Lucky Seven: Accessories to Brighten Up a Rainy Day

When the weather refuses to cooperate with the arrival of summer, it can be disheartening to say the least. Try lifting your mood with the following seven accessory suggestions.

There is perhaps no greater expert on brightening up a look with accessories than the fashion enthusiast who lives in a dark and rainy climate. Those of us (hello fellow Northern UK dwellers!) who face months upon months of driving rain, gale force winds, and seemingly eternal darkness learn quite quickly how to brighten up our looks with a few strategically-placed accessories.

Here are seven ways you too can inject a dose of sunshine into your everyday routine when the weather is anything but fair.

#1 The Statement Shoe


This classic approach to adding colour to a look is one of the most tried and true ways out there to add life and contrast to a dark or monochromatic look. A pair of pumps or ballet flats in red, coral, yellow, or any of the metallic shades with a black, white, or grey look really sets you apart and elevates your look.

#2 The Pop Of Colour Handbag


Handbags in bright vibrant colours are a perfect way to bring some colour into a wardrobe, and without the commitment of wearing a colour that may or may not be within your comfort zone.

Even the most colour-phobic of fashionistas can pull off this look; there is something about carrying something in a shocking colour as opposed to wearing it that seems somehow safer, yet the impact of the handbag is no less powerful.

Choose a bag with simple, clean lines for the best effect. Envelope clutches and satchels make particularly good choices.

#3 An Incredible Statement Necklace


This season, oversized necklaces with heavily artistic flair were all over the runways.

Everything from bulky, outsized chain necklaces to the more intricate, tribally-inspired statement pieces (that have been on the scene for a few seasons now) was being shown, and it seemed the more varied the materials, the better.

#4 Sweep The Blues Away With Fringe


By now you’ll have seen that fringe is back in a big way; it was all over the spring/summer runways on everything from handbags to outerwear and shoes. However, it is a lesser-known fact that fringe is actually a great mood elevator.

Adding just one small fringed piece to your look, whether it be a pair of sandals or a coveted handbag, lends a carefree, kicky feel to a look; just the thing that’s required when you’re fighting a case of the weather-related blues.

#5 Bring On The Bling

There is nothing on this planet that shines like a diamond.

When the weather is ugly and there isn’t a lot of natural light, add some of your own by reaching for this precious gem.

If the real thing is not within your budget, don’t despair. There are plenty of both natural and lab-created stones (like quartz and zircon) that can act as very believable stand-ins for the real thing.

There’s a reason that a pair of one to two carat studs paired with a classic white tee and jeans is one of the most tried and tested casual looks around.

#6 Multi Finger Rings


The past few seasons have seen a shift in jewellery trends away from large cocktail rings and onto wearing a series of small, thin rings on multiple fingers. This unique look can impart many different vibes to a look, from bohemian to luxe depending on your choice of jewelry.

Whatever route you choose, your spirits will be instantly lifted every time you look down at your twinkling fingers.

#7 Colourful Scarves

Even with mildly warmer temperatures, a rainy, wet day can make you feel the desire to wrap-up.

Choose a scarf in a summertime fabric like linen, modal, cotton, or silk and use it to add a pop of colour or pattern to your look.

If you want to try a more subtle look, take a cue from the Sophie Theallet spring 2014 runway show; take a silk scarf and loosely intertwine it within a slightly deconstructed updo to create a pop of colour and a bit of interest while keeping things casual and carefree.

While there may not be a cure for inclement weather, there is definitely a remedy for the rainy-day blues that seem to follow in its wake. With these seven suggestions, fashion enthusiasts can add their own brand of sunshine to their looks, regardless of what the weather might be doing.

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