5 Tips on How to Look Thinner than You Are

5 Tips on How to Look Thinner than You Are

A lot of women struggle with extra pounds. We are always on diet, always trying to lose that extra weight, always trying to hide the pounds. Here are some useful tips on how to look thinner than you are.

1. Dark Colors and Emphasizing the Good Parts

You’ve probably heard it so many times; dark colors make you look slimmer. This of course does not mean that you should always wear black, but it does mean that you should avoid wearing white.

The brighter the color the larger you look. Still, you don’t need to give up all the colored clothes you love so much; you can strategically hide your flaws. Choose clothes with darker patterns located at parts of your body you will rather hide. If you have belly fat, choose a shirt that has darker parts along the waist. You can always wear cleavage too, that way you will emphasize your breasts instead of your tummy.

When it comes to extra weight on your buttocks, choose dark jeans that have vertical stripes. Forget about the big pockets or any kind of print on the buttocks, they just make it look bigger. If you want to hide the extra pounds on your thighs and show your calves, knee long skirts are the best solution.

Clothing with vertical lines can create the illusion of a longer, leaner body. Look for clothing with pinstripes or vertical patterns.

2. Forget About the Baggy Clothes

Most people with extra weight make a mistake by choosing baggy clothes to cover the extra weight.

You may believe it or not but baggy clothes don’t really hide anything, they just make things worse and you end up looking like a ball. Choose fitted clothes instead. Never buy clothes that do not fit you. Don’t think that you will look better in one size smaller jeans just because you managed to fit in them. You will actually just emphasize your weight. Buy clothes that fit you.

3. Jackets are Your Best Friends

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Wearing a jacket is the best trick to hide those extra pounds around your waist. A fitted jacket works like a charm and makes you look both thinner and taller.

Buy a fitted jacket in a darker color and then you can even wear white shirt underneath it. The jacket will perfectly hide your belly and even create a fantastic waist line. Same goes for fitted linen shirts; you can wear them when it’s too hot for the jacket.

4. Walk Straight

A lot of people with extra weight tend to walk hunched because they are trying to hide their weight. Well, there’s pretty much nothing worse you can do. Work on your posture.

As soon as you straighten your back and lift your chin from your chest, you will look like you’ve just lost a couple of pounds. It might not seem like much, but a few pounds here and there will make you look thinner.

5. Hair and Makeup

You might think that your hair and make up have no bearing on your overall appearance, trust me, they do. If you add just a little weight around your jaw line and neck you will look like you’ve gained a lot.
The worst thing you can do with your hair, if you’re already struggling with weight, is to get a short or medium bob haircut. The only thing it will do is make you look even rounder. Instead, choose longer layered haircut. It will actually lengthen your face and make you look thinner. Also, no curls – straight hair is the right choice for you.

When it comes to makeup, a concealer darker than your natural skin tone applied along your jaw line will do miracles. Combine it with 1” stripe of darker blush applied from your cheekbones down toward the corners of your lips and watch the pounds from your face disappear.

Here are 20  more guidelines you need to follow to look slimmer and feel more confident instantly.

Remember, feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin is most important. It’s important to focus on overall health and wellness rather than just appearance.

Have any other extra tips? Do share them, please.

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