DIY Bracelets: How to Make Fashionable and Unique Bracelets

Fashion and glamour do not have to cost a fortune! DIY bracelets are the way to go for looking like a million dollars, if you follow these simple steps.

I love sparkle, leather and all things trendy, don’t you? Stand out and achieve a unique look with trendy jewelry you made by yourself! There is such a wide variety of stylish DIY trends for earrings, bracelets as well as bangles and chains. However, today we will be focusing on DIY bracelets and ways to make them complete your look.

Add a tassel, a charm, leather or beads – your options are truly limitless. Be fashionable and ready for any occasion. All you need is some material, beads, glue, some old chains or whatever you fancy. The creativity comes from within; all you have to do is channel it.


Did you know that the earliest mention of bracelets dates back as far as 2500BC? Women used to wear bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry in order to show off their husbands’ riches. Even today, many are seen as a symbol of status.

When it comes to different kinds of bracelets, there are the charm bracelets, which are usually decorated with charms. Some say they wear them for good luck, others add charms that have a meaning, a part of their history.

You also have the friendship bracelets, usually made for you by your closest friend. They commonly have knots in and are weaved with a variety of color. These knots used in clothing date back as far as 481 BC.

Knots were originally used in China, and during the 13th Century, the Chinese traveled to Italy and France and were introduced to modern society with the loom. The friendship bracelet, however, is believed to be a craft found by the Central American Indians during the 1970’s.

Costume jewelry became traditional during the 18th Century. It has, however, been a part of most cultures for more than 300 years.


New technology, advancements and change within societies brought on a revolution to the jewelry industry. Today, many jewelry pieces still symbolize differences amongst the poor, the working class and the rich. There is a range of brands displaying the most magnificent bracelets; these, however, are not for the everyday woman.

Did you know that many of these can be home-made? You can make yourself bracelets that resemble top brands, at a fraction of the cost. We will show you the basics of bracelet making; the rest is up to your ideas and creativity!

So without any further delay, here is what you will need for most of the designs:

  • scissors / pliers
  •  leather strips / nylon thread / thin chain / thick chain / waxed linen cord
  •  embroidery needle
  •  beads of a variety of sizes and colors / charms
  •  curved noodle tubes / two hole buttons
  •  rhinestone / bracelet closure hooks / clasp & jump rings

Bead bracelets


  1. It’s best to use nylon thread or waxed linen cord for this bracelet. Cut two pieces, one of 26” and one of 19”. Fold the longer one in half, and now add the 19” strand to it, aligning one end of the smaller one with the two ends of the folded 26” one. Now fold the short piece of the 19” one that is sticking out around the loop of the 26” one, so that it loops with that one. You will now have two loops and four strands going down, but only three that are the same length. Tie a knot in the two loops about ½ inch down from where they form the loop. Cut the short, extra strand off, as you will only need the three equal length strands for this bracelet.
  2. Braid the three strands just a little. Now add the beads to each strand as you braid further. You add a bead to the left outer strand, make sure the bead is snuggly fitted against the base, and then braid the strand over the middle. Thread a bead onto the right hand strand, push against the base and braid over the middle strand. You can use your finger to hold the bead in place while braiding. Keep doing this until you have about one inch of cord left.
  3. Measure the bracelet, if you are pleased with its length, you can end it. Tie a knot in the piece that is left. Thread a two-hole button onto the strands; you can push two strands through one hole and the remaining strand through the other hole. Tie it in with a knot and trim off the ends of the strands.

Your bracelet is complete, use different colored strings and beads for a greater variety.


Charm bracelets

  1. Use the chain or waxed linen cord for this bracelet; alternatively you can use leather straps. The chain works better, depending on the charms you use. When using the waxed cord or leather you can either knot the charms in place or split them with noodle tubes.
  2. With the chain, add the charms with rings to every fourth or fifth opening, add a jump ring to one end and a clasp to the other. Tie/clamp a clasp to one side of the waxed cord or leather strap. Now you can start filling your bracelet.

Add a noodle tube, then a bead or two, then your charm and repeat the process. Once you have added all you wanted and reached your desired length, you should add a jump ring to the other end to complete the bracelet.

Tubes bracelets

  1. Cut the waxed linen cord / nylon thread or leather strap a little longer than is desired. For a more interresting bracelet get enough strap to go around your arm twice or three times.
  2. Thread the strap through a noodlebead or two, you can add some beads inbetween if you like. This bracelet has many creative options.
  3.  Add a jump ring to one end and a clasp to the other. Now wear your new bracelet.

Bead ring bracelets

  1. For this one, you will need about three pieces of thin chain, four jump rings and a clasp. Make one of the chains the size desired to fit comfortably around your middle finger, not as tight as a ring though. The other two should go around your wrist comfortably together, thus these two will be of equal length. You will also reguire a piece of nylon thread the length of your hand, as well as some beads.
  2. Thread the nylon thread through with the beads. Combine the two ends of the short chain with a jump ring, so it fits ideally over your middle finger. Now also tie the one end of the nylon cord to the jump ring.
  3. Add a jump ring in the middle of the other two equal pieces of chain. Add a jump ring to one end, and the clasp to the other end of the two wrist pieces. This must now fit comfortably around your wrist. With the center jump ring in front, and the ring chain around your middle finger, measure the nylon cord so the loose end can now be attached to the jump ring on the chain bracelet.

Your bead-ring bracelet is now complete. Wear it with pride, use a variety of colors and beads for more alternatives.

Designer rhinestone & chain bracelets

  1. You will require a gold and silver chain, a leather/suede strip, as well as a strip of rinestone. Have some pliers handy, a clasp and a ring for the two ends of the bracelet.
  2. Using the strip of choice, you tie the two chains together. Thread the strip through the two chains, weaving it. Make sure the two chains have the same size links. Weave the first link or thwo and then add the rhinestone strip. The rhinestone will now be caught between the two chains and held in place via the leather/suede strip. Weave this way until you reach the desired length of the bracelet. You can remove any extra links with the pliers by simply opening the link, that holds them in place.
  3. Make a double knot on both ends of the bracelet. Cut away any extra rope or strip that is left. Tie the closure links to the strip before cutting off the excess.

Your bracelet is complete!

The evil or happy eye, face or heart bracelets

There are numerous trinkets, smileys, faces, eyes and more that can be added into this bracelet, the possibilities are limitless.

  1. Here you can use a chain, a square link chain, multiple threads or basically anything you feel like. Measure the length you would like your bracelet to be, and cut desired material to it. Use two equal pieces of chain or leather straps. With the chain, you will add some colored nylon thread. Weave the thread through the holes of the chain, almost like knitting. If using different colored leather or strips, you will need six. Braid three toghether and the other three together. Only do this until you reach the center.
  2.  Now you add your trinket to each strip via the holes on it. You carry on braiding or weaving the rest of the way, until you reach the end. On each end you add the jump ring and the clasp.


Right, now you’ve made a variety of bracelets, and if you decide to make more, let your imagination run! Share your ideas with us, as well as your pictures.

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