What Is Your Lingerie Personality: Romantic, Vixen or Fetishist?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite piece of lingerie says about you? You have come to the right place. We reveal you the secret meaning of lingerie.

Whether you are aware of lingerie’s power and magnetic appeal and seek to be as alluring as possible or you use lingerie to enhance your natural beauty, seduce, dominate or emphasize your femininity, your choice of lingerie speaks volumes.

Check out these six lingerie personalities to find out what your choice of panties says about you.

The Girl Next Door


The Girl Next Door is the epitome of simplicity and seeks to highlight her natural beauty through the subtlety of her lingerie. Your lingerie will be mostly unstructured, soft pieces. You favor the sophisticated but uncomplicated.

Part of looking good for you is feeling good. Your style is very French in this respect—classic and effortless. You know how to channel your inner beauty and not look overdressed.

You are a very practical shopper and your lingerie drawer is filled with wire-free bras and cute panties. You stay clear from stockings and corsets or anything a bit too risqué—it simply isn’t your style.

Favorite brands include: Freya, Princesse TamTam, Passionata

The Romantic


If you are The Romantic, your underwear will express a sense of unwavering femininity.

You are someone who seeks to present yourself as classy and sensual. Your lingerie will emphasize the natural beauty of yours and be rich in pastel colors and lace.

However, dark colors such as burgundy or black might also come into play for a splash of allure.

You favorite lingerie is anything that is delicate and special. You have a bit of a penchant for the more classic silhouettes and exude the innocence of passion.

Favorite brands include: Maison Close, Aubade, Les Juponds de Tess

The Siren


The Siren lingerie personality loves entertaining. You ooze confidence, attitude, and luxury.

You love to dress glamorously, recalling the elegance and exuberance of old Hollywood. You shop mostly silk negligees, long robes, and fine lace bra sets.

Your lingerie is of the finest quality, and you don’t mind spending a little extra to get the perfect look.

The most important thing for you is to look outstanding—good enough for an onscreen love scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Favorite brands include: Vannina Vesperini, La Perla

The Vixen


Someone with The Vixen lingerie personality exudes sexuality. They are confident and in touch with their body, naturally very sensual and approach each intimate encounter through the lens of a burlesque dancer or theatrical performer—it is all about the show.

The Vixen places their attention on being ravishing above all. They are the definition of a woman: voluptuous, glamorous, irresistible. They adore burlesque and love to tease their lover.

They choose lingerie that maximizes their curves and ultimately adds an element of vintage glamor to their lives. Think corsets, stockings, suspenders, gloves and high heels.

Favorite brands include: Chantal Thomas, Ann Summers

The Tomboy


The Tomboy’s priority when it comes to lingerie is freedom of movement. You love to keep things simple but cool and avoid over-indulgent girly pieces.

You don’t really care for anything pink, frilled or fluffy, but you appreciate nice underwear of a good quality that complements your figure.

You wear what is comfortable and that which ultimately makes you look good. Your figure is your most important accessory—the panties are just a detail.

People often mistake you for being too conservative, but you are somebody who favors the practicality of a garment rather than its aesthetic.

Favorite brands include: DKNY, Calvin Klein

The Fetishist


If you are The Fetishist, you exude confidence, sexuality, and eroticism. You build your aesthete around dominance, audacity and excess.

Your choice in lingerie expresses your extrovert nature and your open-mindedness; you are not afraid to try new things.

You embrace all kinky paraphernalia from corsets and stockings to whips and chains. You do not shy away from alternative materials such as leather and PVC.

The Fetishist prefers to remain an exhibitionist by donning an open cup bra and crotchless underwear rather than settling for a subtle choice of undergarments.

Favorite brands include: Implicite, Agent Provocateur, Ann Summers

If you recognize yourself as one of these lingerie personalities, do not hesitate to dress up in a manner that suits you and expresses your innate and dominate sexuality.

Remember ladies, the important thing about lingerie is that it should make you feel confident and sexy, so choosing a style that best fits you will be the most rewarding for you and your sex life.

If you are into whips and chains or frills and lace, recognize that fact and have the confidence to exude that part of you, and do not succumb to the pressure of adapting to another person’s tastes if they do not fit comfortably with your own.


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