How to Wear a Maxi Skirt: 5 Tips to Stay Styled to the Maxi

Maxi skirts have been around for a few fashion cycles now despite their reputation for being a bit difficult to wear. Here are a few styling tips to help you take advantage of this ongoing trend.

Maxi skirts are one of those garments that really seem to divide an audience; women either love them or hate them. While they are undoubtedly unparalleled in the comfort department, many women find the extra fabric and floor-grazing length to be more burdensome than chic. Believe it or not, a maxi skirt is something that just about every woman can pull-off; all it takes is a dash of self awareness and some expert styling advice.

Although we can’t offer you any help on that first point, we are armed and ready with a few helpful styling tips for those of you who are either struggling with the concept of the maxi skirt or just want a few new styling ideas to add to your arsenal. Here’s how to wear a maxi skirt like a pro:

#1 Shopper, Know Thyself


The key to choosing a maxi skirt that works for you is to make an honest assessment of your body type. Whether you’re short or tall, pear-shaped or straight as an arrow, take a moment to consider what you consider to be your strong and weak features.

#2 Choose Accordingly


Once you’ve determined your body type, choose a maxi skirt that flatters your particular frame.

If you’re short, choose a skirt with less volume that falls in a straight or subtle A-line. A skirt with a sheer panel can be a great option as well; it creates the illusion of space and draws the eye upwards to the face.

If you’re tall and lean, you have a bit more leeway with styling options although the most flattering option is to choose a skirt that just grazes the floor, and has a bit of motion to the design (think ruching, a slit, or an asymmetrical hemline). To create more of a waistline on a straight or athletic body, try pairing your skirt with a fitted blouse, a peplum top, or belted cardigan to help create curves.

If you are apple-shaped, choose a skirt that falls fairly straight from the waist and pair it with a simple pullover or loose-fitting blouse that floats over the waist. Avoid having anything too form-fitting around your waist. Instead, choose a V-neck or jewel neckline to draw the eye upwards.

If you have a large bust, try pairing a top with a higher neckline (a bateau neckline is a very flattering option) with a skirt that has a bit of a flare to the bottom. A print or pattern that runs horizontally can also create a balance between your bust line and the rest of your look, and feel free to employ whatever method of waist definition you choose.

#3 Don’t be Afraid to Customize


If you find yourself in a state of ennui wearing the same old look with your maxi skirt, why not experiment? A garment with the amount of fabric as a maxi skirt actually has endless possibilities in the styling arena; you just have to get a little creative.

Try tying your skirt in a knot to one side. Not only will you look effortlessly cool, but it will likely be temperature cool as well.

Have a finite amount of space for that upcoming vacation? Try pulling your maxi dress up over your bust line to create a strapless dress. Belt it at the waist, layer a jacket over it, and just play with your options. You will be surprised what you can come up with once you start experimenting.

#4 Do not Fear the Volume


One of the key elements to making a maxi skirt look chic and effortless is to keep everything in the silhouette loose and breezy. Although a maxi skirt look silhouette should not be your widest, most voluminous skirt endeavour of all time, likewise it needs to have enough ease to it to look convincingly effortless.

#5 Most Maxi Skirt can be Winterized


Apart from your gauziest, beachiest summertime maxis, just about any maxi skirt in your wardrobe can be worn year-round. The secret? Layering.

There is no maxi skirt design that does not look good when paired with a traditional leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots. If you do choose to go this route, make sure that your skirt has a feminine edge to it in order to mix it up for a perfectly balanced look. Boots can look amazing with a maxi skirt, but choose wisely. Certain styles may look too heavy under all of that flowing fabric.

The maxi skirt has been in circulation for a while now, but we certainly have not seen the last of it. Use these simple style tips to unleash your inner stylist and take advantage of this versatile garment. If you end up coming up with something new, don’t forget to tell us about it!

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