10 Trendy Sunglasses We Can’t Live Without

Surviving during the summer without a pair of sunnies can be brutal, so ditch the squinting and check out the 10 trendy sunglasses we can’t live without.

There are two things you can count on during the summer: the sun will be out and it will be bright – about as bright as our futures. Baseball caps don’t go with every outfit and holding our hands in front of our eyes can get very tiring very quickly. Sunglasses are the best solution for this.

Like any accessory, sunglasses aren’t just an accessory. They could complete or ruin an outfit in a matter of seconds. With all the styles to choose from, it can easily get overwhelming. For a long time, aviators and square/rectangular framed sunglasses were the only styles that most people wore, but many people soon became inspired by the classic and vintage styled sunnies.

Whether you’re feeling the need for speed and rocking classic aviators or expressing your inner Jackie O. with Parisian inspired sunglasses, the 10 sunglasses we can’t live without might quickly find their way into your shopping cart.

Cynthia Rowley No. 11

Cynthia Rowley No. 11

These square Cynthia Rowley sunglasses are a cross between mysterious and soft. The sharp contours give it a sleek appearance while the colors balance out the palette. The tortoise color along the top of the frame as well as the ear pieces is reminiscent of many classic sunglasses. These sunglasses set themselves apart by covering the bottom portion of the framed lens in a blush color.

GAMT Retro Vintage Mirrored Aviator

GAMT Retro Vintage Mirrored Aviators

If you’re a cool kid, you’ll definitely needs these GAMT aviators. These sunnies feature the classic lens shape of the aviators with more style than the classic shape. The frame of these aviators is more structured than the classic style we’re used to and the band across the top gives it dynamic style points.

Hugo BOSS 0675 Round Sunglasses

Hugo BOSS 0675 Round Sunglasses

These gold frames from Hugo Boss are sure to get us noticed this season. The lens takes on a rounded aviator shape, but the frame gives it the flare. Although rounded, the frames flare off in the corners to elongate its shape and create a style to give the face a narrower appearance.

Lookmatic Madison with Red Lenses

Lookmatic Madison

Lookmatic’s Madison sunglasses immediately take us into the heart of Paris. These sunglasses feature plastic lenses which connect to a metal laced design over the frames which give it a “je ne sais quoi”. The intricate detailing of the metal piece is matched by a creative red lens. This is one exclusive style that hasn’t hit the streets yet.

Quay Cherry Bomb


Quay Australia’s Cherry Bomb sunglasses are perfect for the sunglasses lover who’s not sure what style they want. These frames are mostly rounded but feature a sleek but subtle cat-eye. These sunglasses come in an oversized fit and feature a brow bar between the two lenses. These frames feature a polarized mirrored lens in golden brown.

Quay High Key Gold


Quay Australia did a collaboration with Youtube beauty vlogger, Desi Perkins. In her collection, she features the High Key Gold sunglasses. Rather than the classic gold, this hot pair of sunnies is closer to rose gold which is a great color for the summer. These oversized aviators feature a brow bar and small gold triangles as accents on the lenses.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarers

There might never be a name in sunglasses history as big as Ray-Ban. Ray-Bans were initially popular for their classic aviators, but their wayfarers have stolen the show.

One pair we can’t live without is the original wayfarers. Although this pair comes in a multitude of colors, we’re obsessed with the light tortoise color which is a popular color scheme throughout the summer months. The tortoise shell lenses are offset with the black ear pieces with the gold Ray-Ban insignia on the side.

Steven Alan Northern Lights Sunglasses


If you’re going for Jackie O. vibes, these dark cat-eye sunglasses will have you feeling presidential. These modified cat-eyes are bold and sharp and feature a black/purple lens that will add to the mystery of the look. The inside and outside ear pieces feature a gold design to give these glasses a boost of style.

Warby Parker Bellini Sunglasses

Warby Parker Bellini

These gold sunglasses are great for the boho chic queens who spend their days swaying in the sun. The dynamics of these glasses are what set them apart from most. The rose gold frames are partnered with green polarized frames. Although these frames are relatively simple, the bold color combination makes them a must-have.

ZeroUV Marlene Oversize Horn Rimmed Sunglasses


These sunnies from ZeroUV are our perfect combination of feminine and masculine. The lenses are dark and structured while the ear pieces are a light pink which softens up the pair immediately. These sunglasses are a great way to stay mysterious while adding a bit of feminine flair.

Make sure you’re not spending the summer squinting and that you finish your outfit with one of these hot pairs of sunglasses.

In the comments below, let us know which of these your favorite is or what you go-to pair of sunnies are!

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