4 Style Tricks to Steal From Angelina Jolie

Thought of as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Angelina Jolie has forged a personal style that is a unique blend of simple, sophisticated lines in a sophisticated and neutral palate.

The world over, actress Angelina Jolie appears on “Most Beautiful” lists time and time again. When you take the time to really examine Ms. Jolie, it becomes apparent that her beauty lies not only in a clearly stellar set of genes, but also in her sophisticated sense of style. Jolie’s tailored, almost minimalistic sense of style enhances rather than detracts from her natural beauty.

Want to try your hand at recreating the look? Although there may be only one Angelina Jolie, there are a few ways you can emulate her sophisticated brand of pared-down style that will really show off your best assets. Here are 4 signature style tricks employed by Jolie herself that contribute to her singular and stunning appeal.

#1 Keep It Neutral


When you really study photos taken of Angelina Jolie, she is quite often wearing black, white, tan, camel, or grey. While that is not to say that she does not appear on the red carpet in the occasional print or jewel-toned hue (she most certainly does!), she very rarely strays from her uniform of neutrality. The advantages of this are twofold: A wardrobe full of neutral pieces enables you to mix and match just about everything in your closet, and always promises to look sophisticated under any circumstance.

We have all seen photographs of Ms. Jolie striding through an airport or taking her kids out on the town, and she always looks polished and well put-together.

#2 Make Sure It Fits Like a Glove

A word of caution here: To say that something fits like a glove is not to say that is fits tightly. This is a concept that Angelina Jolie understands well.

Sure, you see her wearing the odd pair of close-fitting skinny trousers or a figure-hugging gown on the red carpet, but if you look closely, all of her day to day looks are well balanced.

Jolie pairs skinny trousers with a generous or blousy top to create balance, fuller trousers are tailored to absolute perfection and paired with a fitted silk blouse, and on the occasion when she wears a blazer, it looks like it was made to fit her and her alone.

#3 Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace Your Masculine Side


Historically, Angelina has never been afraid to be the only suit in a sea of dresses and gowns. She made waves as far back as 2001 when she wore a perfectly-tailored white Akris pantsuit to the Oscars, a style that she still favours today.

Who can forget the beautiful St. Laurent tuxedo she wore to the 2014 BAFTA awards? Her borrowed-from-the-boys look not only stood out from the crowd, but was every bit as chic as the one worn by her partner, Brad Pitt.

#4 Jewellery: Less Really Can Be More


One thing that you really never see Angelina Jolie wear is a ton of jewellery. At most, Jolie has been seen to wear one very spectacular piece while on the red carpet.

Jolie allows one statement piece to speak for itself and mould seamlessly into her look. Perhaps one of her most memorable jewellery moments of all time was the $2.5 million pair of Lorraine Schwartz oversized emerald drop earrings she wore to the 2009 Oscars. Paired with her minimalistic Elie Saab black column gown, the earrings really stood out and lit up Jolie’s face. It was the jewellery shot heard round the world, and this simple, yet bold statement spurred a rash of knockoff lookalikes the world over.

Perhaps one of the best things about Angelina Jolie’s style is how very accessible it is. You need not be an A-list celebrity to employ some of these style tips; Jolie’s style is one that is universally flattering because if focuses on the basics.

No matter your budget, a similar look can easily be achieved by focusing on quality fabrics, good fit, neutral colours, and minimalistic yet memorable jewellery. Not only does this look have an air of inherent sophistication, but it also makes everything from getting up and ready in a hurry to packing a capsule wardrobe for a holiday a whole lot easier.

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