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After the tragic death of the designer, it was hard to believe that his legacy, fashion empire Alexander McQueen will continue to break boundaries and be a constant talk of the town. But, after it was revealed that the royal wedding gown is made by this British fashion house, McQueen was on top, once again. It is where he belongs, after all.

The brand was founded in the early 90’s, and while McQueen’s as a designer showed us many fragile and honest creations, he entered the world of Haute Couture with controversy and shocking runway shows. While John Galliano was the dramatic one, Alexander McQueen was L’Enfant Terrible, but both of them were more than just a breath of fresh air for the magical world of fashion.

They changed it for good in each and every piece they ever made. Sarah Burton continued McQueen’s work, finding an inspiration in the most unusual and unexpected places, just like McQueen did. So, here are six categories of bags made by this famous fashion house, which never stop to amaze everyone who likes fashion combined with art.

Union Jack

Union Jack By Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen skull clutches are the most popular accessories for red carpet events. Celebrities, like Diane Kruger, Emma Watson or Selma Hayek simply adore them, because they are tres chic and practical, but at the same time each one of these amazing clutches is like a little piece of art. The most popular ones are inspired by Union Jack and you can find them in various colors, with crystals and studs. If you are looking for the clutch, McQueen has the boldest and coolest, iconic ones.

Knuckles Clutch

Knuckles Clutch  By Alexander McQueen

Speaking of bold, but very feminine clutches, Alexander McQueen Eel Brass-Knuckles Clutch is another hit from the iconic fashion house. These clutches are longer, already accessorized, so you don’t need to worry about cocktail rings or even bracelets. They come in various colors, from dark green and red to shinny silver and gentle pink. Some of them are covered with studs; others are laced up, while the most passionate ones have velvet details in darker shades.

The Novak

The Novak  By Alexander McQueen

The Novak by Alexander McQueen is a collection of handbags and clutches inspired by Hollywood’s golden girl, Kim Novak, best known for her role in Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” It combines soft materials and croc. The Novak bags are quite versatile and they fit great to pretty much any style. While McQueen’s clutches are dark, filled with goth vintage spirit, The Novak bags are less formal and appropriate both for days and nights.


Heroine By Alexander McQueen

Heroine is a timeless luxury piece, which made its debut earlier this summer. It comes in a small, rectangular shape and a medium square form and in various colors. It is a simple, beautiful bag, kind of modest, but once you see it, you must fall in love with it. While McQueen’s bags are always pricey, these ones go from 2.000 to over 35.000 dollars. The cost of holding a heroic bag is quite pricey, but don’t forget that you are not just buying a bag; you are buying a piece of McQueen’s fashion kingdom.

De Manta

De Manta By Alexander McQueen

An oversized envelope clutch is inspired by magnificent sea creature, called manta ray. De Manta bags come in various colors and sizes, but the dark floral printed ones are everyone’s favorite. Apart from clutches, there are versions of De Manta tote bags, made of leather and perfect for casual chic look. The prints on De Manta bags are amazing, from snakes and florals to dandelions and gibbons.

More Memorable Clutches

More Memorable Clutches By Alexander McQueen

It is really hard not to mention the famous spider web clutch, the black rose one or samurai gold. Inspiration goes far beyond the designs we’ve seen before, creating a universe only true fashion lovers can understand. While skulls, roses and studs are always interesting to see in high fashion, McQueen himself went beyond fashion, creating real pieces of art. Though he is no longer with us, Sarah Burton does an impressing job keeping his spirit alive.

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