How to Look Stylish This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving can be a busy time of year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish while celebrating the holiday.

Thanksgiving and the festive season are almost upon us and that means it’s time to sparkle a little more with your style. When choosing the right outfits and makeup, make sure they reveal your personality and natural radiance.

Here are the top beauty and fashion tips to try these holidays so you can turn heads everywhere you go.

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Be chic and comfortable.

If you’re going to be on your feet all day, especially if you’re hosting a party at home, you want to strike a balance between being fashionable and comfortable.

Feeling cosy is also important because of the cold weather. Although you might push that short cocktail dress back into your wardrobe, be sure to bring out some trendy items that will keep you warm.

Layer your clothes.

When layering, choose clothes that flatter your figure so your look is flawless every time. Items that are sleek while covering you up for the cold, such as knee-length boots over flattering jeans or a structured leather jacket over your pullover, keep your look chic.

Wear a stylish cape or poncho.

Capes in colorful shades are very trendy this season and they’re great for showing just how fashionable being comfortable can be.

Choose a short one that covers your chest to show off your figure-flattering clothes underneath and prevent your look from being slouchy. Ponchos are another great idea, but opt for one in a bold pattern or color to keep you in the spotlight.

Say yes to a dress.

A relaxed dress, such as a slip, can be the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. It’s cold out, so team it with stockings and boots in one of the trends of the season: suede ankle boots look chic while knee-length boots give your outfit an edge.

Drizzle on some glamor.

No outfit is complete without some interesting accessories. These extra touches to your outfit will make your look glamorous in a flash.

Mix ‘n match your jewelry.

Feminine and bold pieces of jewelry are both big this season, but get into the habit of wearing different metals together. This keeps your look fresh while helping you make the most of the gorgeous gold and bronze tones that are so popular.

If you’re keen on this metal trend, make sure you apply it to one statement piece (such as a stack of bracelets or rings) and keep the rest of your jewelry subtle. This creates a stylish and sophisticated result.

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Be bold.

Subtle touches of eye-catching glamor are best, especially on Thanksgiving which is a relaxed and family-oriented holiday. You don’t want to look too overdressed, after all.

Choose one or two colorful and interesting accessories, such as a bold red scarf or animal print flats, to create a stylish effect and complete your outfit. These work wonderfully with neutral-colored outfits to provide a dash of personality.

Leave your hat on.

Hats are perfect for the winter season: they protect your hair against the cold that can give you a bad hair day, and add a bit of warmth while being a fashionable and interesting touch to your outfits.

Fedoras are chic and just perfect for glam events, while beanies are cute and casual for laidback Thanksgiving parties. Choose hats in winter colors such as oxblood, dark green or royal blue to give them a lashing of style.

Holiday Makeup 101:

Looking beautiful doesn’t have to be stressful these holidays. Your first step is to achieve gorgeous skin, then play up your features with some striking trends.

Here are beauty tricks to try:

1. Get radiant skin.

The barely-there makeup look is still popular, but sometimes your skin needs a little helping hand to achieve radiance. This is especially the case if you have lots of late nights during the festive season.

After applying foundation (here’s how to pick the right one), take cream bronzer and apply it under your cheekbones before applying highlighter on top. Make sure you blend it in well before adding a touch of warm rose or peach blush to your cheeks.

2. Try a jewel-toned eye.

Jewel tones, such as rich burgundy or bronze, are great ways to bring some spice to the classic smoky eye. They’re also fashionable colors for fall and winter this season.

To make sure that they last all through the celebrations, apply an eyelid primer before doing your makeup. This also prevents creases from forming so that your eyes look fresh and elegant all night long.

beautiful blonde woman with red lipstick

3. Decorate your lips in red.

Red shades are hot this season and they’re the perfect way to warm you up. To ensure your lipstick is longer-lasting to get you through all the food and drinks coming your way, apply a matte liner over your lips and a creamy lipstick on top.

Finish off the look with a tinted gloss in the same shade as your lipstick. This color match will ensure that even if your lipstick does fade, the gloss will provide some juicy color so you don’t get left high and dry.

Achieving radiant looks this season is really easy if you follow some trendy fashion and beauty tips. Here’s to staying gorgeous all through the parties, celebrations and snuggly nights indoors.

Happy holidays!

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