8 Fashion Apps You Should Definitely Have On Your Phone

Whether you're a fashion-forward woman or you could use some help in that department, these fashion apps can surely make your life easier.

I’m one of many women who can really use some help from a personal stylist regarding my hair, clothing, shoes, etc. However, it’s not something I can afford.

So you can imagine my delight when fashion apps – those that provide thousands of tips, hacks, and trend alerts – became a thing. It helped me gain access to countless helpful fashion ideas which for sure, didn’t only help me but thousands of gals all over the world, too.

So, if you need more information about how to look more glam and fab than your normal self or you just want to be up to date with all the latest and hottest fashion trends, you’re on the right page. Here are 8 fashion apps you should start downloading on your phone.

1. PS Dept (Personal Stylist Department)

ps fahion app

If you needed a personal assistant but don’t really want to deal with the huge cost that comes with having one, then PS Dept is the perfect app for you. All you have to do is to send a photo of the item you’re looking for or a message describing it and the experts behind PS Dept can send you recommendations.

2. Pose

Hailed as the “Instagram for Fashion”, Pose provides reliable content about all things fashion. Aside from that, you can also share photos and videos with other fashion aficionados and those who are just simply drawn to clothes, shoes, accessories, and the like.

pose fashion app

Last but not the least, Pose allows you to tag photos and you’ll have your own Pinterest-like boards called “Collection”. It’s where you can drag and save outfits you fancy so you can return to them anytime you need some help or inspiration.

3. Keep

Remember how you have to put the items you shop online at a shopping cart or add them to a wish list? Yes, Keep makes things easier for you by giving you access to a huge shopping cart where you can add all your fashion finds even if they’re from different brands or stores.

On top of that, if you have an Instagram account, the app will allow you to shop for any item you fancy that you see on Instagram right there and then. Amazing, right?

4. FAD

fad app

Fashion Dictionary App or more commonly known as FAD will make you a fashion expert in no time if you spend some of your time on it each day. This app features over 1500 terms used in the fashion industry. You can add any word that you think is something that can come handy in the future by saving it to Favorites. But more than these, the ultimate selling point of the app is it can be accessed even if you’re offline. Nothing can top that, right?

5. Stylect

If you’re someone who’s addicted to shoes more than you’re addicted to Chuck Bass, then you should definitely download Stylect. This app features nothing but shoes! And yes, including the Louboutin! You can swipe right if you like the pair you see or left if you don’t feel it that much. But what will get you hooked is the app’s ability to send you alerts when items you’ve liked (or swiped right to) are going to be or are on sale.

6. Polyvore

polyvore fashion app

You surely have day dreamed about becoming a style editor. Who wouldn’t? It’s like one of the most exciting jobs ever! With Polyvore, you’ll be glad to know this dream can come true. The app lets you create varying looks using countless of clothes and accessories which are also available for purchase. You’ll never be short of inspiration as you can also see other member’s collections.

7. The Hunt

the hunt fashion app

We’ve all had those moments when we saw Taylor Swift wore an irresistible sundress and wanted the exact same dress, only for a lesser price. The brilliant minds behind the app The Hunt obviously are well aware of this so they created the app, which helps users find an exact replica of any item you drool over then send the information to you so you can go wherever you need to to get a hold of it. Amazing, right?

8. ClosetSpace

closetspace app

This app allows you to have a virtual closet where you can organize your purchases. It also updates with you the latest news and trends on fashion based on the brands of items you have in your digital closet. What makes this unique from the rest is its ability to suggest weather-based outfits to help users get through all sunny and rainy days looking their fashion-forward self still.

Clearly, fashion can be for everyone but with the help of these apps. You’ll be one step closer to looking your all glammed up self each day with just one tap of your finger. So what are you waiting for? Get these now and say hello to a fashionable tomorrow.

What other fashion apps you think are worth adding to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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