fear of making a fashion mistake. A cozy knit set is perfect for lounges while a tweed set is perfect for the working hours and satin is the perfect choice for a night out!

The co-ord trend was big on the runways too. It looks like designers are also totally obsessed with this trend, so they decided to put their own spin on it.


The trend was welcomed with open arms by fashion experts and celebrities. Co-ord sets were present from the streets and front rows to red carpet events. You could see them everywhere.

Victoria Beckham, Amal Coolney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Solange Knowles and Taylor Swift are some of the celebrities whose name is on the list of “co-ord lovers”. They were all spotted, not only once, in their co-ords. Sometimes it seems like they live in them, but who can blame them!

During the fashion month, all fashion editors, street-style stars, bloggers and models had at least one outfit combination that included co-ords. They decided to double the fun with eye-catching prints, interesting cuts and ribbed textures. If co-ords haven’t won your heart by now, they certainly will after seeing these outfits.


The co-ord trend is here to stay, so you can be sure you’ll be wearing your co-ords for a few seasons. When you get bored with them or they go out of style (if that ever happens), these outfits won’t end up in the back of your closet. You can wear the pieces individually and mix-and-match them with other items of clothing. This way, you will get the whole new look!

Match Your Prints

If you are not into the minimalistic approach and want to get into this trend full swing, prints are for you. Bold or small, geometric or floral—the choice of print is yours.

If you choose to wear bold, vibrant prints, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pair the matching trousers and blazer with a blouse in a solid color underneath.

Accessories should also be simple and subtle—nothing too distracting. When it comes to picking the right colors for your shoes and accessories, look at your co-ords. Instead of choosing the color of the background, choose one of the colors from the print itself—one that’s been used minimally. Use this simple trick to get perfect color combination.


If you are keen to try out a print, but are not yet ready to go for a bold or vibrant flower print, choose one with smaller geometric prints and a maximum of two to three colors.

See your co-ords as a base around which you can create a look. In this case, other items—your coat, shoes, bag and accessories—will take center stage. For the brave, bright colored items can be swapped for patterned ones.


3D Textures

If you are fan of sweaters and other knitted outfits, you will definitely be excited to jump into a knitted co-ord set this season. Aside from the soft, warm and comfy feeling they give us, the knits are the best fabric when it comes to texture.

Depending on the yarn and stitch type, knits can have many different looks. The surface can range from smooth and flat to wavy.


Knits are perfect for pajamas-kinds-of-lazy days, but if you dress it up with the right accessories, this laidback outfit can immediately transform into one that is office-appropriate and dinner-ready!


Glossy Fabrics

Co-ord sets in fabrics like silk, satin, brocade and jacquard are perfect for special occasions and nights out.


Since this outfit is already a statement, try to keep the rest of the outfit low key with minimal and subtle details and colors. Nothing should compete with the shine of your co-ord set.


This time, when choosing your shoes and bag color, try to stay with neutrals like black and nude.

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