6 Cool Sunglasses You Will Simply Adore

The summer is coming and you better amp up your style with some cool sunglasses. Here are a couple of models you'll adore for sure.

No summer style is complete without a pair of kick-ass sunglasses, so check out these super cool shades we picked out for you!

1. The Original Aviator by Ray Ban

You can’t beat the classic that’s for sure. Ray Bans have been kicking it out of the park as far as sunglasses go for many many years now and definitely deserve a top spot on our list! They look great on any face shape, go with everything and they are very stylish. Choose the model with full mirror lenses to give this classic a little bit of a modern twist and you’ll have the cool look locked down.

2. Vintage Cat Eye

Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

Go super chick with this type of frame and make your look more like Audrey H. These cat eye sunglasses just scream fashion. Vintage, stylish and available in many different variations and colors! They can look very flattering and get you tons of attention, completing your outfit and taking it to a whole other level.

3. Carrera Hippy Sunglasses

Carrera Hippy Sunglasses

This very stylish pair of shades sits nice with that eclectic, hippy style hence the name. They’re very big, which might not work well if you have a really tiny face but what the hell, right? Huge sunglasses are a must for many seasons now and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so put them on!

4. Ray Ban Wayfarer

Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Nerd glasses might be out but Wayfarers are most definitely in. Take your pick from the sea of colors and prints and make a true fashion statement with these cool retro sunglasses that’ll go perfectly with pretty much any style and face shape.

5. Round Frames

All these cool sunglasses with round frames have fabulous written all over them. Go for this bold look once in a while and step away from the safe bets, giving these a chance – you’ll look totally like classy vintage movie star! All you need now is a little flowered print scarf around your neck and one of those huge hats!

6. Ray Ban Jackie Ohh III

Ray Ban Jackie Ohh III Sunglasses

Finishing our list just as we started it – with the irreplaceable Ray Bans, just the way it should be. We are talking about sunglasses after all. This time it’s the Jackie Ohh III model that we love, and you know you’ll love them too. What’s really there to say, the name says it all!

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  • Wayfarer type of sunglasses are my favorite! :)
    I also recommend Aviator style for some casual outfit!