Secrets To Achieving Bohemian Style Chicness

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about Bohemian style? Do you think Hippie or Gypsy? Well, we’re here to change that.

The idea of Bohemian style, clothing and fashion often gets confused with the fashion of a hippie/hipster. A Bohemian style is a cross between a modern-day Gypsy and some flare.

Every episode of my Big Fat Gypsy Wedding just popped into your head, didn’t it? You also pictured every Gypsy Halloween costume you’ve ever seen, didn’t you? Well, get those illusions out of your head, because I promise – Bohemian style is completely different.

Now, obtaining bohemian fashion is simple: you’ll need flow-y dresses, long wraps, beautiful hats, scarves, and fierce makeup. However, it’s how you piece all these little tidbits together that makes a beautiful bohemian look.

It’s like finally finding your favorite pink dress, but losing the black belt that went with it. Your outfit feels lost without that remaining piece. That is how Bohemian clothing works and I’m here to show you how to piece together your outfits to create a fantastic look!

The style


The style of Bohemian fashion is a lot easier to pull off than it looks. It’s very urban meets rustic. It has a touch of everything and it’s always in style. You can have your basic wraps, to your fringe wraps, and to your ridiculously long wraps. Bohemian style is a lot about clothing being flow-y yet tight and also a little bit revealing to add some fun into it.

Believe it or not, Bohemian clothing may seem like a bunch of your basic colors, such as browns, blacks, burgundy, and so on; however, there’s actually a lot of shades and inventive colors to play with for obtaining a Bohemian look.


Now, to completely cross over to Bohemian style, you are going to need every girl’s favorite asset to an outfit… accessories! With this type of style it leaves you with many options to find the correct piece to go with your look. Here’s a look at some more common accessory pieces.

1. Earrings


Remember, although earring pieces such as these are the most common for Bohemian style, it doesn’t mean that they are your only option. A bohemian look goes for a simple yet a little more ‘outdoorsy’ vibe, if you will.

The earrings are typically long, with a pretty interesting design to them! The colors are normally black, gold or white for earrings such as these. However, if you are going for a simple take on this look, you can always wear studs or an ear cuff.

2. Bracelets


Earth tones, earth tones, earth tones! I can’t express that enough! A bohemian look, especially bracelets and necklaces, like to highlight the most gorgeous colors portrayed in the world. They focus solely on bringing out the lightness of each color.

You can expect a lot of light blues, purples, pinks, corals, greys, and so on. Remember, you should wear more than just one bracelet! Heck, wear six!

3. Necklaces


You can expect all Bohemian type necklaces to have one thing in common. They are either obnoxiously big or really long! They typically bring out the best shades in either just one color or five colors. However, it is also not limited to just colors! You can find pendants, feathers, crystals, all wrapped up in one necklace. It’s honestly beautiful.


With this style in particular, these types of necklaces can either go with your simple black dress, a nice plain colored crop top with a wrap or fringed vest, you name it. Overall Bohemian style is meant to express you as a person as well as the world around you. Any necklace you find as long as it follows this type of guideline can be used for a Bohemian expression.

4. Sunglasses


Much like the Hipster style, the Bohemian clothing trend has the same idea when it comes to sunglasses. They like their frames slightly round and dark. They go well with any type of look you are trying to create and they’re also just very fun to have around on any occasion! You can find sunglasses such as presented on the picture at places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wetseal, Target and many others.

5. Headbands

Again, the concept of the Bohemian headband is similar to that of the Hipster. You can use colorful headbands, floral headbands, a headscarf… The headband is almost like the missing belt that I had mentioned earlier. You basically need that one thing on your head to complete the Bohemian style.


1. Naturally wavy… kind of


A popular favorite hairstyle is to keep your hair naturally wavy or to add an extra wave to it. It creates that modern day, socially accepted ‘just-got-out-bed’ but I honestly did shower look. It creates that dramatic effect to the look that makes it so eye catching.

2. Braids


The Bohemian style calls for long drastic braids such as the ones on the picture. It creates that modern urban look that has been lost recently.

3. Dreads

Yes, my dear Queens, the Hipster line is still following us as we look back to the era of dreads. Many individuals who are going for that complete Bohemian flare do go back to the basics and decide to re-create the 70’s do.

Now, we move on to my favorite part, makeup!



It is very common for this fashion trend to go heavy on the black makeup as well as other earth tones such as browns and nudes. It has become increasingly popular to create a smokey eye, and follow it up with some extensive black mascara. This leaves your eyes looking mysterious, daring, and downright awesome.



Yes, my favorite shades come back out to play once again! Black cherry, vibrant reds and pinks, and even nudes are key to successfully completing this trendy look. They leave your lips looking full and leaving others wondering… where can I get that shade?

Completing a style such as Bohemian isn’t easy, however, it is fun! With all of the steps and suggestions listed above, you will be able to create an outfit that’s all your own with a Boho flare!

Bohemian style is trendy, rustic, and at one with the Earth. It’s not your average gypsy wear from back in the day, on TV, or anything else. It is, however, a mix of the past with a touch of your modern day style.

So, that just leaves us with one final question, what are you going to wear tomorrow?

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