9 Types Of Bra Every Woman Needs

Women wear bras, but also wear the wrong ones and usually don’t have all the bras they actually need. Here are some bras that are a necessity for every woman.

I used to hate bras, but then I discovered all the patterns, designs and different types of bras, and now, like many other women, I have an arsenal of bras.

However, the thing most women don’t realize is that despite having a favorite type of bra, there are a lot of other bras that we should use to maximize our looks for certain outfits, and use to create different looks with outfits in the bust area.


First things first, there are different straps, the ones you get with bras, and straps that are plastic and see through incase you want to wear bra straps but just don’t want them to be seen. It is necessary to have a few pairs of invisible straps for the mere reason that they come in handy more than you think.

Padding vs. Regular

This is also another important fact to know before reading up on about the different types of bras. Some bras, in fact most bras, have different thicknesses of padding, or the option to have no padding. In reality, the only real difference between regular bras without padding and bras with padding, is that padded bras prevent your nipples from showing through your clothes, and make your breasts appear bigger or to have more cleavage.

1. Adhesive/Stick on Bra


These bras are essentially stickers made from paper and silicone, they offer little support but are great for dresses with a plunging neckline and back as there will be no sign of a bra.

However, they are hard to put on correctly; in fact it’s hard to put them on in a way that makes your breast look symmetrical so it does take time and precision. They don’t have a long life span either; they can be worn 1-3 times depending on how good the adhesive is and how much you sweat while wearing them.

2. Balconette/Demi Bra

This bra is an absolute must not only because it is super sexy due to the cleavage it creates. The demi cups provide support for your breast without covering them entirely, which makes this bra perfect for dresses and low cut tops.

3. Cupless/Shelf Bra


This is similar to the balconette/demi bra as it provides lots of cleavage and minimal coverage. If you choose a cupless bra, you will have a great cleavage with zero coverage as it is just a frame without cups. This is typically worn as lingerie due to the sexy appearance.

4. Multiway Bra

This bra can be worn in various ways just by changing the straps. You can wear the bra without straps, halter neck, crossover style or one shoulder. These bras are amazing due to their versatility and each option increases or decreases the amount of cleavage in minimal ways. It also allows you more flexibility with your choice of clothes. This is truly a must for your bra collection due to its versatility.

5. Front Closing Bra


These bras are great if you hate seeing all the seams through your shirt as it does up in the front, and most provide an uplifting tightness that creates cleavage.

6. Bridal Corset

These are sexy, but also very useful (even if you’re not a bride). The purpose of this type of bra is to enhance your figure as it shapes the upper part of your body. Another bonus is that it makes it easier to slide into dresses and clothes in general and allows for a better looking fit in your clothes.

7. Full Support Bras/Soft Cup Bras


These are an absolute must! I cannot express that enough, all the other bras mentioned and soon to be mentioned are great. However, some days you just want to go out in the world’s comfiest bra, and since it is socially inappropriate not to wear a bra (unless you are very flat-chested), this is the next best thing!

This is a regular bra: it’s not flashy, and it does not enhance your breasts. Instead it is supportive and offers full coverage. This is exactly like a soft cup bra. The only difference is that soft cup bras have no underwire—the support comes from the big band underneath the cups.

8. Minimizer Bra

This bra is great if you have really big breasts and just want to make them look smaller for a day. If that’s the case, this bra is not only comfy but will also make your breasts look smaller.

9. Push Up Bra


This is the polar opposite of the minimizer as it enhances cleavage and makes your breasts look bigger than they are. This is a must if you want to have bigger breasts—or at least the illusion of larger breasts.

There are many more types of bras that serve different purposes that could very well be considered a must. However, these are the essentials for everyday life. Of course, a sports bra is always required for working out (even if you don’t work out, it’s very comfy), and there is always lingerie, which is great to have because it can come in handy; if that’s something you want to get, there are also various styles to choose from. If you can think of any other bras that should be a must for women, feel free to share the information below!


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