Thigh Gap Jewelry: What This Craze Really Is About

Thigh gap jewelry is a new trend that brings light to various other trends that, as a result, are affecting women and young girls in everyday life. Here's all you need to know about it.

To those who have followed the trend of thigh gaps for the past few years, or if you are still working towards your goal of a thigh gap, this website would appear to be geared to selling jewelry you can wear to accentuate your hard-earned thigh gap.

They have six styles: Linear, Crescent, Fringe, Circle, Hinge and Double. This new piece of jewelry wraps around your hips, legs and butt while having a design that—as its name says—dangles where your thigh gap is.

Take a peek


Okay, I lied. Sorry. Let me start over.

8/10 women think that their body looks wrong. At one point, I also thought about thigh gaps, but gave up quickly because my legs are too muscular. Thigh gaps are still seen as a goal for young girls and women to have in order to be seen as more desirable.

When first clicking on the site, you will see that it is for jewelry meant to define the thigh gap you worked so hard for just to keep up with beauty trends for women.

However, when clicking on their story, you find a fake write up about how great the product is and how they came up with something to accentuate your thigh gap. As you explore the site further, you find that it discusses the reality of this trend—the truth that no one wants to talk about.

This site is not actually selling thigh gap jewelry. It is a fictional company that deals with a real issue.

How to get a thigh gap

A thigh gap is the space between your upper thighs, which means that your thighs essentially don’t touch at all. Now, how do you actually attain what so much women want, have or have failed to get?

Well, it’s all down to your bone structure, which is something that has been left out in the media.

The only way to have a thigh gap is if your body, as in your bones, allows you to. There’s no other way to have a thigh gap. A thigh gap is created naturally depending on the shape of your pelvic girdle and the distance between your hipbones, meaning that people doing crazy things to get thigh gaps are just hurting themselves.

Social media’s poisonous influence


Instead of expensive jewelry for thigh gaps, this site (when on the parts about the truth) reveals more social trends that cause women and young girls to look at their bodies and see ‘what needs to be changed.’

The hashtags surrounding the photo of a human body include: #CollarboneChallenge, #VisibleRibCage, #A4Waist, #BikiniBridge, #PerkyButt, #SlimLegs, #ThighBrow, #FlatBelly, #BigBreats, and #PlumpLips. All of these have been trends for a while, and aren’t going away anytime soon due to social media and even celebrities being the leading face of them (Kylie Jenner and her lip challenge).

Recently, there have been two new challenges emerging from China. The A4 Waist challenge is a new one in which girls of various ages hold up a regular sized piece of paper, vertically, which the goal of having the paper hide your whole stomach.

Another new trend is the IPhone 6 Knees Challenge. This is where you put your knees together, put your phone over your knees horizontally and hope it covers both knees. Regardless of the challenge or hashtag, this site is trying to bring awareness to a bigger issue.

Meaning behind thigh gap jewelry

This site is meant to reveal what should not have to be revealed. Social media and these challenges are not only unrealistic, but are also pressuring women and girls to aim to have physical traits determined by the media no matter what it takes.

The thigh gap site offers information about where to get help at the very bottom of its site. Sadly, a lot of people are developing unhealthy eating habits, disorders and psychological issues due to these trends.

Ladies, there is no need to allow these hashtags and new body trends that are called challenges to change how we think we should look. The way your body naturally is is healthy and is what people should love.


Don’t get me wrong: exercise and being in shape is great, but these challenges are unhealthy and are causing serious health issues, which is why thigh gap jewelry was created.

The point to this site is to let women and girls know that they can seek help if you have eating disorders or have any other issues, and not to just jump into these challenges.

This site has also been created to remind young girls and women of something that we, as women, sometimes don’t hear often enough: you are beautiful and don’t need to change for these ‘desirable’ trends promoted by the media.

The new trend

This new trend has been built on the thigh gap challenge along with any other body altering challenge. The creators of this site have stated: There’s an increased trend in which girls and women are engaged in extreme dieting in pursuit of a so called thigh gap.

This new trend is the result of every trend that is influencing the perception of what women of any age should look like. Say no to following every trend, and realize that sometimes it’s unhealthy and unnecessary.

If you have any comments or thoughts on this topic, feel free to share them below.

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