Dressing Up For A Date: How To Dress To Look Taller

Want to know how to dress to look taller? Try these simple fashion tips to look taller and incorporate the latest fashion trends of 2016.

You’ve tried on the latest styles, but you still look the same or shorter. You wish you were tall, but short of a biological miracle, that’s not to be.

However, there is always a way to learn how to dress to look taller and this is done by creating the appearance of being taller—picking the right kind of clothes, improving your posture and wearing your outfits with style and confidence.

We will teach you how to dress to look taller by implementing trendy pieces and turning them into your secret weapon!

1. Denim


Everyone loves denim. It’s a staple and can be worn casually or styled to create a great night-out outfit. With this year’s fashion trend of “done-up denim”, it comes in all sorts of indigo printed patterns, acid wash and eyelet textures.

To look taller, it’s best to keep your jeans simple with little embellishment. If you want to wear a pair of printed jeans, choose ones with vertical patterns or lines that will give the illusion of height. A slim fit pair of jeans cropped at the ankle not only adds style but height, and teamed with a pair of cute high heels, you’re good to go.

You can also try a pair of slim fitted jeans that flare slightly at the bottom and skim the top of your shoes. This will give you the height that you need. Avoid wearing jeans that crop above the ankle or higher as it will make you look bulkier and shorter by cutting your figure in half. Wear your jeans at your natural waist or higher to give an elongated look as it makes your legs seem longer and you will look instantly taller.

2. Skirts and Dresses

Love your skirts and dresses? Then, the shorter they are, the better as they will show off your legs and create the illusion of height. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to be dressed in minis! Try styles that are above the knee, and if you prefer the mid-calf length then go for slimmer pencil style skirts.


Wear the maxi style, which is all vogue in 2016, in slimmer cuts, romantic mesh styles and soft ruffles as they elongate your legs and make you look tall instantly. Long slit-skirts are a great option that give you style, sex-appeal and—with a show of your leg—some much-needed height. Team your skirts with tops that accentuate your waist rather than cover it. Dresses that accentuate the waist can be embellished with thin belts or accessories that are minimal and not chunky.

3. Graphic Stripes and Gingham


It’s all about big, bold stripes this year in every color, but don’t fret. If you love stripes, then consider thinner vertical stripes in darker color combinations to fashion height.

The classic black and white combination is great, too, though more white than black in horizontal stripes makes you look thinner. Again, it’s best to go with vertical stripes if height is what you are after although many women get away with wearing horizontal stripes and still look tall.

It’s all about experimenting with different pieces and coming up with a style that makes you look tall. This year shirting stripes are trending fast and that can only be good news as these stripes are slim and not in bold color contrasts. Gingham is tricky to wear as large bold checks will dwarf your size. So, again, opt for small prints in same-tone colors.

4. Micro Pleats


Micro pleats are in and they’re a great way to add height to your figure. Micro pleats fall well and hug your figure without any bulk, and both short and long styles will enhance your height.

Wear lightweight pleated tops with slim-fitted pants or a slim skirt. Team a pleated skirt with tops that show your waistline like a short top, a tucked-in top or a longer one clinched at the waist. Floaty pleats are definitely in, so get moving and wear your pleats. Avoid big bulky designs, large boxy pleats and lots of layers.

5. Ruffles


This season, flaunt your ruffles. Wear them soft and loose, and let them cascade delicately in tiers. Try a simple top with soft ruffles around a plunging neckline or ruffles around the sleeves for a subtler look and team this up with a slim-fitted skirt or a pair of pants. Wear dresses and skirts with subtle ruffles along the hem and avoid the ones that are full bodied and big, unless you wear them short, show off your legs and accentuate your waist. Work mini ruffles in your wardrobe if you just love them or try an asymmetrical dress in one color.

6. Flat shoes


It goes without saying – cute heels and stilettos are great for you as they add the much wanted height. But there are days when you long to wear flat shoes and be comfortable. Luckily, this year they are all rage, and you can jump on the bandwagon by picking flats that show more of your skin or those that have a deep vamp (the kind that cut across base of your toes).

If you wear sandals, then T-straps are great for creating the illusion of being taller. In the colder months, opt for oxford or bootie styles that cut low on your ankle, exposing more of your leg to emphasize height. It’s always best to match your shoe color to your skin tone, tights or stockings as it creates the impression of height through the unity of color.

7. Low Slung Pants


So, the fashion ramps are flaunting low-waisted pants, and while these look great on tall women, it only makes your legs look shorter. If you insist on wearing low-waisted pants, then try to find a balance by wearing longer pants, one-tone colors and tops that emphasize your waist.

Follow these general tips to look tall in whatever may be trending, and you will be walking tall in no time:

  • Wear high-waisted pants or skirts. This makes you appear taller by adding length to your legs.
  • V-necks are great as they elongate your neck and add to the overall illusion of height.
  • Wear well-fitting clothes as they emphasize your height through longer vertical lines of vision. Baggy and bulky clothes will make you look short.
  • The best kind of trouser, pants or jeans are the straight, fitted, slim-cut ones as they make you look taller.
  • For skirts, try and stick to ones that fall above the knee as they show more of your legs.
  • Wear monochrome colors, darker colors or colors from the same family. Stick to small prints and opt for classic cuts. That does not mean that you cannot wear bright colors. Balance your outfits with slimmer silhouettes that emphasize length. Mix and match solid colors with prints to achieve a balanced look. If you team your outfit with other colors, then pick ones from the same color family if possible.
  • Avoid bulky layering. Use light soft fabrics to layer, and finish with a darker color as the eye gets naturally drawn to it.
  • Adding a hat to your outfit will add a couple of inches to the overall look.
  • Wear delicate belts, but if you prefer the wider style, then pick the same color as your pants or skirt.
  • Pick long coats that are mid-knee length, above the knee or mid-thigh length. Wear them opened-buttoned as this creates a vertical line of vision. Avoid bulky coats and go for slimming cuts. Wear bright colors, simple designs and light fabrics. Shorter jackets are great when they highlight your waist.
  • Avoid bulky boxy silhouettes as this will only make you look shorter and cut your frame in half.

With this simple guide you are ready to look tall. What are your fashion tips to look taller? Comment and let me know!

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